A man does not necessarily love you when he calls you "wife". Dare to call these three names is true love.
A man does not necessarily love you when he calls you "wife". Dare to call these three names is true love.
The way a person calls you hides his love for you and represents the extent to which he loves you.




since ancient times, there have been various forms of address for the other half of himself. For example, men in ancient times generally called their wives Jingren, chaff, wife and so on.

most of the time, from what a person calls you, you can see the relationship between you and the distance between you.

the way a person calls you hides his love for you and represents the extent to which he loves you.

A man doesn't necessarily love you when he calls you "wife", but if he is used to calling you with these three names, he already loves you to the bone.


call your wife too cliche, call your wife too official, call your dear too greasy, call your object too vain, call you madam with your surname, this is the romance that belongs exclusively to the scholar.

recently, I have changed my first impression of the professor of philosophy in the university.

who would have thought that the seemingly unsmiling, serious "antique" is behind the scenes:

Madame left, madam right, madam let how, madam forbid how, that mouth all the time can not leave madam these two words.

being fascinated in class, I was interrupted by the sudden ringing of my cell phone. I was angry who called at the critical moment. As soon as I saw it, my wife immediately became smiling.

"although the school stipulates that teachers are not allowed to make phone calls during class, this is my wife's phone. I'm sorry, I have to go out and answer it."

the daily state is not "my wife made me a bento today, hey, you didn't" is "it's cold, it's nice to wear a scarf made by my wife!"

in sharp contrast to it is now the common "fast food love".

added Wechat to each other, became a couple in a few days, and began to call your wife. You thought you had found true love, but what was waiting for you was to set the top, cancel the top, delete and block.



"is just a word he casually uttered, and the title" wife "has long lost its original ritual and dignity.

A man who likes sweet talk most likes to use this name to draw in the distance between two people.

so feel his love for you attentively, and don't lose your calmness and reason because of his "wife".


the Chinese dictionary explains the meaning of lover in this way:

A lover refers to the one you love, the one who cares most in the hearts of both men and women, who can give selflessly without asking for anything in return.

as an officer, Jiang Dehai and Anjie, a rich lady, are simply talented and beautiful, a match made in heaven.

in the eyes of everyone, they were made for each other. Under the introduction of the matchmaker, they fell in love and got married.

some people say that the marriage between Jiang Dehai and Anjie is the best appearance in love.

but the marriage between Angie and Jiang Defu can be said to be stumbling, going through a lot of hardships, but fortunately they love each other.

feelings are endless. In the face of difficulties, they are willing to sacrifice themselves and wronge themselves for each other.

it can be seen from the names they call each other that when they are introduced to others, they all call each other this way.

"Hello, this is my lover, Angie."

Love, you are the cutest and I love the most.

in the hearts of men, it is not easy to call them lovers. They will only call people who share their joys and sorrows and decide to grow old together.

although the meaning of "lover" is the same as that of "wife", the lover is a special one relative to the wife and is more thoughtful than the wife.

if a man calls you a lover, you should secretly rejoice.

he is telling you that you are not only the one on the tip of his heart, but also the one he wants to work with for the rest of his life.


Wang Tongyu's song "Girl" sings like this: "my good, bad girl is a sweet wound in my heart. You are right and you are wrong. Anyway, you set the rules



this song reminds me of an interesting thing that happened before.

said: "the road is boring, for you two little girls prepared sweet candy."

at that time, I was wondering, I was the only little girl on the bus, where did I get the second little girl?

cousin saw that I had questions and explained:

"your sister-in-law is also a little girl. Despite the fact that your sister-in-law is almost thirty, she hasn't grown up yet. You need to buy her candy from time to time."

in my eyes, whether your sister-in-law is thirty or forty-fifty, when she is a hundred years old, she is a little girl. "

then my cousin and sister-in-law looked at each other with a smile.

Yes, people who don't love you will turn you into crazy, and people who love you will turn you into a child.

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the title "girl" is a little spoiled and a little bit at the same time.Love, in his heart, you are the silly girl who will never grow up and needs his care.

he is willing to take good care of you like a child.

A man calls you a girl, which means that you are weak, petite, need him to protect you, and even need him to take care of you.

Girl has never been a simple, ordinary name, but a sweet and affectionate one.

if you are called like that, have fun.

A title may be just a few words, which is a trivial thing, but it is not easy to take the time to come up with a meaningful address that belongs to you alone.

although some forms of address are common, the caller is sincere and heartfelt, which is an expression of love.

in a relationship, the feelings a man wants to express are reflected in the small details of his relationship with you.

so if a man calls these three names to you, he really loves you.

Life is short, fate is not easy, if you meet such a person, please cherish it!


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