A wise man doesn't ask questions all his life.
A wise man doesn't ask questions all his life.
There is nothing in the world to worry about.

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Lu Xiang Xian Zhuan says: "there is nothing in the world, and there is nothing to worry about."

all over the world, many people's troubles come from their obsession.

if the heart is big, the matter is small; if the heart is small, the matter is big.

really smart people often know how to lighten the burden on their hearts and can do nothing for the rest of their lives.

mature people, don't ask about the past

"Fan Sixun" mentions:

"there were all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things after that, such as life today."

the main idea is that the past is a thing of the past, there is no need to worry about the future, do not worry about the future, today is a new beginning.

there is such a story:

when the cold winter came, all the flowers and trees in the yard withered, and the little apprentice felt sad when he saw the fallen leaves all over the ground.

seeing the master meditating, he couldn't help asking, "Master, don't you like these flowers best on weekdays? why don't you feel bad?"

the master said, "I already felt sorry for it yesterday."

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in spring, a hundred flowers blossom, the whole courtyard is very beautiful, and the little apprentice is hanging around happily.

while the master was cleaning the courtyard, the little apprentice was confused and asked, "Master, aren't you happy that the flowers are so beautiful?"

the master smiled and said, "I was happy for it yesterday."

in life, good things and bad things finally become a thing of the past, love and hate, all become smoke and smoke.

people who are really mature will not let too much of the past occupy their present, and will not let too many yesterday occupy their own today.

do not think about the past, do not think about the future, live in the present, wanton free and easy is the best way of life.

people who work hard, don't ask now

some people say:

"the best time to plant trees was twenty years ago, and secondly, now."

through the ages, anyone who has become a big business is a person who can grasp the present and live in the present.

Wang Xizhi, a famous calligrapher, was gifted and became famous when he was young, but because of his impetuous mood, it was difficult to make a new breakthrough at the age of 15 or 16.

I feel even more indignant when I look at the repeated achievements of others.

one day, his father took him to the backyard and told him, "if you use all eight large vats of water in front of you in black, your calligraphy will certainly improve."

from then on, Wang Xizhi calmed down, no longer obsessed with the immediate achievements, but settled down to study calligraphy and practice calligraphy day and night.

when all the water in the vat turned into ink, Wang Xizhi also made extraordinary achievements in calligraphy.

to do simple things to the extreme, it is not simple, ordinary things to achieve the extreme, then achieved extraordinary.

Xingguang does not ask the passers-by, time does not fail those who set their minds to it.

people in this life, just work hard, other God has his own plan.

Open-minded people don't ask about the future

as the saying goes, "when the car comes to the mountain, there must be a way. When the boat comes to the bridge, it will be straight."

there is a solution to everything. There is no need to panic about the unknown.

We can plan for tomorrow, but we can't be upset about it.

once there was a farmer who was carefree all day long, tending sheep and farming. One day, he suddenly thought what to do if the sky collapsed.

this sorrow is like a spell, haunting him all the time, uneasy day by day.

people who used to be very happy are scared about tomorrow and end up spending their whole life in anxiety.

Zeng Guofan once said, "things come to adapt, but not in the future."

Don't panic about what hasn't happened, let it take its course, and let it be.

as the saying goes, "when the troops come, the water comes and the earth covers."

tomorrow is an unknown, and no one can predict it. Just face it bravely.

as the ancients said, "Life is short. If Bai Kui passes through the gap, it is only in the twinkling of an eye."

in this life, people should learn not to ask questions.

do not ask the past, because the past will not go back; do not ask the present, do a good job of the present; do not ask the future, because what you have in mind may not become a reality.

being yourself and living every day is the best way to live your life!

May you not fear the future, forget the past, and live in the present for the rest of your life.