1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-1-3-4-1 (absolutely)
1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-1-3-4-1 (absolutely)
The years pass by like birds, and the world is like a new chess game.



there is such a short story:

in a primary school, a student wrote several equations in his exercise book:

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1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 1, 1, 8, 18, 1.

the teacher felt incredible when he saw it and was curious about these equations.

the student replied, "it's very simple!" I can also write a lot of such equations!

1 mile + 1 mile = 1 km; 1 month + 2 months = 1 quarter; 3 days + 4 days = 1 week; 5 months + 7 months = 1 year; 6 hours + 18 hours = 1 day. "

I believe everyone will find it incredible after reading it, but it is not without reason to think about it.

although many people live in the present, their minds are bound by the past, so they follow others and drift with the tide.

but in fact, if you look at things from a different perspective, you may find more world.

it's like cutting an apple, it's flat vertically, but you can get a five-pointed star if you cut it horizontally.

the same is true of life. Walking on a stranger in the world of mortals, no one's life is always smooth, and no one's life is always difficult and dangerous.

Don't get carried away at the peak. Only by being vigilant can you move forward steadily.

when the trough is not depressed, from another point of view, it is the starting point of another peak.

Life is full of roads, as long as you go on bravely.


born from filth, light comes out from darkness

Cai Zhizhong, a famous Taiwanese cartoonist, gives such an analogy:

"if you compare oranges to life, one is big and sour, the other is small and sweet.

some people will complain about the acid when they get the big one and the small one when they get the sweet one, while some people will be glad it is sweet when they get the small one, and thank them for the big one when they get the sour one. "

in this life, each person has his own way of life. Happiness is more or less the same, but misfortune is different.

No matter how you treat life, life will return with the same honey or arsenic.

there was a temple abbot who laid down a special rule:

at the end of every year, the monks in the monastery have to say two words to the abbot.

the abbot looked at the back of the new monk and said to himself, "if you have a demon in your heart, it is difficult to achieve a positive result. What a pity!" What a pity! "

the new monks hold a negative attitude towards the world and do not know how to look at things from a different point of view, so they lose their practice

A chance to achieve positive results.

there is a saying, "cleanliness comes from filth, and cleanness comes from obscurity."

Clean things often come out of filth, and light comes out of hope in the dark.

the greatness of heaven and earth, yin and yang intersect, and all things are born.

joys and sorrows are life, and ups and downs are common. The key is to adjust your mentality, not to be happy with things, not to

feel sorry for yourself.

if you always look on the bright side and put your mind right, you can look at the most difficult things and find problems more easily.

breakthrough point.

psychologists believe that people are the only animals that can accept cues.

positive people face the ups and downs of life, take their time, have peace of mind, and finally break through the tight encirclement and forge ahead.

and negative people encounter setbacks and difficulties, hide as much as they can, push as much as they can, and eventually become mediocre.


there is no absolute good or bad in life, the most important thing is how we treat it.

people with a good mindset see positive motivation in their eyes, while those who are compassionate naturally encounter annoyance

annoyed and depressed.

so, when life is trying to embarrass you, you might as well appease your heart and try again from a different angle.


what is lost is not a blessing.

the famous painter Yu Zhonglin is good at painting peonies. Once, someone wanted to buy a peony painted by Yu Zhonglin himself.

Unfortunately, a corner of the peony was bitten by a mouse and part of it was missing. A friend of this person shouted unluckily, thinking that the missing corner of the peony represented "incomplete wealth".

when Yu Zhonglin heard the reason why this man wanted to change the painting, he had an idea and told the buyer that since the peony represents wealth, then the lack of one side is "boundless wealth".

after listening to Yu Zhonglin's explanation, the man felt reasonable and happily went back with the painting in his hand.

if you change the angle of the same painting, you will have a different point of view. The people who buy the paintings are satisfied, and the ones who sell them are also happy.

as the saying goes, "when a horse is lost, nothing is not a blessing."

most things in the world are uncertain. Restlessness can only make people uneasy, while a clear head can lead to twists and turns.

therefore, do not despair at any time. Instead of struggling in every corner, it is better to take root and blossom on the spot.

when someone asked philologist Zhou Youguang the secret of longevity, Zhou said, "if you want to be open-minded, you have to look forward."

"what if I still can't get over it?"

Old Zhou said with a smile, "if you turn a corner, you'll get over it!"

there is no shortcut to the end on the road of life, but the advantage of taking detours is that you can see the direction of the right road.

for the long road of life, it is more important to see clearly than to walk fast, and to walk far.

in dealing with the world, you should know how to learn from running water, turn a corner when you are in distress, and change your way when the road is blocked. This is the wise wisdom of life.


sometimes go to the end of the water to find the source and flow, and sometimes sit and watch the ever-changing clouds change

the happiness of life is half to strive for the top, half to go with what happens; the journey of life is half to meet difficulties and half to give up in the middle.

knowing that it is a dead corner, if you still drill your head in, it will inevitably break your head and bleed.

has been scrubbed and missed, and if he still clings to it, he will definitely get nothing.

only when you know the twists and turns of turning around, can you have a bright future.

there is a story that is quite philosophical:

the Zen master led his disciples out and was blocked by a river.

the Zen master asked, "there is no bridge over the river. How can we get there?"

some disciples said, "We waded through the water." The Zen master shook his head.

some disciples said, "Let's go back." The Zen master still shook his head.

I couldn't pass, but I couldn't go back. The disciples were confused and had to ask Master to explain why.

the Zen master said:

"if you wade through the water, your clothes will be wet, but if the water is deep, you will be worried about your life, but it is not enough to take it.

turn around and turn back, although it can keep you safe, it is not enough to achieve your goal.

the best way is to walk along the river and you will always find the bridge. "

the road from Shuiqiong to Shuiqiong is self-crossing, and it is also high to sit and watch the clouds rise from the sky.

the mountain does not turn, the road does not turn, the road does not turn. As long as hopes are not broken, there are always more ways than difficulties.

Life is a door, some people open is the pessimistic side, some people open is the optimistic side, can not change the situation, might as well change the perspective of the problem, everything is broad.

Destiny is a big umbrella, sometimes the storm is warm, people in it, we should not only have the courage to open, but also have the courage to close.

the years pass by like birds, and the world is like a new chess game.

learn to look at problems in different ways, treat life, life will be more lucky, less bumpy; more optimistic, less melancholy.

there is a road next to the road, as long as you are willing to go, life will often have unexpected surprises.

encourage each other.