Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, in character, in respect for talent, for a long time in kindness, and finally in character
Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, in character, in respect for talent, for a long time in kindness, and finally in character
Wish every heart will not be disappointed, wish every relationship can last forever.






some people say that from appearance to interior, a person can be divided into five levels: appearance, ability, temper, character, and character.

if the five levels are measured by quality, they are: appearance, talent, character, kindness, and character.

these five levels and five qualities are not only the best criteria for judging a person, but also the direction of one's spiritual growth.

appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

begins with appearance

everyone has a love of beauty.

A person has a neat appearance and makes people feel amiable, such as bathing in the spring breeze; get along with sloppy and untidy people, observe the nose and mind, and just want to avoid it.

appearance is the most intuitive business card.

Clean and clean, can make people feel a kind of respect; broad-minded, love to laugh, must be a person who loves life; elegant speech, reflects the knowledge and upbringing.

there is a saying in the ancients: phase comes from the heart.

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the so-called appearance is actually one-third of the skin and seven of the state of mind. The image of a person is often the external expression of the heart.

an evil heart leads to ugliness, while a good heart leads to beauty. The image of a person hides who he is.

fit in with character

the most comfortable way to interact with people is that you don't have to pretend to be what the other person likes, you just need to be yourself.

as described in Gu Cheng's poem:

"the grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, and it is very beautiful for us to stand silent."

character disagreement, a little contradiction can explode, lack of common ground and lubricant, gradually feel suffocated and tired.

people with the same personality are comfortable with each other, do not have too many scruples, and do not have too many rules.

Life is really hard, so be with people who have the same personality and get along well with each other.

get along well with each other, you can come into life and become a good partner in our work, a bosom friend in life, and a partner in love; for people with different personalities, it is the best result to forget each other as soon as possible.

Life is long, we need to find such a person, with your temperament complement each other, character complement each other, with the interpretation of the script of life.

respect for talent

Laozi said: "the way of heaven, more than damage and make up for deficiencies."

if three people walk, there must be my teacher. Interact with others, discover the strengths of others, learn to absorb, and help yourself become better a little bit.

when Chen Daoming filmed Fortress besieged, he got to know Qian Zhongshu.

Chen Daoming went to visit Qian Zhongshu. As soon as he entered the room, all he saw was a pile of books. There was no TV or radio. The only thing that could make a sound was a frying pan. Chen Daoming marveled at Qian's life.

he communicated with Qian Zhongshu for two hours, and Chen Daoming realized the meaning of "the belly is full of poetry and books."

as a result, when his career was booming, Chen Daoming also chose to spend a lot of time in his life reading and edifying his sentiment.

Chen Daoming later recalled the visit and said, "in front of intellectuals and knowledge, I don't think I am a bullshit."

Real talent and wisdom is a kind of insight.

get along with them, you can feel their charm and temperament virtually, and sincerely admire their talents and learn from them modestly.

such people are honorable and amiable.

longer than goodness

in this world, some people are beautiful, some are smart, some are distinguished, but those who have been together for the longest time are still those kind-hearted people.

on weekdays, the kindness reflected in your words and deeds and every move is your best endorsement.

when Yu Minhong was a student at Peking University, he took the initiative to clean the dormitory every day and boiled water for four years.

some people laughed at Yu Minhong for being taken advantage of every day, but Yu Minhong didn't care. He just smiled and said, "We all are classmates, so we have to help each other and don't care too much."

several years later, Yu Minhong founded New Oriental and sought partners. Former college roommates have come to support him, giving him financial, manpower, experience and other help.

they say:

"just for the little thing that Lao Yu volunteered to help us with boiling water for four years when he was at school, we expected that you wouldn't let us suffer, and we believed you!"

being kind and doing things kindly is a person's highest EQ.

maybe goodness will suffer, maybe goodness will get hurt, but goodness will be rewarded with good reward, and all good things will be reaped eventually.

finally, character

A relationship can not last for a long time. Most of the time, it is not the fate that is not deep enough, but the lack of character.

you and the other party are honest with each other, while the other side is double-faced and calculating their own interests everywhere; usually they keep saying that they do not hesitate to insert a knife on both sides, but when something really happens, they will disappear.

you have already taken the other person to the bottom of your heart and decided to keep going, but the other person is always ready to be treacherous.

getting along depends on sincerity; deep acquaintance depends on character; in the end, affection depends on character.

maybe we can't be a big shot, maybe we don't have splendor and wealth, but our good character can at least let us reap a long-term and stable relationship, get to know beautiful people, grow up together, and make a trip to the world in vain.

the journey of life is very long, don't walk alone, be rightAll the way side by side.

I hope every heart will not be disappointed, and may every relationship last forever.