2020 enters the countdown: this year, thank yourself!
2020 enters the countdown: this year, thank yourself!
Don't forget that the most grateful thing is yourself.

this year, everyone doesn't seem to have an easy life. Some people get up early and work late in order to make a living, some people suffer for their feelings, and some people break their hearts for the sake of their families and children.

but fortunately, one by one, we have survived, and all the unhappiness and bad luck will enter the countdown.

it's time to say thank you to yourself, for your bravery, for your kindness, for your hard work.

Thank you, always insist on yourself

Life is like a big game, even though there are many wind and frost swords and hurdles ahead, you still have to face the difficulties and persist in breaking through them.

sometimes anxiety and depression, sometimes suffering and frustration, but none of us give up easily and become frustrated runners.

because understand that adults must assume their own responsibility, no matter how hard it is, they also have to deal with the feathers of work and life.

although we often say "don't want to go to work" and "don't want to work hard", when the alarm goes off the next day, we still get up on time, or become brave "workers", or hold on silently for the little expectations from the bottom of our hearts.

the hardship is not enough to speak to others, even if you get a little bit of beauty, it is also mixed with countless tiredness and tears.

those days of restless sleeping and eating, sleepless nights, running around and washing their faces with tears, some people have survived, some people are still experiencing it, but up to now, you are good enough.

Thank you well for the self who has never admitted defeat or flinched, for the person who constantly accumulated strength and dared to start all over again, and for the person who ran with all his strength and became more and more brave.

say to yourself, "Thank you for your hard work". After all, when people reach a certain age, they have to continue to grit their teeth with some unspeakable worries.

Don't lose heart, the future is still long, you will certainly usher in hope and dawn!

Thank you, be kind to yourself

this year, you have experienced a lot of apathy and scams, and you have been disappointed and confused about human nature, but fortunately, no matter what has happened, you have not abandoned the sincerity at the bottom of your heart.

Thank you, still live magnanimously, be a sincere and sincere person, and give back the warmth to the world as much as you can.

Thank you, gradually understand that kindness should be a little angular, a little sharp, can not be used by others, become a "soft persimmon".

during the epidemic and before the flood, they did as much as they could. If they could make a sound, they would emit a part of the light and a part of the heat would dissipate the heat.

look, there is you in the bravery in all directions, in the responsibility quietly, and in the helping hand of strangers.

there is a kind of warmth, which is called goodness meets goodness, and these tens of thousands of seemingly insignificant goodwill come together, which really makes people burst into tears.

this year, we watched and helped each other, so that the world witnessed a force called "Chinese power".

Thank you for not changing your original mind, promise me: in the following years, we will choose good deeds together and continue to be worthy of our hearts!

Thank you, believe in love

this year, we went around and met with many people. All we expected was to "choose a city to grow old and meet a white head."

some people are very lucky to finally meet the one they like and live a sweet little life in the blessings of their relatives and friends.

some people are still thinking about it, trying to recover their regrets, while others have put it down and waved to their new life.

some people become a little anxious because of the approach of the New year, afraid of seven or eight aunts and eight aunts, but are still determined to find a happy heart.

No matter what posture you are, remember to thank yourself who has always believed in love, expected love, and loved bravely.

Thank you for not being afraid of age, for healing scars, for being independent and strong, for living more and more transparent and bright.

Please remember: you don't always have to think about fulfilling the happiness of others, the first thing to consider is your own happiness.

Thank you, know how to cherish yourself

this year, we realized the impermanence of years and the fragility of life, and became more and more aware of what is the most precious.

begin to slow down, cherish family, cherish friends, cherish the happiness of the moment, cherish every tiny happiness.

also learned that a person silently digests all the negative emotions at work and no longer leaves his bad temper to his family.

be less angry with them, say less resentful words, forgive them for their occasional small mistakes and negligence, and pay more tolerance and love.

give your lover more warm support and company, prepare some romance and surprise at the right time, and comfort his fatigue and heartache with earthly fireworks.

while it's still too late, care more about the health of your parents, often go home to see the two elders, chat with them about their parents, take a stroll around the market, and try your best to give them a better life.

in the limited time of life, no longer care too much about worldly success, no longer angry and weep for bad people and bad things.

when I am tired, I feel extremely contented to think that there is a place called home waiting for me.

Thank you, not a perfect self

this year, maybe a lot of expectations have been lost, but you don't have to blame yourself too much and become depressed.

because of the long journey of life, it is inevitable to encounter some bottleneck periods. Sometimes it is crucial to face up to setbacksLife lessons.

gently say "it doesn't matter" to yourself and hug your imperfect self.

Don't mess with yourself, see a doctor in time when you are sick, let go as soon as possible if you love something wrong, and don't let yourself cry and get drunk late at night.

when you are tired and sad, listen to your favorite songs, watch new plays, or dress warmly and eat better to make yourself feel happier.

Don't worry too much about other people's comments, don't let negative energy overwhelm you, take care of your emotions and think about the bright spots in yourself.

in fact, occasional mistakes and wrestling do not mean that you are bad, but that you need to continue to work hard. Give yourself a little more time and you will transform into a better self.

in the days to come, please yourself seriously, keep exercising, go to bed early and get up early, and take good care of your broken heart and picky stomach.

Don't be afraid that your life score is not full. Remember that your happiness is more important than anything else. Please continue to love your imperfect self.

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the end of the year is approaching, the weather turns cool,

2020 is coming to an end.

this year, maybe you treat a lot of people,

expressed heartfelt thanks,

but don't forget,

the most grateful,

and yourself.

May every kind, sincere and brave you,

give yourself more sincere company and likes.

Please believe,

you will meet with better things.