Associate more with talented people, work with capable people frequently, and often get along with lucky people.
Associate more with talented people, work with capable people frequently, and often get along with lucky people.
Associate more with talented people, learn the method of looking at the world, and see the wider world.

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some people say that the quickest way to get to know a person is to visit his friends.

agree with the famous writer Han Han:

"how far a man can go depends on who is traveling with him.

how good a person is depends on who gives him guidance.

how successful a person is depends on who he is with. "

do not underestimate the power of imperceptible influence and osmosis, in which people are slowly shaped.

it's really important to be with someone.

the method of viewing the world from the perspective of high school

everyone has a different point of view of the world and everything.

some people look flat, but they are easily obscured by immediate entanglements and troubles.

some people look up, but stand in their own happiness to find happiness.

and the reason why talented people are "not afraid of floating clouds covering their eyes" is "because I am at the top of the mountain".

they are knowledgeable, have a wide range of eyes, listen in all directions, and are good at looking at things from different angles. they naturally have broad horizons, have bright eyes, see far and think deeply.

to associate more with high-ranking people is to see a broader and transparent world through their eyes, to get their guidance, and to learn their long-term thinking imperceptibly.

Lv Meng, a famous general in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, realized that he needed to study more because of Sun Quan's persuasion.

so he made some painstaking efforts, and his talents and strategies were qualitatively improved, which not only impressed Lu Su, but also laid an indispensable foundation for his repeated combat achievements.

as the saying goes, "it is better to listen to your words than to read a ten-year book."

sometimes, one or two words of a superior person can clear a person's troubled and entangled thoughts, make people suddenly realize, and gradually clarify the road ahead in the fog.

how important is long-term vision?

once a young man asked a master, "what is the truth of life?"

Master took a stone and asked him to go to the vegetable market to see what price he could sell. The highest bid he could get was 20 yuan.

Master asked him to take it to the jade market again, and this time the bid was as high as 500000 yuan.

when Master asked him to take it to the diamond market, there was an offer of 50 million yuan.

the young man was still puzzled. Master explained:

"this is a diamond, but its value can only be seen with diamond eyes." The truth of life is different with different eyes.

what kind of life you want, you have to exercise your eyes first. "

as the poet Tagore lamented: "We read the world wrong and say that the world deceives us."

the height of one's life is what one can see.

associate more with high-level people and learn to take a broad view of things, so that you can have more insight, be more clear about your goals, see your own shortcomings, check and make up for gaps, and build momentum for the future.

learn the way of doing things from capable people

A talented person refers to an elite who has a skill.

"there is a specialty in the art industry". If you have the opportunity to discuss with the masters in your favorite field, will you seize this rare opportunity?

some people will say, "No way, isn't this a trick in the classroom?"

this reminds me of the consistent proposition of Hua Luogeng, a world-famous mathematician: "if you work with an axe, you must come to Banmen."


it turns out that for people who don't know what to do, showing off their skills is not good for others or themselves.

but if you can get the advice of industry masters, you can make progress faster, and if you are lucky enough to be affirmed, you will be able to increase your confidence in climbing the peak bravely.

Why not do it?

A capable person is also a person who can do things well.

A person who can handle things large and small properly must be a talented, responsible and reliable person with high EQ.

everyone knows how to do things, but it is not possible to do things well.

"not enough is done, too much is lost" is a familiar idiom that refers to those who fail to do things well and screw things up.

capable people do things in all aspects, smooth and stable, making people feel at ease, comfortable and happy.

Cai Kangyong's father is such a person:

when he treats, he will take care of every guest and make them feel at home, such as telling jokes to make guests happy, choosing seasonal delicacies for everyone, and making everyone happy and comfortable when they get along.

Li Ka-shing is also such a person:

in his early years, when Feng Lun was an unknown little boss, he received a banquet from Li Ka-shing.

they were all nervous at first, but Li Ka-shing waited for them at the elevator door early, then shook hands with everyone one by one, and arranged to draw lots to avoid the embarrassment of seating culture.

not only that, Li Jiacheng specially prepared an extra bowl and chopsticks at each table and took turns to communicate with the people at each table.

it can be said that all the problems that people worried about before were easily solved by Li Ka-shing.

being considerate in dealing with others is a timeless accomplishment.

if you work with talented people frequently, you will find that their way of doing things is very good:

take into account all the things that others have not considered, find a way to solve all kinds of unexpected problems, and keep the situation stable.In my own hands.

it is of great benefit to one's life to work diligently with capable people, learn their wisdom of "getting things done" and improve their ability to solve problems.

learn optimism from Fu people

Blessed people have kind eyes, light in their eyes and sugar in their mouth.

as soon as it comes near, it makes people encounter the early morning sun, dispel the darkness, warm and bright.

if you often get along with lucky people, you will be infected by the positive energy in them, and your actions will become positive.

A scholar came to Beijing for the exam. Before the exam, he had two dreams: growing vegetables on the wall, wearing a bamboo hat and holding an umbrella.

after talking to the first person, the first person advised him to give up, because growing vegetables on the wall was in vain, and wearing a hat and holding an umbrella was superfluous.

the scholar was unhappy after hearing this, and later told the second person about it. The second person said that growing vegetables on the wall was a "high school (kind)", and Dai Dou Li was prepared for an umbrella.

on hearing this, the scholar could not help but cheer up and actively prepare for the exam, and finally won the exploratory flower.

if you often get along with the lucky people, your heart will become as clear and bright as after immersion and washing.

recently, when my friend Chenchen swept away his dejection, the whole person's mental state more than doubled, and his eyes obviously changed from the previous gloom to sparkle.

I didn't know until I was curious that she had been running to her grandparents' house recently.

Grandpa likes to copy some interesting paintings. during this period, he is copying limericks by the painter. Grandpa often reads aloud to her while drawing:

"Life is too short to cherish, health and happiness number one. A hundred years later, making money is just a game. "

"when a fool meets a little fool, she is his life companion. Shrewdness often bears the fruit of annoyance, but confusion blossoms into happiness. "


amused her to laugh with her grandmother while she was planting flowers and grass.

Chenchen said that her grandparents had an invisible power to help her drive away unnecessary troubles and allow her to travel light.

isn't that what the so-called lucky people are?

can always let all unhappiness go up in smoke between talking and laughing;

can always heal the scars of the heart between words;

can always convey the power of peace inadvertently.

it is very difficult for people to see themselves clearly, but only when they look at themselves in the process of getting along with others and dealing with things, can they understand.

associate more with superior people, learn the method of viewing the world, and see the wider world;

work with capable people frequently, learn the way of doing things, and practice more thoughtful thinking;

often get along with lucky people, learn to be optimistic and get some peace and tranquillity.


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