2020 college entrance examination results announced: please do not disturb other people's happiness!
2020 college entrance examination results announced: please do not disturb other people's happiness!
Do not disturb, it is a kind of kindness.

Don't disturb other people's happiness, it's a kind of self-cultivation

the college entrance examination, which was delayed for a month due to the epidemic, finally scored, which is really a few joys and sorrows.

on the subway the day before yesterday, I overheard two mothers chatting.

one of the mothers asked carelessly, "your son did well in the exam this year, but his usual grades are good. He must be sure this time."

"the result came out yesterday. There is no problem with the score of an ordinary ordinary university. His father and I are not highly educated. We are satisfied with the result of the child's examination."

did not expect the voice to decline, the mother was surprised:

"it's only an ordinary university, and it's nothing in this ordinary university. now good companies value academic qualifications, and it's hard for your family to come out and find a job in the future. If you have the energy, you might as well consider repeating it!"

hearing this, the happiness and joy in the eyes of another mother dimmed in an instant, and then she didn't speak any more.

the greatest upbringing in life is to emit your own light, but not to put out the lights of others.

scored in the college entrance examination, if the child is satisfied with the exam as much as he can, please remember to give him a hug.

the bitterness of life is manual labor, while the hardship of study is more mental work.

A child with good grades is not only a natural talent, but also an effort that can not be seen by ordinary people. It is to turn thousands of days and nights of hard work into today's vigorous efforts.

if your child tries his best to fail, remember to give him a hug and tell him that any road to success will always suffer from failure at first.

We must believe that each seed has its own flowering period, and those who can still get up after falling will go farther and stand higher.

the ancients said, "No one knows about ten years of hard study, and the title of the golden list is known all over the world."

in fact, regardless of the child's score, we should let him know that although the college entrance examination is over, life is just beginning.

all we can do is to do our best to the goal, and to the result, to rest our fate.

there is a saying: "the true nobility is not superior to others, but superior to yourself in the past."

everyone in the world has their own time zone, living their own, is the most wonderful game.

it is a kind of self-cultivation not to disturb other people's happiness easily, and to learn to cheer for others.

Learning to shut up is the greatest kindness in life

Hemingway once said, "it takes us two years to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn to shut up."

talking is an ability that most people are born with, but shut up is a skill that many people will never learn in their lifetime.

have seen such a story:

I met a father and daughter on the train. The girl was in her teens, and her eyes were particularly bright.

when the train started, the little girl was very excited. while staring out of the window, she said, "Dad, is this the leek we often eat?" You look so good. "

the sound was so clear that many people heard it and looked out, only to find that it was not leek, but a wheat field.

"that's not leek, it's wheat. You can use it to make steamed bread." The father corrected with a smile.

next, the girl described the yellow wildflowers as green and took the huge billboard as a blackboard, and her father corrected them one by one.

when she heard that the girl had made a mistake, a woman sitting next to her could not help laughing: "I didn't expect that the little girl was very beautiful, but she had a brain problem."

the father looked embarrassed and said apologetically, "Sorry, this is the first time my daughter has seen the world. She is a little excited. I hope she doesn't disturb everyone's rest."

the little girl was stupefied at first, and then as if she had wilted, lying listlessly on the table in a daze.

my father looked out of the window thoughtfully, his eyes full of loneliness.

it is said that "he who speaks carelessly, he who hears it intentionally". The speaker does not go through the brain, but the obedient person enters the heart.

the lady did not know her casual joke, which inadvertently destroyed a little girl's enthusiasm for looking at the world, more like a burning iron, branded on the father's heart, unable to heal it for a long time.

outspoken is not necessarily a good thing, but learning to shut up is certainly not a bad thing.

A person is not qualified to judge others if he has not experienced other people's lives.

most of the time, things that may not be worth mentioning in your eyes are like treasures to others.

Why use your own values to interfere with other people's lives?

God gives everyone two ears and one mouth to listen more, see more and speak less.

words should be like the stars of the night, bring warmth to people, who needs the firecrackers all night, endless!

some words seem to be unintentional, but they have become the knife of others' fatal blow.

as the saying goes, the depth of water does not speak, people do not speak; if they do not know the whole picture, they will not comment.

Don't ruin the happiness of others just after a moment of rapidity. This is not only an act of kindness, but also the most basic upbringing of a human being.

Happiness, there is no standard answer

writer Zhu Jingzai said, "Don't disturb others."The article "Human Happiness" talked about such a thing:

there is a stall by the side of the road, which is set up by a middle-aged woman. At noon a middle-aged man came to deliver food on his bike.

when the woman looked up and saw the man, a bright color flashed in her eyes and smiled, "Don't worry, it's still early."

the man smiled foolishly, took out the lunch box from the bicycle basket and sat next to the woman. "eat quickly, or it will get cold. I'll eat with you."

at this time, a middle-aged woman came from the stall. She put her head into the woman's lunch box and cried out in surprise:

"Oh, my big sister, what a life you're living here, you don't have any oil or water, how can you eat?"

then, with a sigh in his mouth and a look of sarcasm on his face, he wriggled his fat body away.

the woman was holding a box lunch and looked blankly at the fat woman's back, her eyes filled with tears, and the man beside her had red circles, and they were no longer in the mood for a bite.

Guo Degang once said: "when you are eating meat, other people are drinking porridge. Even if you don't share the meat with him, you can do it. I think this is kindness."

A truly cultured person is kind from the bottom of his heart to see that others are happy about something, even if he can't understand it.

as the saying goes, "if you look at the danger wall, you will fall down, and if you do not support it, you will not push it to be very good."

everyone has a different definition of happiness. Maybe our honey is arsenic.

I remember that when I was at school, some students in the class rode a mountain bike which was popular at that time. I looked at my bike and was very envious.

when I got home, I told my father that I also wanted a mountain bike.

my father didn't say much, but just asked me to see how many students in the class had bicycles when I was at school.

when I got home that day, I solemnly told my father that only 15 of the 30 classmates had.

my father told me, "you are already one of these fifteen classmates. For those students who do not have bicycles yet, you are already very happy. Why should you envy others?"

it dawned on us when we were adults: we always stand on our own side and admire the beautiful scenery on the other side, but we don't know that we are being envied by others.

everyone has his own way of life, hard or smooth, but every step has a reason to move forward.

We have not experienced what others have experienced, so we naturally cannot experience the sorrows and joys of others.

when you are happy in life, do not belittle others; when you are at a low ebb, be kind to yourself.

when people come into this world, there are too many unfairness and a lot of unhappiness.

maybe the family upstairs is cheering heartily, but the one downstairs is depressed.

but you live your own life, and you are in charge of your own life, so don't measure the happiness of others by your own standards.

there is a classic line in the Great Gatsby: "remember, not all people have the advantages you have."

sometimes, "don't mind your own business" and don't give advice on other people's affairs at will, but it's a good attitude to tell others what to do about their lives.

this is the first time for everyone to be a human being, so who is nobler than who?

you can act freely and freely, but you can't base your pleasure on the sufferings of others.

you can keep a straight face and have no intention, but you can't let your ignorance lead to the chaos of others.

it is a kind of kindness to learn to respect the happiness of others and not to disturb; to be able to keep your own happiness and not to throw it away is a kind of ability.

encourage each other!



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