The simplest happiness
The simplest happiness
A happy life is always simple.




the world is disturbed one after another. once you get caught up in it and don't realize it, you will slowly live a complex and tired life.

how can a person not be tired if he has been carrying a heavy load for a long time?

in a complicated world, living simply is the best way to survive.

A child said to his mother, "Mom, you look beautiful today."

Mother asked, "Why?"

the child said, "because my mother is not angry today."

it's easy to be beautiful, as long as you don't get angry.

most of the time, we are angry that we see the whole through a small part. It is originally a small thing, but we have to enlarge it. When we find a mouse at home, why set fire to the whole house?

and every blow we bring from anger is bound to fall on ourselves in the end.

being angry for one hour is equivalent to staying up late for six hours.

every time an adult's face is angry or angry, the marks on the face will be deep for a time.

Lin Zexu said: if I am wrong, why should I be angry? if someone else is wrong, why should I be angry?

want not to be angry, it is very simple, as long as let go of other people's mistakes, you can free your own heart.

May our faces, which are born from the heart, look better and better.

there is a younger brother who works as an apprentice in a bicycle shop.

someone sent me a broken bike. My younger brother not only repaired it, but also polished it as beautiful as new. The other apprentices laughed at him for being superfluous.

the day after the owner took the bike back, my younger brother was dug up to work in his company.

it's easy to get ahead, just be diligent and quick.

diligence is a kind of advanced self-discipline.

Life will get back the things that were once too lazy to do for a moment of pleasure.

too lazy to study hard, it is difficult to find a job with low academic qualifications;

too lazy to exercise, body fat, "three high" entangled;

too lazy to share housework leads to family disharmony;

Don't bother to visit your parents until your parents are old and the son wants to support them.

as Zweig said:

"at that time, I was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been secretly priced."

Twenty years later, when you come to the end of your life, both good and bad are cumulative results.

A successful life is very simple. As long as you learn to control yourself, you can control your life.

be diligent and be the master of fate no matter how old you are.

A rancher told his child to work hard on the ranch every day, and his friend said to him:

"you don't have to make the children work so hard, the crops will grow well."

the rancher replied:

To bring out the best in your unique feminist nature, simple evening dresses is exactly what it will take. Once you make up your choice, relax, we will take care of everything.

"I'm not cultivating crops, I'm raising my children."

it turns out that it's easy to raise a child, just let him suffer a little.

there is one thing that is absolutely indispensable in children's education: education to bear hardships.

Last year, "People's Daily" angrily rebuked the sleeping university


: don't strive for comfort at the age you should strive for.

enjoy happiness for a while, grow up without happiness, and children soaked in honeypots never grow up.

enrichment is never spoiled and compromised, because no ability is born out of ease, comfort and pleasure, and happiness and fulfillment are always born out of pain.

Real education, do not need to do too much, simple, let the child out of his own circle of protection.

Let him feel the pain and the real hardship of life, so that he can grow up and be on his own in the future.

when a chicken broke out of its shell, a tortoise happened to pass by. From then on, the chicken lived with its eggshell on its back.

in fact, it's easy to get rid of the heavy load, as long as you give up stubbornness.

Jack Ma once said:

"the only constant in the world is that everything is changing all the time."

everything is changing all the time. If you still do things stubbornly, do not understand flexibility, and do not look back after hitting the south wall, how can you succeed?

everything has its pros and cons, right and wrong, odd and even, blessing and misfortune.

everyone needs to constantly adjust their strategies and actions according to the situation.

Don't stick to conventions, don't stick to one style, turn complexity into simplicity, and let go of stubbornness, so that you can live up to the past and move forward without fear.

only in this way can there be a new situation and new atmosphere in life and career.

there was a gold panning team walking in the desert. Everyone was walking heavily and painfully, and only one person was walking happily.

others ask:

"Why are you so cozy?

"he smiled and said:

"because I bring the least things.


it turns out that happiness is very simple, don't haggle over it.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

"Inner self-cultivation is a sublimation of the soul."

Life is not easy, so why bother.

most of the sadness in life is probably because they think too much and care too much, so they worry too much and worry too much.

it's easy to be alive. Don't give yourself up.If you have found difficulties, there is no need to worry too much about many things.

those who should stay will not go, those who should go will not stay, as if nothing has happened, is the best state of mind.

the writer Ma de once said:

"the world seems to be surrounded by complexity, all kinds of people, mud and sand.

in essence, it is your own world. If you are clear, the world will be clean. If you are simple, the world will not be complicated. "

A happy life is always simple.

if you don't want much, there will be no misery in life. If you don't think much, your life won't be too complicated.

live your life with a simple state of mind, no matter what fate life gives you, you will feel happy and happy.

if you look at the numerous things with a simple heart, what you see must be the most beautiful scenery.

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