3.8, a special day, write to a special self
3.8, a special day, write to a special self
The last right person must be on his way.

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years flow, time is accompanied by the ticking of the clock, with the footsteps of the four seasons, quietly passing by.

all of a sudden, it's International Working Women's Day, a holiday for women.

maybe this day is no different from every other day, and you continue to live a small life without waves or waves.

but is there something you want to say to yourself in the dead of night?

to be strong alone and not afraid of wind and frost

I had expected an umbrella above my head on a rainy day, but I had no choice but to wait silently for the rain to stop.

once longed that there would be a light waiting for me to go home at night, but without it, I could only continue to walk in the dark.

I once dreamed that I would meet someone who would protect me one day, but I didn't. I had to face the wind and rain alone.

this way, encountered a lot of muddy ups and downs, so that their physical and mental exhaustion of things followed, but fully aware that no one is reliable, can accompany themselves to go on, only the inner strength.

Marx once said: life is like the sea, only those with a strong will can reach the other shore.

after countless rough seas on this ship bound for a better tomorrow, he has become a skillful sailor in riding the wind and waves.

Please believe:

all sadness and persistence will eventually get the fulfillment we want. the sun is always after the wind and rain, there is a clear sky above the dark clouds, and what we need to do is to keep going.

to the earnest and expectant self

I hope to achieve economic freedom as soon as possible. I don't have to look at the price tag when I buy things, and I can go when I want to travel.

I hope that my health will be painless and disaster-free, my family and happiness will be happy, and I will enjoy the most ordinary happiness in the fireworks world.

I hope to face up to the sudden changes in my life without depression, flinching or hesitation.

We all make a lot of good wishes about life and firmly believe that one day it will come true.

in order to achieve them, we work hard and take good care of the family, young and old. although there are occasional unsatisfactory things and doubt whether our efforts are meaningful, after we calm down, we still firmly tell ourselves that everything will be all right.

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there are nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things, but that one or two is the motivation to keep going.

decades of life, all of a sudden, even if you don't have the poetic feelings of life, you will never regret wasting your time.

Please remember: as long as you live every day in the present, you will not regret the past and fear the future, and you will be full of all the good things you look forward to.

never forget the original ideal and ambition, and keep a good self

always think that all concerns are mutual, and if I am one for all, all will be for me;

always think that kindness is a kind of strength. If I treat others kindly, they will repay their goodwill.

always think that every hesitant acceptance of other people's demands will be seen by the other party's reluctance at the bottom of his heart.

however, in the end, I found that everything will not go in the direction I thought, and my kind giving is taken for granted by others.

even so, but still can not change the character of silly pay, there is no way to maliciously face each other, no way to firmly say "no".

continue to promise things that don't follow your heart and say insincere words, even if you hurt yourself, you don't want to hurt others.

maybe it's time to understand that for bored people or things, alienation is more useful than forcing yourself to get close.

Don't be a good person in the eyes of others, just be a happy person from the bottom of your heart.

to myself who is deeply in love and has no regrets for love

that day, a "I do" made me start to have a new outlook for a happy love life;

that day, the sentence "leave me alone" made me see the deeper and deeper cracks between each other;

that day, a "forget it" let me understand that two people walking hand in hand will also be separated in the crowd.

those sincere efforts seem to have become a joke in the eyes of others. The original vows of love can only be hidden in the bottom of my heart and no longer mentioned to anyone.

but I still do not regret giving everything in this relationship, and every affection I pay is willing. If you and I are destined to go to the two directions of the fork in the road, then not entanglement is my last dignity.

No matter how much I am moved, it is a thing of the past, and the front is where I belong. The old man has failed himself, but I can't live up to time.

even though I have paid someone by mistake, I will not give up choosing a new beginning because I am afraid of the end. People who love seriously deserve the same affection.

Please firmly believe:

the mountains are long and the rivers are wide, and the road is far away. The last right person must be on his way.

Dear you, please say to yourself during this holiday: happy holidays, thank you, thank you for your hard work. Bid farewell to the past and start a new life.

you don't have to be in a hurry to enjoy the beauty and emotion around you, you don't have to shine, you just need to live a down-to-earth life, and you don't have to want to be someone else, because you are the best.

the sea of life, continue to maintain the infinite love of life, you wantWhatever you want, time will give it to you.