A 26-year-old couple in Shijiazhuang was diagnosed. After their whereabouts were exposed, the whole network cried.
A 26-year-old couple in Shijiazhuang was diagnosed. After their whereabouts were exposed, the whole network cried.
The ​ family belongs to two people and should be shared.

A couple of 26 and 25 years old in Shijiazhuang were diagnosed.

when their current tunes were exposed on the Internet, many netizens shouted that they were sad to see it.

Let's talk about the woman first. according to the Xiaoxiang Morning Post, from December 19, 2020 to January 10, 2021, the whereabouts of the woman is roughly as follows:

twice I took my son out to see a doctor, went to the baby shop, bought fruit, vegetables, steamed bread, mung bean cakes, repaired mobile phones, went shopping in the supermarket, and bought daily necessities through the guardrail after the community was closed.

in these 20 days or so, only one day did not go out because the community was closed, and the rest of the time, she was busy with her daily life.

the simple description is: Internet cafe, home, Internet cafe, home.

from December 27 to 31, the husband rode an electric bike to a nearby Internet cafe at 8: 00 in the morning and went home at 5: 00 p. M.

good boy, this immobile work and rest and relaxed and natural leisure way, it is estimated that many beating workers in the whole network can not match.

this husband can simply be described as "two points and one line". He is either an Internet cafe or an otaku, living a free life for bachelors.

with the backbone of a family, the father of a child, does not seem to occupy the edge at all.

apart from saying that he is married, who knew he had a wife and children?

behind this, it is his wife who runs the whole family.

in the cold winter of several degrees below zero or even more than ten degrees below zero in Shijiazhuang, taking a child to see a doctor alone, how much power can a woman have when it is so cold?

for fear that the child will be cold and hungry again, he will have to prepare a daily diet for the day after seeing the illness, and he should be as busy as a top.

but her husband, however, lives an easy life in Internet cafes and Internet cafes.

if it wasn't for the epidemic, it would have been an ordinary day in her life, and she was used to doing what she was used to every day.

but it is precisely because of this that many netizens feel sad.

A woman can give anything for her family, while her husband just holds the title of husband, married or unmarried doesn't seem to make any difference to him.

of course, this is just a fashion, the specific situation and their husband and wife is really as netizens said, we do not know, the things between them only know.

but from such a detailed flow and description, it does reflect some problems.

later, after the video spread widely on the Internet, women all over the network were filled with emotion.

some people question the significance of marriage: seeing such news, I don't know why women want to get married.

some people talk about the current situation of many couples. Men are always busy with their own affairs, and women always take care of their children and run the family alone.

some people feel the same sadness and helplessness when they think of their married life.

A common flow schedule has aroused the feelings of countless women.

Why is a woman always the one who pays the most in the family?

when you take care of children full-time, your husband thinks you are idle, but he doesn't know that a child is no easier than a job.

when you come home from work, your husband lies down and says it's been a tired day, but you don't know that you've had a hard day, but you have to wash clothes, cook and clean.

in the eyes of many men, they feel that the floor at home is always clean, the food is always fragrant, and the clothes are always washed and put neatly.

if there is nothing in the house, or can't find it, all you have to do is yell at your wife.

they don't understand how boring it is to buy food, wash clothes and cook every day.

they don't realize how hard it is to get up at night and change diapers for their children.

they have no idea how annoying it is to have countless chores when they come home from work every day.

in parks and shopping malls, most of the people playing with children are women;

in hospitals, most of the anxious people waiting for diagnosis are women;

in the market, the person who chooses food is still a woman.

Marriage seems to have suddenly turned a group of women with ten fingers out of the sun into omnipotent supermen.

or maybe it is not the identity of the wife that forces them to grow up, but the husband who does nothing behind them.

once heard a saying: a man is a teenager until he dies.

think about it another way. If a man in a marriage is as naive as he used to be, then how hard his wife should be.

just the other day, another video on Douyin made many women silently clench their fists.

A woman named Lili asked for help. After eight years of marriage, her husband has become a "loser".

the husband is the only boy in the family, so he has been spoiled by his parents since childhood and is fond of eating and idling.

after marriage, the husband's character still hasn't changed. He doesn't go out to find something to do at all. He sleeps until the sun hits three poles every day. When he lies in bed, he just plays with his cell phone. The children don't care, and he doesn't care about family affairs.

if you don't go out and find a job, you have to take care of things at home, right? But this uncle is good. First, he can't cook, and second, he can't clean. After eight years of marriage, his wife waited on him for eight years.

if it wasn't for parents to make up for it,There is no way to live this day.

later, there was nothing I could do about it. My wife opened a small restaurant near her home in order to make money to subsidize her family.

but she is the one who is busy in the store every day, and she is the one who comes home to help the children with their homework, eating, dressing, bathing and so on.

her husband still stood on the shore like an outsider and did not reach out to help her in her most difficult times.

the wife feels more and more painful and suffocated in this marriage.

during the interview, my wife cried so much that she trembled all over. She had too many grievances in this marriage.

what is even more chilling is that the husband was asked, how does it feel to see his wife so sad?

and the husband did not sympathize with his wife's hard work, but said coldly: what else can she do but cry? How tired can it be if a small restaurant sells several bowls of rice at noon? She is idle all day long.

at that time, when I saw this sentence, I was furious.

can a woman not be tired when she runs a restaurant on her own? Does that sound like a man's words?

how does a man who lies in bed all day know that before selling a few bowls of rice, he has to buy ingredients, wash and cut vegetables, greet guests, clean the table, and finally wash the dishes and clean up.

how can a man who has been raised by his parents and wife for 8 years know how hard it is to keep running around the store and family for 365 days?

how can a man who reaches for food and clothes know that the strength of a family is all on a woman's thin body, and how aggrieved is her heart?

A light sentence "how tired you can be" shows that this man not only has no sense of responsibility to his wife, but also has no basic empathy and pity.

8 years of uninterrupted "cow and horse", but in exchange for the husband's evaluation, at that moment, the wife cried to tremble, I deeply understood her.

in fact, marriages like this are so common in our real life.

before entering into marriage, every woman holds beautiful illusions. Maybe he is not so rich, maybe life will have setbacks and tribulations, but as long as two people are of one mind, they can live a peaceful and beautiful life.

but when is the burden that should be borne by two people all on one person?

since when is it more painful to get married than to be alone?

since when do you live more and more without yourself, and there is no room for breathing in that small piece of space?

once read a sentence on the Internet:

many women experience four kinds of misfortune in their lives: mum-type spouse selection, nanny-type wife, widowed child-rearing and widowed marriage.

teacher Wu Zhihong has a book called the country of Giant babies, which says that many people still regard themselves as babies after marriage, letting their partners continue to play the role of mother or father and take care of themselves, and they are still the giant babies who have not grown up.

in many marriages, women grow much faster than men.

they strive to assume the role of mother, wife and daughter-in-law, especially as mothers, they grow rapidly, constantly update their ideas, learn new knowledge, and keep pace with the times.

and what about these men?

this era, the requirements of women are very high, they have been desperately growing up and commitment, but this society will still give them too many requirements.

as Yao Chen said in finding you:

, however, the requirements for men are much lower.

as long as he can make money to go home, even if he can't control his wife and children, no one says that he is a bad father or an unqualified husband. Even as long as he doesn't cheat and comes home on time, he can be called a "good man".

in this social situation, men continue to escape family responsibilities, while women are forced to become more and more powerful.

it's not the worst thing to ask women to take more responsibilities than men in the family, and what's worse, everyone takes it for granted.

A survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences at the end of 2019 found that men were more satisfied with marriage than women.

the results of this survey can actually reflect a lot of the current situation of couples.

Why is the divorce rate so high? Why are more and more women unwilling to get married?

because when women no longer need to rely on marriage for food and clothing, it is easy to understand when marriage can bring less and less benefits and more and more suffering.

there is a saying that goes like this:

Men marry in order to carry on the family line. Why do women marry? Three meals a day revolve around the pot table, lack of money, lack of love and freedom, and the marriage word is taken apart, that is, the woman has lost her head.

this is a bit absolute, but there is some truth behind it.

how many women still live like celibacy in marriage? Even when you need each other most, there is still no one to rely on.

there was a news that a 38-year-old mother in Liaoning, who was alone at home with a child, suddenly died of myocardial infarction.It was not until three days after his death that he was discovered.

Foshan Daily also reported that a pregnant woman in Shunde, Guangdong Province, gave birth to a child in a rental house without a relative at that time.

her husband is in Guiyang and she was penniless when she gave birth.

where are their husbands? Why do they have to face such a dangerous situation alone? We don't know.

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but what we do know is that the other person does not appear in the responsibility that should have been borne by the husband.

what is the mother is tough, but is forced to be strong.

said to find someone to cover the wind and rain, but did not expect that a lot of wind and rain are brought by them.

I know that many people will disapprove of this article, and many people still feel nothing after reading this article.

but what I want to say is that what really overwhelms the camel is not the last straw, but the tens of thousands of straws that have been pressed on it before.

when disappointment accumulates enough into despair, and when you lose it, you will regret it.

to write this article, I don't want to engage in antagonism between men and women, let alone female boxing. I just want to make one point:

the family belongs to two people and should be borne together, and the growth of the family belongs to two people, so we should make progress together.

it is not that the marriage does not need to be run when the ceremony is over. On the contrary, the marriage really begins when the ceremony is over.

Love is like a bonfire, for those who only know how to roast the fire but do not know how to add firewood will burn up no matter how strong the fire is, and then the song will end.

No matter how strong love is, and no matter how determined you are to grow old, it is not worth one party draining your feelings and enthusiasm indefinitely.

only by constantly supporting and giving to each other can this road go on forever.

Marriage is like two people rowing a boat. The goal of two people should be to row to the shore together, jump off the boat or push in the opposite direction, and it is often themselves and their loved ones who will be hurt in the end.