All troubles have an antidote.
All troubles have an antidote.
The good and the bad are a thing of the past.

people's three thousand troubles are always innumerable, go and come again.

when we go to school, go to work, get married, have children, and then grow old, our troubles are always with us, just like breaking through customs. This trouble has passed, and new troubles will come again.

but in fact, all troubles have an antidote.


there is nothing to worry about in the world

I have heard a saying: "the easiest way in the world to get what you want is to ask for trouble."

it makes sense to think about it.

along the way, we are always used to insisting on what we should not insist on and clinging to what we should not cling to. Knowing that it will only increase our grief, we feel sorry for people who are not worth it and worry about things that are not worth it.

psychologists have done a very interesting experiment:

they found some respondents of different ages and asked them to write down all their worries over the next seven days and put them in the "annoyance box".

three weeks later, psychologists opened the "annoyance box" and asked all investigators to check each "worry" they had written down one by one.

it turns out that 90% of the troubles don't happen.

that is to say, most of the things you worry about in life are nothing but troubles.

as Buddhists say, Bodhi has no tree, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is nothing at all, so where does it cause dust?

now that things have happened, to struggle again is purely to torture yourself.

it is better to simply think about everything, block the troops, cover up the water and the earth, face it calmly, and be able to put aside the clouds and see the moon.

however, the experiment is not over yet.

three weeks later, the investigators found that the troubles they had worried about had long since disappeared.

it turns out that everything will pass eventually, and there is nothing that time cannot solve.

the hurdles we thought we would never cross have become the scenery behind us in a twinkling of an eye.

those people and things that we have been thinking about have been lost in the years before we know it.

when we have experienced travel, loss and frustration, we begin to stop worrying about the complicated things in life and stop worrying about the regrets of the past. The years naturally let us learn to eliminate troubles.


Let nature take its course, everything goes well

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said: "sometimes there must be something in life, but don't force it all the time."

this is true. Instead of demanding too much, it is better to let nature take its course and face it calmly.

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when Yaoshan Zen Master and disciple Yun San and Xingwu meditated, I saw two pine trees in the courtyard, one withered and the other glorious.

the Zen master Yaoshan asked, "is it better for trees to flourish or wither?"

disciple Xingwu replied without thinking: "lush is good, of course!"

another disciple, Yun San, said, "I think it's better to wither!"

after hearing this, Yao Shan shook his head: "Prosperity will eventually disappear, and withering will eventually become a thing of the past."

at this time, a young monk happened to be passing by, and Yao Shan asked him the same question.

the monk said leisurely: "lush let it flourish, wither let it wither."

only then did Yao Shan nod, and the two disciples realized the Tao.

this is not the case with the troubles in the world, because it is hard to bind, so I can't get rid of it for a long time.

in fact, in just a few decades, it is inevitable that there will be gains and losses.

Honor and withering, bitterness and happiness, success and failure, life and death are all human things and ordinary scenes. It is good for us to experience them one by one, and we should not be disturbed.

take life calmly, take it calmly, bear pain in time of pain, accept joy in time of joy, and get rid of endless troubles in life.

if he can let him go, he is a free man in the world.


if people let go, how can there be haze

have seen such a story:

there is a middle-aged man who has a happy family and a successful career, but always feels that his life is empty and helpless.

later, the situation became so serious that he had to see a doctor.

when the doctor understood this, he prescribed three pieces of medicine and said to him, "you go to the beach alone tomorrow, and when you arrive, take one tablet of medicine at nine o'clock in the morning, 12:00 in the afternoon, and six o'clock in the afternoon, and you will recover from your illness."

the middle-aged man was skeptical, but the next day he came to the seaside according to the doctor's advice.

the middle-aged man was very surprised, but he sat down and listened silently to the sound of the wind and the waves.

gradually, he felt the rhythm of the heartbeat merge together, and his body and mind became clear.

at noon, he opened the second prescription with the word "memory" written on it.

he began to come back from listening to the voices of the outside world, recalling his carefree childhood, the difficulties of starting a business in his youth, the kindness of his parents and the friendship of brothers and friends, and his hot heart was burning again.

at dusk, he opened the final prescription with the words "write your troubles on the beach".

he did as he was told, and as soon as he finished writing a wave, he hit him, drowning his "troubles" and flattening the sand.

if the heart does not care, there is no trouble; if people let go, there is no haze.

whether you feel pain or happiness, it's just a momentary obsession.

the process of "write your troubles on the beach" is to let you lose your superfluous obsession, the waves will wash away all your troubles, and the troubles will naturally be solved.

Walking in the world of mortals, the best thing we should do is to stick to what we should be persistent and put down what we should let go.

remove the pressure and burden from your shoulders, and you can continue to move forward on the long road of life.


fate is made by oneself, and happiness is sought by oneself

the one who can help others solve their worries is never others, but yourself.

look at the vast sky, the predicament will eventually become vicissitudes and disappear; accept the vastness of the universe, troubles are like a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

difficult things in life, such as clouds crossing thousands of mountains, are already a dream.

the good and the bad are a thing of the past, and there is no need to get caught up in misery.

even if Hang Seng, a weed in the vast expanse of the road ahead, should have "bamboo staff and awn shoes beat horses, who is afraid?" The transcendence and broad-mindedness of a misty rain in one's life.

encourage each other!