As a man, you should turn your face when you turn your face, and don't be afraid to offend people.
As a man, you should turn your face when you turn your face, and don't be afraid to offend people.
It is nice to be warm and pure, but only with a little edge can you make your life better.






in the adult world, interpersonal communication should be serious and peaceful.

that is

so that when you encounter people or things you hate, you will choose to be patient blindly.

many people even say, hate a person, why fall out? A really mature person should take a liking to everyone.

but face is a good thing, and it has to be given to those who need it.

has experienced more things, more people have seen it, and more and more people understand one truth:

as a man, you should never be afraid to offend others. You must turn your face when it is time to turn your face.

is the first time to be a human being,

No one should be born to compromise

the meaning of life has never been compromise and tolerance. Everyone is unique, so why grovel?

if you are always worried about offending others, imagine a scenario like this:

you and your friend work in the same company, and you are more capable than him.

the two men competed fairly. In the end, you were promoted, but he didn't.

at this point, your friend is sure to be unhappy.

he may not use tricks behind his back, nor will he show his face to his face.

but unhappy is unhappy. No matter what you do, it's useless and it doesn't make sense.

the most important revelation to us is:

people and things must be psychologically prepared to deal with the annoyance and unhappiness of others, and people must understand that they must boldly do some things that should be done, and it is inevitable to offend people.

for some people who are bound to be offended, although you treat them as a gentleman, don't think that you can please others by saying nice words or doing something. This is human nature.

do you still remember Zhen Huan played by Sun Li?

everyone likes her, not because she is simple and kind, but because of her unscrupulous appearance in court infighting.

from ignorance to ruthlessness, life has taught her: "there is light at the bottom of the heart and thorns on the body."

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this is not only the law of survival in the harem, but also the law we need.

the writer Ma de once said:

"you don't have to stab people, but you must have thorns on your body."

everyone needs to have the etiquette of "people respect me a foot, I respect people a foot", but also have the spirit of "if a person commits me, I will be a prisoner."

born as a human being, it is nice to be warm and pure, but only with a little edge can you make your life better.

learn to say "no"

is the performance of being responsible for yourself

people with this personality will develop a spirit similar to "dedication and sacrifice". They do not want to see other people's disappointment, fear and escape from condemnation.

in most cases, even if some things are not their fault, they are often willing to bear the consequences of these mistakes and habitually "pay" for the faults of others.

such people are often called "good old people".

but in fact, not to embarrass others is kind, but not to embarrass others at the same time let oneself live very suffocated, become a loser.

everyone knows the story of "the Farmer and the Snake". When the serpent bit the farmer with its sharp teeth, the farmer said regretfully, "if there is an afterlife, I will never pity a villain like a viper."

it was not until his death that he realized that not everyone knew to be grateful, and not everyone would understand your kindness.

people are sinister, so we should learn to say "no". Only when we know how to refuse, others do not dare to do whatever they want.

A gentleman hides utensils in his body and waits for time to move.

only in this way can we find a suitable way of communication in life and make true friends.

from a certain point of view, not showing mercy to the villain is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also the highest performance of being responsible to yourself.

be kind to others,

is neither embarrassing others nor wronging yourself

there is a question and answer on Zhihu: why do you refuse to be a man?

there is a highly liked answer:

in many cases, "falling out" represents your bottom line, protects your self-esteem, and represents a person's most basic right in interpersonal relationships: to be respected.

A girl who has just entered the workplace told a story of her own:

just arrived at the office. I don't dare to offend anyone, so I don't refuse any request from others.

most of the time, it seems that you have a good temper, but in fact, it is entirely because of your inner powerlessness.

someone once said, "as long as there is a little leeway, he can tear open a world for you



this is the way life is. If you are afraid of offending people, others are not afraid of offending you.

for the sake of others, it is not just to obey others, but to obey your heart first.

if something really bothers you, refuse it decisively.

for the other person, it may just be angry at being rejected.

but for myself, I avoid a lot of mistakes.The necessary trouble.

in the final analysis, one should have both the ability to withstand praise and the courage to stab the wicked.

only by wearing a razor-sharp cloak for kindness can we win respect and respect from the heart.

Life is short, living itself is already very tired, why bear some things that make it difficult for yourself,

turn your face when it's time to fall out, don't be afraid to offend people.

as the classic line in the movie "Evil from the East and the West" says:

I have known how to protect myself since I was a child. I know that the best way not to be rejected is to refuse others first.

after all, when you learn to refuse, your kindness begins to make sense.

, may you learn to say no with a smile as soon as possible, prepare in advance, and become a wolf.


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