A man who doesn't have you in his heart will reply to you on Wechat.
A man who doesn't have you in his heart will reply to you on Wechat.
I hope we all have the courage to start all over again in the relationship.

Wen Shu first



I always hear people say, "feelings are like riddles. You can never figure out how much the other person's feelings are."

you think he likes you, but can not find strong proof, to say that he does not like you, but can always feel the other party's temptation.

in fact, it's not random to know what the other person is thinking, just take a look at your Wechat chat.

Wechat chat can not only draw the distance between each other's hearts, but also through the other person's reply, we can see his attitude towards feelings.

if the other person often replies to you with these "four words" on Wechat, it only means that he doesn't have you in his heart.

talk to you later

the words "talk later" have been juxtaposed with "meet again next time" and "talk later" as the three major scenes to end the topic of courtesy.

however, if in a relationship, the other person frequently uses this sentence as the ending sentence of the chat, and says "wait a minute", but keeps you waiting for several days or even longer, it can only prove that he is perfunctory to the relationship.

A netizen asked Zhihu: what does it mean that a boy said he would talk later and didn't reply me?

below, there is a highly liked answer:

you are not that important to him;

he doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

although it is heartbreaking, it is also true.

A person who doesn't have you in his heart can't care about the anxiety of waiting for you after receiving "talk later".

No wonder some netizens said in person that they angrily accused their boyfriend of not caring:

"my boyfriend has the same virtue. I'm about to explode. It's obvious that I don't take you seriously!"

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I've been told countless times in the last few days to talk later, and then there's no news! I don't reply to what I share. I think it's getting cold. "

it is a second for you to reply to his message, and it is reincarnation for you to wait for his message.

the person who disappears after sending "talk later" is, in the final analysis, without you in his heart.

he just treats you as a pastime when he is bored, sends you off with these four words, and then takes care of himself to do what he likes and chat with the person he likes.

Zhang Xiaoxian said in "Thank you for leaving me":

"Dear girl, no matter how good you are, there will always be people who are unwilling to accept your gratitude, and there will always be people who will fail you."

when you meet such a person, don't wait so hard, just to be the other party's boredom backup.

you can never make a person whose mind is not on you fall in love with you. If you entangle too much, you will only let yourself get deeper and deeper and can't break free.

No time

A fan once asked Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, what's it like to like someone?

Zheng Yuanjie's answer is: more and more of your time is controlled by the other person.

think about it carefully, it is true that a person who cares about you has eyes for you and will leave all his time to you.

some time ago, my cousin was introduced and met a boy. At first, the two of them chatted happily and got along well with each other.

it turns out that although the two men chatted happily, every time their cousin happily planned to go on the next date with him, he would be prevaricated by the man as "no time".

"would you like to have dinner together?"

"there's no time today, maybe next time?"

"would you like to go to the surrounding farmhouse to relax on weekends?"

"there are a lot of projects recently. I don't have time. Why don't we talk about it later?"

at first, my cousin thought the other person was really busy, but she searched the keywords of their chat and found that the most common thing was "no time".

later learned that the other party had an ex-girlfriend who had been talking for two or three years before the blind date. Because the family urged the blind date to get married, she chatted with her cousin.

while the man is chatting with his cousin, he is always in love with his ex-girlfriend.

A man who doesn't have you in his heart is not willing to spend any time with you at all. Even if he talks about you on Wechat, he is just perfunctory when he is bored.

so to see a man, don't always rely on unrealistic chats on Wechat, but also see if he is willing to spend time and energy with you, standing with you at dusk and asking if your porridge is warm.

A person who is willing to spend a long time with you is the one who really cares about you.

is it boring

Nietzsche said:

"Marriage is like a long-term conversation. When you want to enter into your marriage, you must first ask yourself whether you can still talk and laugh with this woman when you grow old together."

the happiness of two people needs to be achieved by sharing the boring little things in life with each other.

when the other person starts to get tired of the present life and the person you are really treating with, it shows that your relationship is already very dangerous at the moment.

Jiuer said on WeChat group last month that she broke up with her boyfriend who had been in love for five years.

the reason is that no matter how good it is at first sight, you can't escape getting tired of it for a long time.

Jiuer can't help but feel pain in the group.Sue:

"at the beginning of love, every Wechat chat is responded enthusiastically and seconded sincerely.

when you are familiar with each other, no matter how cheerfully you share and tell carefully, you can only get the other person's innocuous' boring 'sentence. "

the original sweetness has been gradually exhausted in these years of getting along with each other.

in fact, for someone who really loves you, it doesn't matter whether the topic is interesting or not, the important thing is to be with you.

Yang Jiang's invisibility cloak describes an interesting chat with Qian Zhongshu.

"give you a magic weapon of the fairy family, what do you want?"

"We should all wear an invisibility cloak, each with one, and travel together." We just want to get rid of the shackles and experience everywhere, and we don't want to do evil.

but having a good time, he couldn't help being presumptuous and mischievous, so he alarmed people and couldn't hide, so he had to run away. "

"Oh, there has to be a method of shrinking land."

"and body protection!"

the two are in harmony with each other, which looks like a starry sky, boring and boring, but it makes their relationship closer and life more interesting.

you see, two people in love, no matter what they do together, will not find each other bored, but will be attracted to each other and become two naive ghosts.

now the relationship between men and women, because of different places, work and other reasons, has made less and less time to promote each other's relationship. If sharing on Wechat is rejected and boring, then the pace to the end of the relationship will certainly be faster and faster.

boredom is like a bitter cold wind, blowing day after day will always blow each other's hot heart to the freezing point.

if a man really has you in his heart, no matter how boring and boring it is, as long as he thinks of your happy sharing on the other side of the screen, he thinks that everything becomes interesting because of you.

there is a saying:

enter the story on google, you can get 113000000 results, but enter the ending, you can only get 44900000 results. It can be seen that not every story has an ending.

therefore, we should accept the possibility that what we encounter now is not a good person, and have the courage to end the relationship after knowing that we do not belong to the other person's heart.

understand that the most important factor that drags you into the abyss of emotional unhappiness is yourself who hesitates and makes do with the wrong relationship.

I hope we can all have the courage to start all over again in the relationship, and forget about those who don't have you in their hearts.

also believe that there will be such a person who will make you feel that what you have encountered in the past is worth forgiving and open your heart to the happiness of the present.