A man has three fields in his life, but if you don't plow, others will plow for you.
A man has three fields in his life, but if you don't plow, others will plow for you.
A responsible and responsible man deserves to be entrusted by a woman for a lifetime.

someone on Zhihu asked: how can a man be successful in life?

there is an answer like this: "to see whether a man is successful or not is to see if he can accomplish three things in his life-- write a book, build a room, and raise a tree."

at first glance, these three things are not related, but on second thought, it is reasonable!

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to write a book is to have your own career;

to build a room is to have a warm family;

to raise a tree is to have a healthy body.

in ancient times, men were the main force of field work and the backbone of the family.

Today, the times have given men a deeper meaning. Having responsibilities and responsibilities is the life goal that a man should achieve.

although each man has a different background, different start, and different abilities, the thickness of the book, the size of the house, and the appearance of the trees all depend on how much effort you put into it.

if men want to succeed, they must seriously plough these three "fields".

otherwise, no matter how good you are at the moment, you won't last forever.

A man's first responsibility field: career

A foreign magazine once launched a survey of people over the age of 60: what do you regret most in your life?

as many as 92% of people said they regretted not working hard enough when they were young, resulting in nothing in their lives.

Men have to work hard no matter how difficult they are, because career plays an important role for men.

if a man is uncertain about himself, how can he bear the responsibility of supporting his family?

when he just graduated and worked as an intern at the newspaper, there was a "weirdo" in the department, and everyone called him Brother Xiang.

what's weird about it?

when other colleagues finished the day's work and played with their mobile phones, only brother Xiang ran into the director's office to ask for a task.

everyone wants to have a party all night, but Brother Xiang takes advantage of other people's time to hand in manuscripts to his clients.

such an anomaly will naturally be discussed in the department, but Brother Xiang doesn't care.

"you have enough to eat and the whole family is not hungry. When you get married, you will know how happy it is to have a job."

indeed, the biggest sense of security a man can give a woman is not his family affluence or money, but his steadfastness and progress.

when men have a career that they are proud of, they have enough strength to face the trenches and ridges of life.

when a child needs a better education, you have the ability not to let him lose at the starting line;

when your lover wants to improve your life, you have the ability to think and plan for the long-term future with her;

when your parents are at a loss in their old age, you have the ability to let them spend their twilight years without leaving themselves regrets.

people should be approachable after all, and the main theme of life is to deal with firewood, rice, oil and salt every day.

only when a man can bear the responsibility of his career can he really shoulder the responsibility of his family!

Men's second responsibility field: family

Yu Qiuyu once said: "the first charm of a man is a sense of responsibility."

No matter how many people worship outside, when a man comes home, he is a husband and a father, and he should take care of the family.

there is a relative in my hometown. The couple have been married for more than 20 years and have never blushed.

when they don't see each other for a day, they either chat on Wechat or send videos, which are as hot as the newlyweds.

the male master of this family is a very generous person who never cares about things big or small in the family.

in the first few years, when the children were young, the wife quit her job to take care of the children and housework at home.

sometimes when a man comes back from work, watching his wife take care of the children, the kitchen is still cold, and the husband does not complain at all. Without saying a word, he rolls up his sleeves and goes to cook.

after the meal was ready, the family sat around and enjoyed dinner talking and laughing.

occasionally his wife is in a bad mood and mumbles a few words. he also speaks softly and has never quarreled with his wife.

the two have always been a model couple in everyone's eyes, and even their daughter has said bluntly that they should look for his father to take care of the family.

the famous host Tu Lei once said: "the biggest failure of a man is to give others the opportunity to laugh at his own woman."

perhaps in the eyes of most people, material abundance is happiness and the standard match for successful men.

but not until he was old and lost did he realize that what he was looking for in his life was nothing but a home.

when a man is out there, no matter whether he is full of calls or disgraced faces, in the end, home is where he belongs.

recently, the 64-year-old "answering the phone from his wife in a speech by the President of the European Union" went viral on Weibo.

Juncker was speaking at the summit when his cell phone suddenly rang three times. After answering the phone, he said with a smile:

"this is a repeat offender, my wife. I have to stop because she won't stop. "

netizens joked: the whole world knows about Juncker's henpecked wife.

but what I see is a husband's tolerance of his wife's dependence on himself and being short-tempered.

A man should not only have a stable career, but also have a heart loyal to his family.

do not fight ruthlessly with his wife, know how to be patient and take care of his wife; give the child enough time to be with him, set an example for him, and teach him responsibility and responsibility.

running a good family is not only the most glorious career in a man's life, but also a family, which makes a man's success different.What a wonderful thing.

Men's third responsibility field: health

as the saying goes, "once the Yangtze River is gone, there is no turning back."

Life is an one-way journey, and there is only one life for people.

if you lose something, you can get it back, if you lose your money, you can earn it again, and if you lose your career, you can fight again, but if you lose your life, you will never get it back.

some time ago, Academician Zhong Nanshan was awarded the Medal of the Republic.

at the age of 84, when he took the stage to receive the award, he was still as vigorous as flying, with wind on the soles of his feet, and his physical condition was not inferior to that of young people.

he can still be a young man at this age, thanks to his decades of exercise.

he once said: "exercise plays a key role in physical health and can keep people young."

under the high intensity of mental and physical exertion, Zhong has not been crushed, but has become a reassuring stone in the hearts of the people all over the country.

it is said that life is a marathon, not who runs fast and far, but who runs long.

work, work overtime, socialize, stay up late, drink, smoke. Most people do not take it seriously, do not care about these small details, but become the chief culprit of health.

there is a saying that is very clear: when it comes to the second half of life, it is all about health.

to keep healthy, you are responsible not only to yourself, but also to your family.

only when you are in good health, can you have the courage to fight for the world, give more company to your wife and children, and take care of your parents until they grow old.

without health, everything is out of the question. Family, career, achievement, reputation, status. Will turn into a bubble and leave you.

therefore, you should take good care of yourself, get rid of bad work and rest habits, stop ignoring minor ailments and pains in life, and do what you can.

good health is your greatest capital!

A man has many roles to play in his life. He is the pride of his parents, the pillar of his wife and the star of his children.

when you are a son, you know that you have responsibility on your shoulders; when you are a husband, you know what it means to help each other; when you are a father, you can feel the kindness of your parents.

A man with responsibility and responsibility is worthy of a woman's trust for life.

doing the above three things well, even without great achievements, is another kind of successful life.

May every man be able to carry the burden on his shoulders and become a hero in the hearts of loved ones.

only when you withstand the wind and rain and swallow the pain, can you get the sugar sprinkled by fate to counteract the taste of the cup of bitterness of life.