15 rules for a happy life
15 rules for a happy life
The key to happiness is already in your own hand.

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Don't expect too much from others

how to maintain a happy mood in interpersonal communication?

Life advice: don't expect too much of others.

Don't overestimate your place in the hearts of others, and don't expect too much of anyone or anything.

I already have the key to happiness.

raise your requirements of yourself and lower your expectations of others in order to make everyone happy when you meet them.


stop thinking randomly

when many people are idle, they like to think wildly and chew on the trivialities of life over and over again.

finding guilt for yourself or not will only increase anxiety in the end.

if a person's life is doomed, then what should come will come. Struggle is futile and troubles are useless.

people live all their lives, don't ask for wealth, but don't push yourself too hard.

face ordinary life with a normal mind, people are comfortable, their hearts are also at ease.


Don't care too much about other people's eyes

I have met many people who care too much about the eyes of others and try to find their own value in the evaluation of the outside world.

but in fact, life is our own, and we all live for ourselves.

in this world, we are all the same, each has its own light.

Let go of self-righteous paranoia and useless face, don't be uptight, don't be sensitive.

Don't be confused, live a good present, and you will live a more relaxed life.


Don't discuss length with fools

have seen such a conversation:

"Master, what is the secret of happiness?"

"Don't argue with fools."

"I don't think it makes people happy at all."

"Yes, you're right!"

in fact, even if you are right, you don't have to prove others wrong.

because not everyone is worth your time and effort to communicate.

well frogs cannot speak the sea, and summer worms cannot speak ice.

Don't say a word, you may have one more happiness in life.


reduce unnecessary social interaction

once saw a netizen recommend, find a time, close the moments and uninstall the relevant social chat software, you will find:

"reducing unnecessary socializing is the panacea for happiness."

in fact, people always live alone, joys and sorrows are not the same, and dreams are different.

reduce unnecessary socializing, narrow your circle, and focus more on yourself, and happiness is much easier.


Control bad mood and release good mood

as the saying goes, there are often eight or nine bad things in life.

you and I are mortal, how can everything go well?

those happy people are not without pain, but they all know how to control their emotions.

is not affected by bad mood or bad temper.

keep a good state of mind in order to control life and feel the beauty of life.


find your comfort zone

many people have a misunderstanding about the comfort zone and are content with the status quo and muddle along.

but in fact, finding a comfort zone does not mean not working hard.

there is a temporary shelter when you are sad to do what you want to do and are good at.

so if you've found your comfort zone, congratulations, you're lucky.


get confused once in a while

in this life, sometimes the more sober and transparent one is, the more tired he is to live.

people who are too smart tend to reflect on themselves and examine themselves, so they will inevitably live in self-shackles and shackles.

but in fact, sometimes happiness lies in the word "confused".

forget a little once in a while, laugh when something happens, and give yourself a buffer and time to relax. There's nothing wrong with it.

Don't think too thoroughly about everything, you'll be happy if you're confused.


learn to refuse

some people say, "when I was in my twenties, I felt that life was long. In fact, sometimes, life is very short. "

Life is short, so don't embarrass yourself too much.

learn to reject other people's unreasonable demands, people and things that make you unhappy.

to be happy every minute and every second for the rest of the day.


cultivate interests

there are always people who say that happiness is hard.

but in fact, we all forget that happiness is all on our own.

develop one or two small hobbies, such as reading, sports, cooking, and flower cultivation. Put aside the impetuous mood and find happiness when you are busy.

experience the joys of life from simple and boring little things, and you will become more and more appreciative of yourself.


tidy up the house

I have to say, there seems to be a magic in cleaning up the room.

when you are alone, put the musicDrive to the loudest, then clean up the house, and finally lie tired on the bed, feeling infinitely satisfied.

in fact, tidying up the house is not cleaning your heart.

throw away the things that have been hoarded and useless, along with the bad emotions that have been accumulated for a long time. When the room is clean, the mood will be bright.


exercise properly

there is a scientific basis for exercise to make people happy.

dopamine released by exercise can make people feel happy and improve their mood.

not only that, but sports are also the best health care products for years. People who persist in exercise are healthier and more confident.

so, run when you are free and catch your breath. You can't get rid of sweat without a bad mood.

give it a try, it really works.


deposit a fixed sum of money every month

in 2021, "making money" became a popular word at the beginning of the year.

in fact, the older you get, the more you understand that in the adult world, it is really easy to get stuck with money.

putting aside factors such as life and death parting and man-made disasters, money can solve 90% of the troubles.

and money can really buy happiness.

therefore, give up unnecessary consumption, make good money and save money seriously.

Don't be too happy to see the balance increase bit by bit.


have a good sleep

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getting a good night's sleep is probably the cheapest way to be fascinating and temporarily empty your brain.

after a busy day, the moment I lay in bed, all the bad emotions were quietly cured in the dry and warm quilt.

so remember to go to bed early and dream of all the good things you look forward to.


there is no rule for happiness

everyone has to face a lot of problems in life, and life will never be satisfactory.

you can find a reason to be sad or a reason to be happy.

so the last point is: happiness is just happiness, it has no rules.

but if happiness is a skill, I hope you are the best.

, may you take your time, whether the present day is good or bad.