A sentence attracted 400W people to watch, and was reversed by CCTV: 40-year-old no wife and no children, why is he so popular!
A sentence attracted 400W people to watch, and was reversed by CCTV: 40-year-old no wife and no children, why is he so popular!
No matter how bad life is, you can live a good life.

Ollie is too hot.

how popular is it?

not long ago, a quick-hand short film "see" with the theme of "Why did you call Ollie to me" was brushed on the screen in moments not long after its launch. Today, it has reached 37.3 million views.

overnight, the phrase "come on, Ollie" can be heard almost everywhere.

everyone is using this sentence to cheer and cheer for themselves.

even Kang Hui, the host of CCTV, gave enthusiastic likes to "Ollie" on "News Network".

some people may not know:

is to turn "Li Li" upside down, "Ollie" why is it so hot?

but it is no exaggeration to say that if you have seen the original video, you will feel the magic of Ollie.

Uncle Ollie in the video stares at two big eyes, his eyebrows raised high, and his facial muscles almost do his best.

under his ferocious expression and exaggerated action, he shouted out the positive slogan:

"No matter what difficulties we encounter, don't be afraid. Face it with a smile. The best way to dispel fear is to face fear. Persistence is victory!" "come on, Ollie!"

when you see it for the first time, you may think it is funny.

but for the second, third and fourth time, the powerful "Ollie" will certainly make you enthusiastic.

there are countless hardships and hardships in life. But behind these three short words, we see something more precious--

comes from the love and agitation of life.

as an ordinary man, Ollie really conquered the world with his power on life.

who is Ollie giving to Uncle?

his original name is Huang Chunsheng and he is in his forties this year.

pull out his Kuaishou home page, the id above is very simple-Chaoyang winter swimming strange pigeon.

Chaoyang is his hometown, winter swimming is his hobby, and this "strange" and "pigeon" is the portrayal of his life.

he is a strange man.

obviously size 41 feet, you have to wear size 45 shoes and no socks all the year round.

as a native of Northeast China, I don't want to keep a good heat, but I like to go swimming in the river in winter.

in winter in Chaoyang, Liaoning, when the temperature is more than ten degrees below zero, he is not afraid of the cold at all. Wearing a pair of white shorts and shouting "Ollie," he dares to jump into the river with a splash.

No matter how cold the river is, no matter how low the temperature is, it doesn't seem to be able to stop the heat from his blood.

it's not over yet.

We have made turquoise bridesmaid dresses perfect even for the casual looks. We have the perfect selections to cater for all tastes.

this middle-aged man in his forties is determined to pursue a life-long career as a "clown" and a "freak".

he imitates dinosaur running, and his every move is strange, but don't say, it's like that.

in spite of the strange eyes of others, he jumped into the dirty mud pool to learn to swim, as if only for his own pleasure;

before every winter swim, he would dance a duck dance in front of everyone, and he looked very funny.

he also has a T-shirt that says "feel cute", which doesn't match his dark and sturdy figure.

Strange is not only his special gift engraved in bone and blood, but also his self-expression after the tribulations of fate.

and in addition to "strange", he is also quite a "pigeon".

after Ollie went viral, Huang Chunsheng gained 4 million fans at one stroke. Even now, with Internet celebrities everywhere, it can be called a good number.

but his life seems to have never changed, still wearing shorts, pedaling bicycles, speaking in a loud voice and recording videos on his own.

Chaoyang is a small place, and the fellow-townsman touches his face clearly. When recording the video, from time to time, someone came to make trouble and shouted to him curiously or maliciously, "Ollie, here!"

and he did not mind, still happy, the same reply: "there is nothing wrong, the work is done!"

but it is strange that when the Kuaishou staff asked him to shoot a video, he was as impersonal as a different person.

until the other party was persuaded with the idea of "speaking for ordinary people", he replied seriously: "Great minds think alike."

when many Internet celebrities are using fans to become popular, Huang Chunsheng doesn't seem to have this concept at all.

the vanity of fame and fortune cannot tempt him, nor can gossip beat him.

he lives in his own world and lives out his true self.

there are two things on everyone's road to fame.

one is flowers, the other is rotten eggs.

over the years, more rotten eggs have been thrown on Huang Chunsheng than many people have seen in their lifetime.

some people say he is corny, some say he is vulgar, and some say he is grandstanding.

some people even wrote to report to his superiors, accusing him of walking around in shorts and demanding that he be banned.

but as written in to Kill a Mockingbird:

"you can never really know a person unless you walk around in his shoes and think from his point of view."

people can only see his superficial optimism and weirdness, but they don't know that there is unspeakable sadness behind him.

walk intoHuang Chunsheng's home can be seen at a glance that he is short of money.

mottled concrete walls, old wooden tables and chairs, no bedding of original color, no partition and toilet room.

No one can believe that this is the place where 4 million fans "online celebrities" live, and it is not too much to describe it as an empty house.

there is a saying: mistaking aged vinegar for ink, writing half a lifetime of sour paper.

for Huang Chunsheng, optimism is the appearance and suffering is the core.

this man in his forties still has no wife and no children. The only thing he has is his elderly father and his younger brother with cerebral palsy.

in his studio, there are often some strange sounds.

sometimes it is a phonetic list read by pupils such as "a, o, I, u"; sometimes it is an unclear and ambiguous cry; and these are all made by a sick brother.

▲ Huang Chunsheng shaves his brother's head

in order to take good care of his brother and father, Huang Chunsheng's live broadcast time is always different from that of ordinary people.

two o'clock in the morning.

there are few viewers watching the live broadcast, and the most common ones are abuse and criticism. Sometimes when he is not feeling well and wants to go to the bathroom, some people say maliciously, "jump off a cliff and kill yourself after the broadcast."

but he still laughs a lot, calling each audience "relatives".

in his opinion: "there is gossip all day long, but if you don't listen, there will be nothing."

Live broadcasts and video recordings are held just to chat with strange friends. As for those bad voices, they can be laughed off, but he doesn't care.

the content of the live room is also very simple.

the theme of every day is cooking: red jujube, wolfberry, millet rice, scrambled eggs with spring onions, stir-fried vegetables.

for adult men, this nutrition can be said to be quite scarce.

outside the studio, he can play Allegro and act as wedding master of ceremonies.

look good in a suit, but also look good.

others laugh at him for being too crazy, and he laughs that others can't see through it. Maybe this is Huang Chunsheng's attitude towards life.

is life difficult? Of course it's hard!

Life in the world, life is like floating catkins, floating and sinking, there is no fixed number.

in the adult world, it is not easy for everyone. One day, a great disaster will hit us head on.

some people choose to cry bitterly, some people choose to give up, and Huang Chunsheng is the most rare kind.

with one voice against the blood of fate, he laughed three times at life, and then shouted that sentence loudly:

"come on, Ollie!"

as netizens said in the comments:

"even if I am a grain of dust, I am happy. People think I can only float with the wind, but in fact I am dancing in the wind. "

I think that in front of the giant of life, Huang Chunsheng is no longer a clown who only makes people laugh, but a soldier who fights alone and suffering.

Courage is a sword, resilience is a shield, and Origen is the bugle of battle.

probably, this is also the reason why everyone is infected by Ollie.

Huang Chunsheng once participated in shooting a video.

it was when he was swimming in winter that the river was frozen out of thick ice.

and he picked up a special shovel and hit it hard on the frozen river, creating a spacious way out for himself.

think about it: isn't the content in the video just like his life?

that sentence "Ollie gives" and that sentence "come on". Those crazy actions and those optimistic smiles are exactly what Huang Chunsheng wants to say to himself and do to himself.

he wants to encourage himself:

even if life is like a sea of bitterness, go ahead with a broken oar.

for ordinary people, even if the world kisses me with pain, please remember to sing in return.

just like the equally ordinary blind couple in the documentary long live.

they can't see the way, so they can only make a living by singing along the street.

but during the holidays, they will also buy two bottles of wine and touch their glasses happily in the dark.

just like a weed growing in a crack in the stone, even if it does not absorb enough nutrients, it has to grow desperately toward the sun.

is also like every you, me, and him who rolls around in ordinary life.

No matter how difficult the future is, please say "Ollie" to yourself and set sail.

as long as you have a clear conscience, even if you try your best to live an ordinary life, there is nothing to be afraid of.

as said in the Kuaishou short film:

"although we are the dust of the world, we are all our own heroes."

nothing is impossible to get through. People who really love life will never be defeated by life.