What is the bottom line? (classic)
What is the bottom line? (classic)
To keep the bottom line is to keep our future.







A living person needs a bottom line.

the bottom line is not only the foundation of our life, but also the core of our life.

only by keeping the inner bottom line can we not be disturbed by the outside world; only by keeping the bottom line of being a man can we not forget our original ideals and aspirations and accomplish our mission.

bottom line is our dignity as human beings

if you want to be respected by others, you must first respect yourself.

Dignity is a kind of personality, the principle for us to walk in society, and the bottom line for us to be human.

when people live a lifetime, dignity always comes first.

with dignity, you can have your own strength; with dignity, you can find the meaning of living.

as the saying goes, "A tree needs bark, but a man wants face."

Dignity represents a person's self-esteem and self-confidence, and is a person's face.

born as a human being, you can have no money or status, but you can't lose your dignity.

once you lose your dignity as a person, you lose your principles and bottom line in dealing with the world.

the bottom line is our backbone.

it is said in the Outlaws of the Marsh: "people are not secure without rigid bones."

if a person does not have a hard backbone, it will be difficult for him to settle down.

the bottom line is a person's backbone in the blood.

as the old saying goes, "where there is ambition, there is festival in bamboo."

when you are born a human being, you need to have your own ambition and backbone.

if he is boneless, he is like roadside grass, floating in the wind.

in this life, people should keep their bottom line and be a man of integrity.

when things happen, they are neither humble nor arrogant, do not take the helm in the face of the wind, do not flatter themselves, and do not go back on their promises to evade responsibility.

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born human, even if poor, do not cheat; no matter how difficult, do not humbly ask for help.

Mencius said: "Rich and noble can not be masturbated, poor and humble can not be moved, mighty can not yield", is the true portrayal of integrity.

moral integrity is not only a person's integrity, but also the foundation of a person's life.

the bottom line is our character

as the ancients said, "A gentleman has something to do and something not to do."

to be a man, we should put character first, and a person's character represents his bottom line.

people with a bottom line naturally have extraordinary character. In their hearts, conscience is more precious than gold, and their character is as heavy as a mountain.

they will not abandon their families because of money, nor will they betray their friends because of fame and fortune.

A person with a bottom line is as light as a feather for things outside the body and as important as Mount Tai for character.

those who have no bottom line are on the contrary. They will betray their relatives and friends because of a little interest dispute, and even do harm to heaven and nature.

for those who have no bottom line, they have no character to speak of, their conscience is not worth mentioning in their hearts, and their character can be trampled on at will.

what is the bottom line?

the bottom line is our dignity, our integrity, and even our noble character.

the bottom line is a person's priceless treasure, which cannot be bought with money.

people live a lifetime, to keep the bottom line is to keep our future; to keep the bottom line in order to have a wonderful life!