10 good habits for self-improvement, 2021 Please force yourself to form
10 good habits for self-improvement, 2021 Please force yourself to form
Retrospect will be the best helper on your way to self-improvement.

be good at reading



go to bed half an hour early

get up 10 minutes early

it is often said that you should go to bed early and get up early, but many people always have various reasons to put off.

staying up late hurts both the body and the brain, and the vast majority of people stay up late browsing their mobile phones.

from today on, don't take your cell phone to bed. You'd better lock it in another room and go to bed half an hour early. You'll feel much better the next day.

if you find it difficult to get up early, set your alarm clock forward another 10 minutes and gradually become an early riser.

the morning is the best time for most people to concentrate. Getting up early to do what you want to do, reading, exercising, making breakfast, and keeping a morning diary are all good enjoyment.


Don't argue with bad people and bad things

people should learn to distinguish the priorities of life.

those bad things are secondary, and there is no need to care about them at all.

you are angry, wasting your mood and time, you are entangled, you are wasting your brainpower and energy.

smile and let them go with the wind, you, still on the way forward, do not stop.


exercise 4 times a week

more than 30 minutes at a time

exercise is the cure for everything.

those who persist in sports for a long time are becoming more beautiful, more handsome, more self-disciplined, better and healthier in varying degrees.

start exercising. Exercise 4 times a week, no more, no less, and there is still room to rest.

exercise for more than 30 minutes at a time, do not perfunctory themselves, down-to-earth to complete their own sports tasks, a month later, your body, mind, and mind will really be different.


appreciate the advantages of others

be aware of your shortcomings

as the old saying goes, take the strengths of others and make up for your own weaknesses.

learn to look at others with appreciation, no matter how much you hate, you must have an advantage that you don't have for the time being.

when you don't like someone, watch your mouth and be alert to whether you have any shortcomings similar to TA.

remember that everything we do is to improve ourselves, not to belittle others.


read for more than 30 minutes a day

"Books are like medicine, and good reading can cure fools."

Reading is the most convenient way to improve yourself. If you are often confused and anxious, try to calm down and read. Half an hour a day, the rate of progress will be rapid.

from the inside out, let the knowledge of books infiltrate slowly. Over time, you will have a wider perspective and a more flexible way of doing things, and you will fall in love with your own changes.


sum up experience in failure

Life is full of ups and downs, never stable. If you want to succeed, you must experience failure.

Don't be depressed because of one or two failures. Failure can give us more inspiration and lessons than success.

summing up experience in failure and constantly adjusting your thinking and behavior, the road ahead will be smoother and smoother.





Clean and refreshing is the most important thing

everyone knows others from the outside, no matter how rich you are inside, your sloppy appearance is also prohibitive.

can not be exquisite, but must not be unclean. It can be inelegant, but it can't be inappropriate.

every day, you should carefully clean yourself from head to toe, wear appropriate clothes, don't show off, don't exaggerate, don't be casual, and have your own tastes and preferences.


within a period of time

focus on one thing

No matter how many things you have right now, you have to finish them one by one.

focusing on one thing for a period of time, we only have one brain and two hands, and we can't accomplish multiple tasks at the same time.

Nothing can stand to be compared with ivory flower girl dresses. Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

practicing concentration will make you more efficient.


find a way to solve difficulties

instead of blurting out complaints

We always encounter difficulties, sometimes like a huge mountain of pressure.

but it's cooler to be patient and find a solution than complaining and running away.

the more difficult it is, the more brave it is to climb, because every difficult step is uphill.

when you start to think of ways, you will find that many things are not as difficult as you think, and no matter how difficult they are, there are always solutions.

the hardest part is that you are afraid to take the first step.


Review and reflect every night

whether it is work, study or daily life, we should form the good habit of reviewing and reflecting every night.

15 minutes before going to bed, recall the events of the day, the people you have met, and reflect on whether your behavior is appropriate, whether you have wasted time, and whether you have made any progress compared to yesterday.

constantly delve into yourself, like a doctor, first check out your shortcomings and weaknesses, and then remove them one by one for treatment.

Review will be the best helper on your way to self-improvement.

one book a week is released by authorization.