Adult friendships don't have to be too serious.
Adult friendships don't have to be too serious.
May you and I still have such friends for the rest of our lives.

maybe one day you will find that friends are like quicksand in your hand, always passing by inadvertently.

the group of people who used to walk in groups and bustle through the prosperity of the world, now they go their own ways and slowly disperse and disappear.

the more you find out in the middle of your life:

on and off, there has long been a decision; gathering and breaking up is the most true face of life.

the fate of the world is so rare that the friendship of adults should not be taken too seriously.

the friendship of adults is lost if they take it too seriously

not long ago, a

# Ningjing has not added Huangling Wechat #

rushed to the hot search on Weibo.

here's the thing.

Huang Ling broke her leg during a performance. Jingjing immediately sent a message to greet her, only to find that she didn't have Huang Ling's Wechat.

send the message to a large group of two people, which seems to be "making a mountain out of a molehill", so Ningjing decided not to send a message, waiting for the two to record the program again.

is supposed to be a trivial matter, but it has caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

serious people ridicule that they are plastic sisters. They have worked together for such a long time, but they have not added each other as friends. The friendship in the original program is all fake.

some netizens can see through:

"the two are already colleagues, and it is enough to show goodwill in the workplace. When you leave the workplace, you can only be regarded as the most familiar stranger."

it is true that two people who are not familiar with each other because they are bound by a variety of skills, they discuss things on a case-by-case basis in a group at work, and it is normal for them to have no personal acquaintance outside of work.

in fact, too often, it is not indifference, but that we misunderstand the friendship of adults.

in life, when we get to know someone who has a common topic, we immediately introduce each other as bosom friends; when we meet a tacit colleague, we immediately take him from the bottom of our heart and treat him as a best friend.

but in fact, there is a heart-wrenching study that says that half of the people you think are friends don't think of you as a friend.

Last year, my cousin left.

on the train back to her hometown, the treasurer called to say that there was still an account outstanding and asked her to go back to the company immediately.

my cousin immediately called Xiaoqing, a colleague who was in love with her sister, and asked her to help run errands.

but as soon as she explained why she was here, Xiaoqing made an excuse for the meeting and hung up the phone.

when my cousin called again, she found that she had been blocked.

my cousin stamped her foot in anger and scolded the little blue-eyed wolf.

I thought that I was sincere to her. I stayed up late to help her do PPT and accompanied her to be scolded by her boss, but I never thought that as soon as I left my job, I was not even an ordinary friend.

my cousin's experience reminds me of what he Han said to Luo Zijun, who just entered the workplace, in the TV series "the first half of my Life":

"you work to make money, not to make friends. It's a surprise if you can make friends, but it's normal if you can't make friends."

the friendship of adults should not be overestimated and should not be taken too seriously.

friends in a game, it is good to go hand in hand, but if you lose it, you don't have to force it.

Don't be too serious, or you will lose.

drifting away is the truest state of friendship

there is a saying that only children will ask you why you ignore me, while adults are tacitly estranged from each other.

14 years ago, a Swordsman brought us endless laughter and laughter.

countless people are looking forward to a sequel, which can reproduce the deep friendship of laughing, cursing, lively and moving with the sections of the Fukuke inn.

in 2000, the Swordsman was filmed.

Yan Ni of "Shop Tong" and Yao Chen of "Guo Furong" soared up and became the protagonists of the drama.

Sha Yi, the first male "Bai Zhantang", filmed and hosted, and became a cross-border talent.

Ni Hongjie, who plays "wish unparalleled", is still spinning in the same place.

she was very nostalgic about her old love, thinking that everyone would drink and talk together after work, as before, but until the movie was finished, everyone had not had a dinner together.

remembering the friendship that was dear to her family four years ago, but now it has fallen so indifferent, she suddenly feels that the world is cool and her heart is very lost.

on Zhihu, someone once asked, "Why do so many people walk away?"

there is a piercing answer:

because of time and distance. Any relationship requires maintenance and cost, and when the cost you give can't keep up with the needs of the relationship, you can only drift away in the end. "

I think so.

when you go through the mountains and rivers and have seen the vicissitudes of life, it has already come to the time when fireworks are easy to get cold, but he still stops in the past and always talks to you about the things of several decades ago.

when all you meet is memories, you naturally have nothing to say and fade away.

time is moving, identity and status are changing, and people with good relationships will inevitably face the end of the show.

the train of life, someone will come when someone goes, just as the writer Zhou Chong said:

if you put a friend on the blacklist, you mustHowever, another person will also pass the "friend application".

when you are "easy to walk" by one moments, it also means that you are "welcome" by another.

No one will stop waiting for you, and we don't have to be old-fashioned, accept the reality and move on.

True friendship is not noisy

in a few days, it will be a regular reunion time for college classmates.

but in the usual lively group, this time it was very quiet, and there was no sound from Da Lin, the most active organizer in the past.

thought something had happened to him and hastened to talk in private, but he sent a wry smile.

"tired and tired, the organization is really motionless."

then he explained,

"instead of chatting with a group of absent-minded old classmates, it is better to have tea and chat with old friends who get along with each other quietly."

when we were young, we thought that the circle of friends should be full and bustling.

I didn't understand what Zhou Guoping said until I was an adult:

"the so-called friends all over the world is either a poetic exaggeration or a shallow conceit.


true friendship is not noisy.

although Zhou Ruchang, a master of Hongxue, is 20 years younger than Zhang Boju, the two are close friends.

two like-minded people meet almost every day in the Zhanchun Garden where Zhang Boju lives, or answer poems, or appreciate poetry and painting.

sing a cappella when you have piano music, but it doesn't matter if you don't have it. It's also a pleasure to sit quietly for a day without words.

when the sun goes down, they each go home and agree to get together again tomorrow.

Xi Murong said: "Friendship is like the fragrance of flowers, the lighter the better."

A really good friendship is born with fate.

and because of like-minded and mutual understanding, it becomes more and more mellow in the fleeting years.

when people reach a certain age, there is no need to invite too many people into our lives.

if you have a bosom friend or two, you will be a bosom friend for the rest of your life.

Sanmao once wrote in the collection "Random thoughts":

"knowing that zero fulfillment is the norm in life. If you can talk occasionally, but you are still gentle in your heart, you are good friends."

the road of life is made up of meeting and parting. We all walk together and lose all the way.

Don't be sad about the loss of friendship, it's time to screen the right people for us.

encounter separation, never mind, life comes and goes, everyone, regardless of closeness, is the soul of freedom to come and go after all.

in the sea of life, we will always meet with many people at first sight, mountains and rivers, and we will no longer keep in touch with many people, and we will meet indefinitely.

if you live to a certain age, just keep a few bosom friends.

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A true friend, as the writer Wang Xin said:

"there is no need to pander or please. We are well aware of the complexity of life and know how to seek common ground while reserving differences."

good friendship, born with fate, is light and quiet, can withstand the erosion of fleeting time, and can withstand the twists and turns of time.

May you and I still have such friends for the rest of our lives.

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