2021 New year's tear gas video became popular overnight: at this moment, you are more precious than anything else.
2021 New year's tear gas video became popular overnight: at this moment, you are more precious than anything else.
As long as there is love in the heart, it is reunion no matter what.

time is fast, the calendar is very thin, and the Spring Festival is coming in a twinkling of an eye. How are you going to spend this year?

at this time of year, drifters will inevitably be eager to return after a year's journey.

but this is different from the past, especially in this special period, many people have spent a tasteless New year, and they are more and more eager for the reunion after the haze.

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now the situation has taken a turn for the better. Many strangers have hurriedly boarded the train home, but more and more people have chosen to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot out of consideration of reality.

different situations and different choices, "how to spend this year in the end" has gradually become a difficult problem for many people.

reunion? Or not reunited?

watched a short film that pierced people's hearts. Although it lasted only 5 minutes, he expressed the helplessness of countless travelers.

New year heart-warming micromovie "at the moment, you are more precious than anything else"

the two children kept crying and the husband was busy talking on the phone.

in the hustle and bustle, the wife's anger seemed somewhat powerless.

she has put in almost all her painstaking efforts for this family. But what about her husband who was supposed to be considerate? But immersed in the busy work, regardless of her inner feelings.

in complaining to each other, the old story of "where to spend the Spring Festival" was brought up again.

after all, with the end of the New year approaching, who doesn't want to take their children back to their parents for reunion?

but every time at this time, one of the husband and wife will always be far away from their hometown and relatives. If someone is reunited, someone is bound to be lost.

the husband and wife were red in the face of the quarrel, and the wife could not help but burst into tears as the husband slammed the door.

since when, they are only aggrieved when they are envied by others.

Life is always treated indiscriminately, and everyone has his own difficulties.

when he is nearly thirty, he has made a little achievement and seems to be omnipotent, and he will also be urged to marry by his parents.

parents are old, often killing serial call, want him to bring his girlfriend home for the Spring Festival, forcing them to get married and have children as soon as possible.

but my girlfriend is still young, still enjoying the sweetness of love, and is not ready to meet her parents at all.

although he took it all at once, when he was alone on the road of reunion, he still vaguely expected that the one he loved would take that step bravely for himself.

there are not a few people who struggle as much as they do.

on the one hand are the parents who are happy to do the reunion dinner at home, and on the other is the work that can never be finished on the computer.

the young girl lived a miserable life in the tearing on both sides.

on the eve of the Spring Festival, she was suddenly informed by the company that the project was on schedule and that she might not be able to go home for reunion this year.

after working hard for a whole year, I thought I could finally meet my parents, but in the end, I found that I could not even decide on my own about reunion.

my mood hit rock bottom, but I was caught by the boss and reprimanded severely.

in reality, there are many such stories.

the person in the story is you and me.

at some point, all the bad things in life come one after another, everyone is busy, and no one seems to care how you feel.

not being cherished and not being noticed is like walking on a single log bridge, living more and more alone.

Yes, in life, at a certain age, everyone will face some seemingly unsolvable problems:

maybe it's the shackles of marriage that you can't get rid of, maybe it's the pressure of the beleaguered family, maybe it's the financial burden of earning money to support your family.

We are pushed forward by life, gradually learn to accept the cruelty of reality, but also used to fight alone.

but in the depths of our hearts, we are all longing for someone who can understand all his difficulties, feel sorry for all his grievances, regard himself as the most precious person, and treat each other with true tenderness.

in fact, apart from all external factors, such people are always around.

if you don't believe it, press the pause button and change to another person's perspective, and you will find that things that have been settled can also take a turn for the better.

the feelings that we thought were ignored are all remembered in the other person's heart.

when the husband was out, he happened to meet an old couple who helped each other, and the memory of his wife came to mind like this:

she gave birth to children for him, was busy with housework for him, fell down over time, and never complained.

the scenes in the memories are so clear that it is not that he has not noticed, but that he, who is not good at words, has been burying this love and gratitude in the depths of his heart.

his long-standing memories touched his heart. When the Spring Festival was approaching, he secretly hid it from his wife and picked up two old people by car, and then decided with a stroke: "this year, we will celebrate the Spring Festival in our house and have a real reunion dinner!"

looking at his wife's cheerful appearance, even if he worked hard and drove hundreds of miles, it was worth it now!

her joy is more precious than anything else, in fact, the wife does not want much, a sincere "hard work", understanding considerate her pay, it will be enough.

this is true of husband and wife, so is it not between couples?

in the empty room, ups and downsThe ups and downs of TV dramas can't get the girl's attention back.

the refrigerator is covered with love notes, ginger juice brown sugar made for yourself during menstruation, and the careful advice of "go back and bring more flat shoes".

her daily meticulous care fills her life like a breeze and drizzle, so that her boyfriend feels empty after he has been away for just a few hours.

recalling the embarrassment of her boyfriend before leaving, the girl had ups and downs and finally chose to run to her boyfriend at the last minute.

Yes, love is a two-way trip, and being young is not an excuse to escape.

if my heart has already decided that "being with you is more precious than anything else", then this time let me go to you and accompany you to bear the pressure from your family.


company, the boss stood aside, scolded the girl solemnly, and put the envelope with the word "notice" on her desk.

the girl curled her lips, looking a little gloomy, and had no time to think about what was written in the envelope, but bowed her head and went on with the work in hand.

until her colleague's exclamation caught her attention and opened the "notice". A ticket and card for returning home for the Spring Festival slipped in the palm of her hand.

"after a year of hard work, you should be reunited with your families now."

only then did I realize that a strict boss actually has a tender side. On the surface, the purpose of urging the girl to finish the work at hand as soon as possible is not to let her finish it early so that she can go home for the Spring Festival.

work hard to the end, all your efforts will be rewarded in the end.

just like the girl in the short film, the company will give back and cherish it accordingly for the company's performance.

A ticket to return home for the Spring Festival is the most precious gift for her this year!

in the eyes of those who really love you, you are more precious than anything else.

because he regards you as the most precious treasure, he will not take your efforts for granted or take your feelings as groaning without illness.

he expresses his love to you in action and is willing to fulfill your expectations.

in the final analysis, as long as you look carefully, love will always be around.

it may be hard to guess what the future will be, and there are times when life is not satisfactory.

but uncle believes that as long as love still exists, all the problems will be easily solved.

just like the three protagonists in the short film, even because of the estrangement and friction during the Spring Festival, they are still protected and cherished.

they all choose to spend the New year's Spring Festival in their own way.

without exception, everyone's story has a happy ending.

isn't it because of that precious love?

maybe it's another year of staying behind; maybe we staggered the peak and arranged the time to go home after the New year; maybe my parents sent us a lot of New year goods, and even if people can't go back, the hearts of each other are still closely linked.

Yes, there is always more than one way to go home.

but no matter how you choose, whether you go home or not, uncle believes that as long as you have love in your heart, it is reunion.