After the age of forty, you should date good-looking people.
After the age of forty, you should date good-looking people.
When people reach a certain age, they should learn to judge people by their appearance.


when I visited the forum before, I saw a topic: when people reach middle age, what kind of people are most worth interacting with?

there are different opinions below, some people say that they are reliable and upright, while others say that they treat you with all their hearts and put a knife in your ribs.

one of the netizens' answer surprised me: socializing with good-looking people.

I didn't believe that being good-looking was a trump card until I came into contact with different people at work.

it's just that the beauty here is not only the beauty of the face, but also the warmth of the face, the breeze on the corners of the eyes, the feast for the eyes, and the manner of self-cultivation revealed in speech and demeanor.

Lincoln said that a person's face before the age of forty is decided by his parents, but the face after the age of forty is repaired by himself.

what you have experienced and learned in the first half of your life will virtually change your appearance for the rest of your life and determine the rest of your life.

when people reach middle age, walk through the mountains and rivers of the world and go through the vicissitudes of life, they should be responsible for their own face.

speaking of Wang Gang, people may feel strange, but when it comes to "harmony", it should be the memory of several generations.

from "Prime Minister Liu Luo Pot" to "Iron Tooth Copper teeth Ji Xiaolan" and then to "Dream cut off the Forbidden City", in a total of 320 episodes of TV dramas, Wang Gang achieved perfection in the selfishness, treachery and greed of a generation of treacherous courtiers.

despite his fame at that time, Wang Gang admitted that he didn't want to act, and his family always advised him not to act, especially his mother.

Mother always said, "Wang Gang, you are so famous as the bad guy that many neighbors see me and say," your son really doesn't look like a good guy! "

I have to say that when it comes to a play, what impresses us most is the role of the bad guys in the play.

few people will praise their excellent acting skills, and more will vent the emotions in the play on the actors.

this is because the audience has made up for the bad guy and has this face, so the bad impression has been engraved on his mind for a long time.

when I was a child, to see whether a person was good-looking or not was simply judged by his appearance.

when I look at it again when I grow up, I find that some people are kind and gentle, some are ferocious, some are more pleasing to the eye, while others are getting uglier.

I remember that there is a classic character in Lu Xun's works, Mrs. Yang.

sister-in-law Yang was beautiful when she was young, selling tofu with white powder every day, known as tofu Xi Shi.

in fact, people's appearance is not overnight, it is all caused by bit by bit precipitation.

people with supple eyebrows are mostly benevolent, showing tolerance and kindness between their eyebrows, while those with light frowns are mostly narrow-minded and show a ferocious face.

it is said that life is a spiritual practice. In my opinion, it is better to build a face that is neither bullied nor intended to bully others.

this face is a smiling face, a face that is not easily frowned.

when you get along with such people, you will also be infected by their optimistic attitude, and you will live younger and younger.

Wen Rushi, a book collector in the Qing Dynasty, appeared again and again when he was a teenager. He thought that as long as he worked hard, he would have a bright future.

one day I ran into a master on the road. He looked at him carefully, shook his head and sighed, "the adult can be a four-grade official at most in his life."

Wen Rushi was deeply disappointed, but when there was a flood in his hometown, farmland was flooded and people were displaced, he went door to door lobbying local tycoons to donate money to rebuild their homes.

when he met this teacher again in the future, he was stunned when he saw him, bowed in panic and sighed:

"grown-ups must have planted a lot of blessings, otherwise how could their faces and bones have changed a lot?" Adults can at least be promoted to second-class officials in the future! "

it is often said in the Buddhist sutras, "phase is born from the heart, and the environment changes from the heart."

this is probably the so-called heart picture.

there is no change in everything in the world, and the biggest change is in your heart.

time is like a sculptor who adjusts people's faces. The villains are ferocious and the good ones are young.

No wonder some people say that when people get old, they will become two kinds of people, one kind of kind face and one kind of ferocious spirit.

A kind-hearted person is honest and simple, warm-hearted, and his face is full of noble temperament.

people with ulterior motives, practicing fraud and clever words, show the appearance of a cunning and mean villain on their face.

because the heart has something to think and something to do, the heart phase is the most direct projection of a person.

Having difficulty making the right choice in a variety of tea length wedding dresses in online stores? Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

behind a good heart is a person's elegant and pure attitude towards life and character.

therefore, if you are over forty and are still good-looking, you must have a more beautiful heart.

have seen such a story:

A mother went to see a psychiatrist because she was upset.

she wrung her brow and complained to the doctor that she always felt that everything had not gone well recently, that her husband did not understand, that her children were not intimate, that she had a tense relationship with her colleagues, that her life was tedious and stressful, and that she had never heard any good news.

after listening, the doctor persuaded her:

"recently, please stretch your eyebrows, raise the corners of your mouth and forget your troubles for a while."

it turned out that during the chat, the doctor saw that the mother was always accustomed to complaining, and her heart accumulated a lot of negative energy, which was reflected in her face, and anyone who saw it would avoid it.

after listening to the advice, the mother adjusted her mindset. She found that her husband became gentle, her children became more obedient, her friends stopped avoiding her, and she praised her for being much prettier.

the Japanese writer Zhuangichi Otaka once said, "A person's face is a resume."

therefore, the older you are, the more obvious it is to present to others.

it is not difficult to find that negative and pessimistic people are used to frowning and staring at people, while optimistic people are often smiling, peaceful and cheerful, and full of positive energy.

when people reach a certain age, it is necessary to "judge people by their appearance".

if a person maintains a good state of mind, when he is old, the lines on his face will be approachable.

and a person with a bitter face, the older he is, the less affinity he has. If he stays with such a person for a long time, he will feel resentful.

so after forty, socialize with good-looking people. After all, those who are good-looking at that age are mostly good-natured.