"Adult love is to meet directly."
"Adult love is to meet directly."
People who really like you will come to see you no matter how far away they are.

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Cheng Yi


I believe many people are the same:

when you like someone, you just want to see him all the time.

I want to see how he's doing and how he's doing.

I also want to talk about my thoughts of him face to face.

this kind of missing is not seen every day like three years later.

can't be resolved or replaced by making phone calls, talking by voice, or sending Wechat videos.

you must see each other in order to solve the pain of lovesickness.

and of all the farewells, my favorite is to see you tomorrow.

there is a saying:

"people who like you will be on their way, east, south, west and west."

the same:

people who like you want to see you every day today and tomorrow.

of all the ways to express love, meeting is the most sincere one.

but in this age of convenient transportation, there are still a lot of people talking about love that they can't see each other.

their love begins and ends across the screen.

I can't even see each other for the last goodbye.

Unfortunately, I have had the same experience.

recently, my favorite boy confessed his love to me.

I agreed without thinking.

the day after the relationship was established, I had to talk about long-distance relationships across the screen for a variety of reasons.

people are in the same city, but their hearts are hundreds of kilometers apart.

during the holiday, we chat, voice and video on Wechat every day.

good night in the morning and noon every day, every time.

what we talk about most is that we can meet after a period of time.

I want to go to the movies with him most, and he wants to take me to see his friends most.

I imagined the scene of our meeting over and over again:

I walked out of the station, and he came face to face.

on the platform where people come and go, we hugged each other tightly.

every time I think of meeting someone I like soon, the corners of my mouth rise unconsciously in my sleep.

March and April,

I put the time of the meeting on the schedule, but he always said to wait.

wait until you finish your work today and work overtime tomorrow.

wait till we all have time


at last, we broke up.

only two months after the breakup, he went to see his new girlfriend.

people who really like you will come to see you no matter how far away.

if you go to see someone who doesn't have you in his heart, he will shut you out.

and meeting is meaningful only if both people are willing to do so.

An one-way trip is of no use in a relationship.

what I think like is to meet the person I like.

where to meet, when to meet, what to meet and talk about,

none of this matters.

as long as you see that person, talk about the weather, talk about mood, or gossip.

it's nice not even to talk.

what matters is not the form of the meeting, but the person you want to see.

just like in Thirty, when Liang Zhengxian appeared in front of Wang Manni for the second time,

is also like the trilogy of Love before Dawn, in which the hero and heroine fall in love at first sight on the train.

after all, meeting is the most effective way to express love.

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No matter how many sweet words, they are not as close as meeting each other.

I posted a picture of my girlfriend on moments last night.

the copywriter is:

"you asked me if there was a time limit for love, and the weeds at the foot of the mountain year after year.

what I want to accompany you is not only the winter in the north. "

it turns out that he went to Shenyang to see his girlfriend again.

although they are separated, they don't talk like a long-distance relationship.

Lao Hu often takes the high-speed train all night because of a sentence from his girlfriend and a dynamic moments.

even catch a plane to see her.

the most impressive one, girlfriend's birthday,

but Lao Hu has just returned from a business trip.

as soon as the plane landed in Xiamen, he booked the last flight to Shenyang for his girlfriend's birthday.

when I was chatting, I teased him:

"aren't you tired of tossing back and forth so far?"

Lao Hu said:

"the moment I saw her, it was worth the tiredness."

from Lao Hu, I suddenly remembered a sentence:

"hearing of you in the distance, I set out to travel thousands of miles."

blow the wind you have blown, walk the road you have traveled, your past can not participate, your future will be with you to the end.

because I know:

No matter how beautiful the distance is, it is not as good as your side.

with you by your side, it is April on earth..

"May the person I read be safe all the year round, even if he is never seen."

this sentence sounds very touching and romantic at first glance.

is also very consistent with many people's attitude towards feelings:

like it is enough, you don't have to have it.

but I want to say:

it is only natural that you like it and want to have it.

so I prefer this sentence to this sentence:

"I want to see you, thousands of miles away.


and for adults, they usually choose the latter when they look far away but do not get close and see each other directly to strive for the result.

instead of guessing each other across the screen, it's better to meet and talk to each other.

the other party can only receive 10% of the concern expressed across the screen.

but the other person can accept 100% of what is said face-to-face.

, the love of adults, regardless of the result, is to meet directly.




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