2021, 20 suggestions for minimalist living
2021, 20 suggestions for minimalist living
In the new year, only by throwing away unnecessary baggage and encumbrance can life be refreshing and comfortable.





Spring comes and summer goes, autumn harvest and winter storage, and before you know it, 2021 is coming quietly.

looking back on the past year, we have done too much addition to life.

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, quitting the old can welcome the new, and returning to zero can restart.

agrees with the saying: "A high quality of life does not lead to complexity, but to simplicity."

standing at the starting point of 2021, it's time to clean up your life.

I have summed up 20 tips for minimalist living so that you can get rid of your burdens and travel light in the new year.

material minimalism

I wonder if you have noticed that your life seems to have fallen into a strange circle:

buy everything you need, and you don't want to throw away what you don't need, so there are more and more piles in the house, and the pile becomes more and more messy.

seems to be hoarding objects, but it is actually indulging material desires.

in fact, too many things do not make us happier, but waste space and increase the burden.

architect Vandero has a famous saying: Less is more (less is more).

in the new year, only by doing a good job of material subtraction can we achieve infinity of inner ease.

in terms of minimalist matter, you can start with the following points:

regular cleaning

tidy up the room every half a month, throw away the things you don't need immediately, and throw away the extra waste.

for example: clothes that haven't been worn in 1-2 years, expired skin care products, medicine, accumulated shopping bags, etc.

skillfully use second-hand platform

those that are expensive, have not been used much, and it is a pity to lose them, you can choose to change hands or give them to others.

if you are interested, you can also donate it for public welfare.

think twice before buying

it's more important to restrain your desire to buy than to lose something, and never open your shopping cart late at night.

remember to ask yourself before you decide to buy: do I really need it? How often do you use it? Is there a substitute at home?

insist on "one in and one out"

refuse to hoard, buy a new one and throw away the same old one.

if the quantity of the same thing is kept at a certain amount, there will be no chaos at home.

focus on quality, not quantity

two shopping principles worth learning: quality is more important than style, and quality is more important than quantity.

the classic style is a powerful weapon, and black, white and gray is always a popular color.

always remember that the protagonist of life is not anything, but yourself.

the relationship is minimalist

have you ever had a moment in the past year:

came home from a lively party, slumped on the sofa, suddenly felt an inexplicable emptiness;

one day I was a little depressed. I rummaged through my address book. Old friends dared not disturb, and new friends were not fit to talk to me.

A trivial thing suddenly makes you see a friend who really treats you clearly.

The versatility light pink wedding dress provides you is unmatched in any other style. Start the most wonderful shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

A relationship that is too complicated is not that you own it, but that it consumes you.

in 2021, it's time for ineffective socializing, strenuous relationships, and fake friendships to come to an end.

five tips to help you simplify your relationship and purify your life:

regularly clean up the address book

add people who are no longer in touch with Wechat, delete them decisively; meaningless group chats, withdraw immediately.

the process of deletion and withdrawal is also a process of combing closeness and closeness.

try to keep the number of Wechat users at a reasonable number, such as 500.

low-quality circles should leave

A circle of friends who only know how to eat, drink and make merry should give up; if you push a glass for a drink, refuse as much as you can.

leave the circle of negative energy, and those hypocritical friends.

an uncomfortable relationship is broken when it is broken

relationships that need to be maintained are wrong, and giving without a response is not worth continuing.

the new year, do not please others, do not injure yourself.

manage the relationship of "useless" with heart

the two or three old friends left behind are closer only when they are in constant contact; if they are close to their relatives, they are not destined to be accompanied by more company.

above all, learn to be alone

when you are alone, you can read, listen to music and think.

only when people get along well with themselves can they better embrace others and the world.


in the past year, we have all experienced a lot of things and accumulated a lot of emotions.

superfluous things are harmful to the eyes, and superfluous worries can also harm the body.

some things are a foregone conclusion, and no matter how much you regret, it is futile;

some people, disappear in the wind, no matter how they call, there is no response;

there are some bad emotions that cannot be digested for a long time, but will only sink deeper and deeper.

now, it's time to let go of those worries and free up your hands to welcome the new year.

five Tips to help you bid farewell to the old thoughts of 2020 and embrace the new beauty of 2021.

apply the Law of unworthiness

when you are upset, say it three times in your heart:

"those who abandon me are not worth chasing; meaningless things are not worth entangling; the eyes of others are not worth caring about."

make proper emotional catharsis

for example, go to the playground to sweat, go to the vegetable market to feel the fireworks, and pour out your emotions to strangers.

for example, go to your room and have a good sleep and go out for a big meal.

calm down and try to meditate

try to clear your mind and organize your thoughts by meditating.

take 10 minutes at a time, close your eyes, don't think about anything else, just talk to yourself.

calm down before you can calm down.

Don't love the past, don't worry about the future

in the new year, don't worry about things that have passed and don't worry about things that are yet to come.

live in the moment and live every minute in front of you. If you have a bigger heart, there will be less things.

the most important thing is to learn to "enrich" your heart

try to turn your attention to the good things.

for example, reading, painting, growing flowers, cooking and so on, there is much sunshine in the heart, but there is no haze.

goal minimalism

in the past year, I believe many people have fallen into such a vicious circle:

want to lose weight, want to study, want to save money, want to travel, but also want to do research.

at the beginning of the year, there was a list of plans, but by the end of the year, there was very little that could be done.

too many goals can only make people scramble, and too complicated plans can easily make people give up halfway.

everything can start all over again in 2021.

if you want to get rid of the cycle of "dreams in January, December is still a fantasy", it's time to keep your goals simple.

Don't think about 1989, focus on two, three

focus on one or two little things, don't be erratic, don't worry too much.

learn to have no distractions and do your best when you choose.

learn to "cut the cake"

subdivide the big plan into small plans, such as reading 50 books a year, one a week.

each time you complete a plan, give yourself a small reward.

Minimalist plan, execute immediately

the goal of further simplification, a structured plan, and no action, everything is zero.

Don't procrastinate, don't hesitate, decide to do it, take the first step immediately.

the most important thing is to persist and then persist

there is no essential difference between one thing and ten things that cannot be done well.

having read such a sentence, I agree with you:

"people are happy as soon as they are simple, but there are only a handful of happy people;

when it's complicated, it's sad, but sad people are like crucian carps crossing the river. "

Life or heart, the more it accumulates, the more chaotic and painful it is.

the world is too big, life is too short, we have been burdened with too much and worked too long.

in the new year, only by throwing away unnecessary baggage and encumbrance can life be refreshed and comfortable.

, 2021, live to be what you want.



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