A wise man is a loner.
A wise man is a loner.
The rest of your life is not long, just be yourself.

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Zi Dao Jing


the ancients said: "the husband is only elegant, outstanding."

there are all things in the world, all living beings are vulgar, but benevolent ones are rare.

being otherworldly, it is necessary to have wisdom out of the world of mortals; if you are superior to the masses, you must accept the loneliness of being independent.

not everyone is qualified to be a loner, and those who are really unsociable are all smart people.

born different, you don't have to be tolerant

Zhuangzi saw through the world and said, "secular people are like others like themselves, but evil people are different from themselves."

ordinary people like what is the same as themselves and hate what is different from themselves. there is nothing wrong with their nature.

therefore, when a person is different, don't feel inferior and sad because of the exclusion of others. Believe in yourself, everyone has something unique.

Zhuangzi has a fable that Phoenix was born in the south and migrated from the South China Sea to the North Sea.

all the way to Phoenix, non-tall and straight sycamore does not stay, non-bamboo sweet fruit does not eat, non-clear and clean spring water does not drink.

when it passed the territory of a group of kites, the hawks fed on carrion mice. When they saw the Phoenix flying by, they thought they were coming to compete with themselves for carrion, so they screamed to intimidate it.

Phoenix turned a deaf ear to the sound and flew away leisurely.

it is said in Chapter 33 of the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

in ancient times, the lives of sages may be lonely, but it is because they know themselves well and see through others.

in my whole life, there can be several people who share the same taste. I can tolerate people is a measure, people do not allow me is who I am.

Jiaolong will not fight with river shrimp, tigers will not be neighbors with mad dogs, born with different magnetic fields, how can they be compatible.

Bai Juyi said in a poem: "Cranes are out of group, flying in the wild." Hunger does not peck rotten rats, thirst does not drink stolen springs. "

Life world, each practice, although be yourself, it is better to be a crane than a flock of chickens.

live yourself, don't follow blindly

it is hard to avoid wearing a mask to be alone in order to see your true self.

so Zhuangzi said, "to be alone is to be unique. The unique person is said to be the most expensive. "

it is only when one is alone that one is the most real, the most unrestrained, and the most able to see the heart.

if you blindly succumb to secular vision and follow others, you will eventually become a laughingstock of others.

in ancient times, a man with five short stature went to the theatre.

when the people around him laugh, he laughs; when the people around him get angry, he gets angry; when the people around him are sad, he cries bitterly.

the people around him asked him, "is the play good?"

then asked him, "if you don't see it, why are you crying and laughing?"

he said, "because everyone is crying and laughing, I will laugh and cry."

there is no lack of such people in life. When others applaud, he also cheers, others reprimand, and he also criticizes them.

when asked why, he just drifted with the current and did not have his own opinions and opinions.

Wang Zhixing went up the tall building alone and sighed, "if you want to see the scenery of thousands of miles, please climb another tall building."

if the vision is too low, it is easy to be led by others; when you are at the top, you can overlook everything and keep your heart at ease.

being unsociable is not difficult to get along with, but they have a scale in their hearts to measure right and wrong, good and evil, and whether it is worth it.

the rest of your life is not long. It's better to be yourself. Don't let other people's opinions kidnap your own life.

Chapter 20 of the Book of morality says, "I am different from others, and I eat my mother."

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everyone is fighting for fame and fortune, but Laozi doesn't want to seek the origin of Tao.

everyone in the world envies the status given to Zhuangzi by the king of Chu, but Zhuangzi does not want to look for freedom in the mud.

Laozhuang is the smartest kind of people, and they disdain to cater to this complicated world.

those who are wise are mostly different; those who are brilliant in history are hardly gregarious.

instead of trying to be gregarious and integrate into a circle that does not belong to you, it is better to learn to be alone and cultivate your body and mind in peace.