10 good habits to make women more and more beautiful (suggested collection)
10 good habits to make women more and more beautiful (suggested collection)
May every woman keep these 10 habits.

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A woman has been entrusted with many missions in her life: girl, woman, wife, mother, wife, mother-in-law.

because of this, some people have been smoothed out the edges and corners of life and the bloom of youth by the years.

because of the baptism of youth, some people are more calm and elegant, calm and confident, and live out their own advanced sense.

but also because of such a rich life, let a woman's life be baptized, calm and elegant, calm and confident, live a senior life.

I think the best identity of a woman is not a wife, not a mother, nor any name defined by others.

but in the long river of time, experience the precipitation of time, experience change and growth, see the world and human feelings, and become an excellent self.

Life is not long, women's life should be cherished more, the rest of life want to live more meaningful, women must develop these 10 habits.


Control the time and not be late at will

I have seen such a joke on the Internet:

"there are so many differences in the concept of time between men and women that three minutes in a woman's mouth may keep you waiting for an hour, while an hour in a man's population may only be three minutes."

although exaggerated, it reflects reality.

in life, many women take lateness as a privilege and take others' waiting for granted.

everyone's time is limited, no matter who they are, they have no right to squander other people's time.

Mr. Lu Xun once said:

"Life is measured in terms of time. Wasting other people's time is tantamount to murder; wasting one's own time is tantamount to chronic suicide."

punctuality is not only the most basic social politeness and respect, but also a necessary quality and upbringing.

punctual people are not necessarily good, but good people must be very punctual.

Don't waste time, don't be late at will, and don't reduce the favor of others for just a few minutes.

setting the watch 5 minutes faster and planning in advance is the moral attitude that an excellent woman should have.


improve the quality of life

with the gradual improvement of consumption quality.

necessities, non-necessities, luxuries. Many women's shopping choices, regardless of price, are only about preferences.

seems to be hoarding objects, but it is actually indulging material desires.

such behavior not only increases the economic burden, but also reduces the quality of life.

Wang Xiaobo said:

"it is not enough for a man to have this life. He should also have a poetic world."

people should learn to live, not just survive. "

it is true that some women in life make do with their lives and make do with them.

many women think that the quality of life is closely related to material, but in fact, material can not determine a person's quality of life.

what we need to do is to make life full of texture, not a sense of bargain.

give up unnecessary desires, reduce unnecessary expenses, and don't spend on impulse for the sake of vanity.

Life is your own and has nothing to do with others.

when we stop spending recklessly, life will be different.


walk more than 6000 steps a day

Leonardo da Vinci said: "exercise is the source of all life."

Modern women are busy and stressed at work, so sports have become a luxury in life.

in fact, it is not difficult to keep exercising.

taking a few more steps every day and running a few more laps a week will not only keep you healthy, but also improve your overall posture.

maintaining a certain exercise frequency is not only the best investment in the body, but also the most powerful helper to delay the aging of women.

as Mayakovsky said:

"there are no more beautiful clothes with strong muscles and fresh skin."

Women who exercise and those who do not exercise lead two lives.

Don't let people live and destroy their health, choose a favorite sport and stick to it is the best investment in life.


learn to make up and wear

someone on Zhihu asked: "how do girls make themselves refined step by step?"

A high-praise answer is concise: "learn to make up, learn to wear."

external image is a person's mental outlook; dress and appearance is a reflection of a person's life.

No one wants to know an excellent inside through a sloppy appearance.

appropriate clothes and makeup are the pursuit and love of life.

learn some matching tips to wear your own "sense of atmosphere";

put on a light makeup before going out, improve your appearance, and do things in high spirits.

excellent women, treat life, do not make do with; treat themselves, not casually.

keeping a good image not only respects others, but also pleases yourself.


take a nap for 20 minutes after lunch

Modern people have a fast pace of life, busy every day, and do not have any leisure time.

especially for women, working hard during the day and working in their families at night, it is not only difficult to maintain a basic 8-hour standard sleep, but also lead to physical diseases.

"Instead of running in a hurry, slow down. "

give yourself a 20-minute lunch break after lunch to relieve stress and relax.

for women, a lunch break is a magic weapon to improve their skin and glow.

it is like a beauty agent for women, relaxing the taut strings and resting the tired heart.

after lunch, stop for a while and have a rest.

only by taking a short rest can we face work and life more leisurely.


drink at least 1500ML every day

as we all know, 70% of the human body is made up of water, which is very important to the health of the body.

not enough water, body garbage can not be excreted, can only accumulate in the body, resulting in physical discomfort.

drinking water regularly is not only good for your health and metabolism, but also helps women moisturize their skin and keep fit.

according to the dietary guidelines of the Chinese Nutrition Society:

"for an adult male, it is recommended to drink at least water 1700ml every day, while for women, it is 1500ml."

from now on, form the good habit of drinking water frequently and make yourself a "moist" beautiful woman.


Society for emotional Control in case of accident

there is a saying that men are more rational and women are more emotional.

No matter what age, women seem to be more likely to cause mood swings.

they seem to care about everything very much, as if everything can cause strong feelings.

psychologists have studied the personalities of men and women and found that women have lower emotional stability.

in fact, it is inevitable for people to have emotions in this life.

some people are used to self-control, while others use their emotions to express their dissatisfaction.

however, in many cases, anger does not solve the problem.

it is of no benefit. It will not only affect the relationship between each other, but also do a lot of damage to physical and mental health.

Rob White once said:

"at no time should people be slaves to their emotions and should not subject all their actions to their own emotions."

Control your emotions, don't get angry at will, make yourself full of emotion, but also be more rational.

Don't worry about trifles, don't worry about external things, be bullish on gains and losses, and be calm.

only women who are not controlled by negative emotions are free to control their own lives.


appropriately slow down the pace of life

We often say:

"if you don't push yourself, you will never know how good you will be."

but there are always endless difficulties and countless difficulties in life.

Why push yourself too hard, too tight?

A woman should live a rainbow rather than a black-and-white silent film.

Cicero once said:

"leisure is not the fulfillment of the soul, but the rest of the soul."

the occasional relaxation is not to indulge yourself, but to be better prepared.

give yourself a moment to do nothing and think about nothing, maybe some things will suddenly become clear.

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the seasons are constantly rotated, but surprises are never absent.

sometimes, you can do something meaningless, recharge your spirit, and try to embrace another possibility.

only by relaxing occasionally can you see a different life.


keep on learning and improve yourself

the best investment in a woman's life is not marriage, not children, but herself.

Smart women should not only make money and save money, but also learn to "invest" to make themselves more and more valuable.

to learn new skills, you should not only improve your ability, but also prepare yourself one more way back.

learn financial management skills, plan income and expenditure reasonably, and prevent risks in advance.

actress Han Xue once said in an interview:

"Women should learn all their lives to cope with the burning of life." Add value to yourself in order to pursue your dreams. "

it is better to please yourself than to please others; it is better to invest in yourself than to rely on others.

only with inner self-drive can we march forward without fear of the years.

Women do not have to be vines attached to people, but to be independent and upward pines and cypresses, so that they can live with integrity, integrity and dignity.


have a physical examination at least once a year

in recent years, the number of people with sudden diseases is increasing.

many people neither pay attention to their health nor develop the habit of regular physical examination, so that when the disease comes, they feel remorse and regret.

especially for contemporary women, most people's concept of health is still in the "primary stage".

irregular diet, staying up late at overtime, and even ignoring physical warnings.

and the premise of all this must be regular physical examination.

from now on, make a detailed physical examination plan for yourself, a gynecological examination once a year and a comprehensive physical examination every three years.

only by nipping the disease in the bud can we have more time to live the life we want.

time is easy to pass, but the face is easy to grow old.

No one can stop the passage of time, but there are always people who are not afraid of the storm of time.

as Coco Chanel said:

"20-year-old faces are born, 30-year-old faces are created by life, and 40-year-old faces are our own responsibility."

Age has never been a yardstick to measure a woman. External state, graceful speech, attitude towards life and inner richness are the greatest charm of a woman.

details determine success or failure; habits determine life.

May every woman keep these 10 little habits, be neither humble nor arrogant, not slow, and live her most beautiful life in the passing years.