2020: see you in the first half of the year. Hello in the second half of the year.
2020: see you in the first half of the year. Hello in the second half of the year.
Don't pester, don't look back, don't think about the past.

Huangmei rain all night,

awakens the tiredness of summer,

cicadas and birds sing softly in the shade

alarm a wisp of wind from afar,

turn over the thin pages of the four seasons.


is getting longer, the night is getting shorter,

2020 is half gone.

see you in June.

Hello, July.

Flying flowers hesitated,

languid locust leaves on the skirt,

was boiling hot by the sun.

pour a pot of wine to toast the past,

the bottom of the bowl is full of mountains and rivers,

carry the clear dream of who went to summer.

Bye, June.

Bye, first half of the year.

in the first half of the year,

We've been through too much suffering:

epidemic situation, flood, explosion, fire.

there are constant gains and losses, unlimited ups and downs,

maybe on an off-guard day,

A lot of things end here in a hurry.

New July, new second half of the year,

A person's whole life is only 30,000 days.

you'll never guess,

which comes first, tomorrow or accident?

those who lose and miss,

remember to remember and learn to let go.

the most important thing is the present and present,

do what you want to do,

Love the person you want to love,

the phone call left in the end,

Please put it now to play.

bury regret in yesterday's soil,

there will be gentle flowers tomorrow.

Bamboo mat thin sweat tentacles slightly cool,

Copper stove is filled with soft fragrance,

send a pillow of yellow sorghum to sleep quietly,

Let passers-by sleep peacefully.

Bye, June.

good-bye, unhappy.

in the first half of the year,

has also been in chaos,

also had sleepless nights,


now that it's summer,

the good and bad,

Don't look back.

New July, new second half of the year,

Please remember to live seriously.

throw away old clothes that you don't wear,

pick up the upset bad mood,

even if you can only boil noodles in plain water,

add onions for yourself, too.

No one's days are flowing,

think of troubles as footnotes,

use chicken feathers as embellishment,

you see:

the evening breeze is cool, the stars twinkle,

it's bright outside.

buy a bouquet of flowers when you are happy,

have a candy when your heart is tired,

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the evening breeze will take away all the unhappiness,

Let the long-awaited good news

all come in the weather of July.

the moon takes away the clouds,

Flying birds are tossing and turning on the night lights and can't sleep.

the girl's skirt is full of summer,

the sun on the asphalt is boiling hot.

Bye, June.

Bye, wrong person.

in the first half of the year,

loved, laughed, laughed,

suffered, hurt, hurt,

you can't forget it.

what haunts you,

it's time to let go.

New July, new second half of the year,

Please remember to love hard.

Zhang ailing said:

"there are two ways to forget an old love,

one is a new lover, and the other is time. "

you know,

A broken acquaintance is a common occurrence in life.

say goodbye to the wrong person,

to meet the right one.

Don't bother with people who are not worth it,

when you travel across mountains and rivers to see the world,

to meet a beloved waiting for another party,

Rose-flavored soup,

discuss the shape of the cloud together.

A hot hug,

care hard,

want romance.

can always be cute,

can also be loved occasionally.

fans drive away disturbing fireflies,

the house in the distance is brightly lit.

pry a can of orange-flavored soda into your stomach

Summer is crushed into a soft whisper.

Bye, June.

good-bye, the old me.

in the first half of the year,

have the edges and corners been smoothed?

ideal been shaken?

have you learned to grow up?

used to be considerate of others,

it's time to think about yourself.

New July, new second half of the year,

May you be kind to yourself.

eat three meals a day on time

turn off the lights early and have a good sleep.

the days will never end,

time flies,

only I can accompany you to the end.

so please be kind to yourself,

listen to the sound from the bottom of the heart,

go all out for what you like,

put aside the annoying things,

if you don't want it, throw it away in time.

if you want it, go for it.

grows in summer,

Dream in summer,

No need to borrow anyone's oars,

you have your own sail,

you can ride the wind and waves.

good-bye for the first half of the year.

New summer,

the lines are hot, the days are bright,

Flowers return to flowers, trees return to trees,

Wind to Wind, Rain to Rain,


are new beginnings,

wish you:

Don't pester, don't look back, don't think about the old,

keep enthusiasm in your heart,

look up and you can see the moon.