"never take screenshots of chat records."
"never take screenshots of chat records."
The feelings of adults should be measured in advance and retreat.

sow Lin Jinglang

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Cheng Yi

Wang Xiaobo once said: "how terrible habits are, just as people get used to air and fish get used to water." And I'm used to loving you. "

most people are like this:

get used to each other's good night before going to bed, it will be difficult to fall asleep if you don't receive it all day.

accustomed to each other's affectionate style, once he does not love you, he is the first to know that it is you;

accustomed to keeping chat records, looking back at the sweetest is actually the most heart-wrenching.

A relationship changes from being unable to look away when we first meet, to being bored when we fall into a stereotype for a long time.

period, there may be some errors in memory due to the slight changes.

but the chat history will not.

it clearly records likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes.

makes it impossible for us to borrow time to lie, so that we have no reason to deceive ourselves and others about our imaginary past.

because at the beginning, he said everything and how intimate he was. Later, when he had nothing to say, he became a stranger.

because the original chat on the top, many eyes into the heart, and then no longer contact, there is much disdain;

because in the original dialog box, "the other party is entering …..." How happy it is, and then how sad the green self-talk is.

whoever takes it seriously first loses.

the most powerless thing is to take a screenshot of the chat, but can't keep you.

when I clicked into Anan's circle of friends, I realized that the things she had to do with her boyfriend had stayed two months ago.

is not deleted, but there is no follow-up.

Anan said, I am quite good with him, but I just find that I don't like him so much.

until now, the two people still have occasional contact.

it's just that the relationship goes from the top of each other's contact to the complicated daily routine.

at the beginning of love, you and I are willing to share a cup of milk tea and feel very sweet, endless words and endless conversation.

gradually, even if there is a surprise specially prepared for each other, it is obvious that there is no expectation in the other person's eyes.

We begin to wonder if patience in love has a shelf life.

before breaking up, Anan packed his chat with himself and sent it to him.

those conversations that take place every morning and dusk, between the subway and the company's tea, at lunchtime and late at night, all remind Anan:

Yes, you were really in love.

as for later boredom, it is like a prince on the run.

finally went back to the castle and lived a quiet life step by step.

you can feel whether that person likes you or not, even with his eyes closed.

No matter how turbulent the memories are, if you lose them, you lose them.

although 1325 "good night" have been said to each other in the chat record, I can't hear another word now.

although 3876 words "I miss you" can be found in the chat record, I won't say another word later.

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those chat notes, looked at and smiled, smiled and cried.

yesterday is irrecoverable.

We all understand, but it's hard to control ourselves.

after all, we were in love and it made us sad to think of it.

Stefanie Sun sings in the song:

what I miss is saying everything, what I miss is dreaming together;

what I miss is the impulse to love you after a quarrel;

what I miss is speechless emotion, what I miss is absolute enthusiasm;

what I miss is that you are so excited, begging me to forgive you for hurting me.

most of the people who understand later are sad people.

because when you get to the stage of "missing", it means it's hard to go back to the past.

We can only go back to the original starting point and say goodbye hastily.

at this time, every word of concern in the past, every warm moment that has happened.

even every meme that has been sent is like a thorn in my heart.

it hurts once. Even if things have changed for many years, even if everything is renewed for several rounds, it is still an old disease that cannot be cured.

as Mr. Yu Qiuyu once wrote:

"if you want something, let it go.

if he can come back for you, he will always belong to you.

but there is another point that we have all overlooked: the cloth dolls that we never got when we were children will not want them when we grow up.

when it's time to let go, let go; let go of the past that you don't need to save.

there are always people who regret it:

"I wish I had refrained from being friends.

later, we finally learned to let go.

but if the other party leaves one step ahead of you, all psychological construction will collapse instantly.

Yeah, I didn't want to do anything with you at first. You made me think there was going to be a future.

if you block and delete it,Okay, or I can't help looking for you.

Sorry, I always get carried away by the night and almost say "miss you";

I'm sorry, but I still want to ask, "when you said the world was a circle, why did you get separated?"

I'm sorry. I've made up my mind to like you to this day. 99 steps are enough to cherish you, and the last step is dignity.

Sorry, I won't keep the chat records.

I finally understand that "whether to love, whether we can be together, and whether we can make it to the end" are three things.

Adult feelings should be measured in advance and retreat.

if you don't come to me for the rest of my life, I won't have anything to do with you for the rest of my life.

I must force myself to admit that some people have already signed up just to meet them.

that's it.