All efforts will not be disappointed.
All efforts will not be disappointed.
May you reap happiness with every effort you give.

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in life, although harvest makes people feel satisfied, giving is also a kind of happiness.

A person who knows how to give is more likely to feel happy.

from this point of view, all efforts will not be disappointed.

if the seed is the cause, the harvest is the result

Daojing says: "if you want to take it, you must give it first."

if you want to get something, you must pay the corresponding price before you can get it.

if you want to be in good health, exercise frequently;

if you want to get good grades, study hard;

if you want a high income, work more.

how many people are playful when they are young, indulge in love when they are young, and leave nothing but regrets and memories when they are getting old.

there are no shortcuts in life. Behind all the scenery, there are invisible efforts and efforts.

Yang Jiang said:

"people want to grow up, there must be a reason, behind the efforts and accumulation must be several times that of ordinary people.

with different degrees of indulgence, there must be different degrees of stubbornness; with different degrees of exercise, different degrees of achievements will be achieved. "

Life is like a piggy bank, every effort you make will be packed and returned to you one day in the future.

in the Fahua Sutra, it is said that meritorious service should not be donated.

A person who puts in different degrees of effort will reap different degrees of return.

your efforts may not be immediately transformed into achievements and wealth, but they can precipitate into your thoughts and patterns.

one day you will find that the nights you have survived, the books you have read, and the work you have used have all paved the way under your feet.

giving is more blessed than receiving

A good life takes effort in exchange for it.

A good family also needs to make painstaking efforts to manage.

the best family relationship is when a family is heart-to-heart, working together for the same goal.

when Qian Zhongshu created Fortress besieged, the whole family spent a lot of time and energy on it.

in order to devote himself to writing, Qian Zhongshu specially asked the school for leave, thus reducing the length of teaching.

as a result, the family has lost part of its income and has to save money.

and Yang Jiang also decisively dismissed the maid at home and was willing to be a "maidservant under the stove."

Qian Zhongshu's mother was full of praise for the daughter-in-law, praising her: "you can shake the pen, hold the pot shovel, and do all the rough work at home. You can go up to the hall, down to the kitchen, swim into the water, jump out of the water, and Zhong Shu is crazy."

when Fortress besieged was published, Qian Zhongshu wrote affectionately in the preface:

"this book has been written for two years, but I have been worried about the world and hurt my life in the past two years, and I have repeatedly wanted to stop. As a result of Ms. Yang Jiang's constant urging, she blocked a lot of things for me, saved time, and was able to finish it with an accumulation of baht. As usual, this book should be dedicated to her. "

A reporter once asked Yang Jiang whether she felt aggrieved when she had been reduced from a generation of talented women to a "maidservant under the stove." Yang Jiang replied: "not aggrieved."

when the reporter asked her why, Yang Jiang said: "because of love."

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as the old saying goes, it is better to give than to receive.

because of love, we learn to give.

because of giving, we feel the happiness of being needed.

every time we give, our hearts can get a kind of satisfaction.

isn't it a kind of happiness to wash and cook for your family and watch your loved ones and children dress cleanly and eat sweetly?

May you live up to your every effort.

May you reap happiness with every effort you give.