As you become more and more silent, you don't want to say it more and more.
As you become more and more silent, you don't want to say it more and more.
We must always learn to walk into the wind and rain alone and carry all the difficulties.

there is a passage that I have always liked very much:

"when we reach a certain age, we will eventually understand that the hardest thing in the world is not Huanglian, but the tears that swallow back; the most tiring thing is not the heavy shoulder, but the heart that is hard to breathe. "

some people don't like the word silence and find it suffocating.

because only when a person is hit hard by life will he lose his frivolity and become reticent.

but the real silence is the indisputable after seeing clearly, is the silence after seeing through.

there are some things I don't want to say

in the past, I would say what I thought in my heart. I would say it to everyone, but after the twists and turns of life, I became more and more reluctant to say it.

it's not that there's nothing to say, but that no one understands.

it's not emotionless, because you know there's no point in talking too much.

sometimes, you pour out to each other on a whim, as long as a little relief sweet potion, only to wait for a pot of cold water.

"are you too sensitive?"

"what's the big deal, as for?"

or, say "I understand" in the mouth, but all the comfort seems to tickle.

I think the sign of a person growing up is to realize that there is no such thing as empathy in this world. Only you know best whether life is cold or warm, bitter or sweet.

even for people who are close to you, there are moments when you feel lonely and ununderstood.

and growth is to upgrade the filter of the heart.

if you have to place your joys and sorrows on others, you are doomed to be disappointed frequently.

later, as we walked, we all learned to keep a silence for ourselves. No longer deliberately camouflage, no longer anxious to talk, let alone argue at the top of the voice.

say heart-to-heart words to people who understand you, there may not be many such people, one or two is enough.

and those who don't understand you?

you don't have to waste your breath. In front of these people, even if you pour out ten thousand times, you can't get back a thoughtful word. If you talk too much, it will become a joke in the eyes of others.

therefore, instead of complaining, it is better to be silent and live your life in a down-to-earth manner.

there are some things you don't have to say

when I was young, I always liked to complain to others, and when I encountered something unpleasant, I was sure to keep talking with my parents and friends.

but the older I get, the more I like the feeling of silence.

because there are some things you don't have to say.

I remember watching an interview by Yang Mi not long ago, the host cried that he was very hard and asked, "are you not very good at saying that you are really hard?"

Yang Mi's answer is piercing but true:

Our selection has so many exciting choices for that superb rose gold prom dress for your party. Once you make up your choice, relax, we will take care of everything.

"Yes, I will say it in my heart. But why do you want others to understand your hard work? You look down, in fact, everyone is very hard.

isn't it hard for the people who deliver takeout to us? Isn't it hard for the program group to squat on the ground for half a day's manuscript? "

Yes, in order to live, who is not sad all over.

later, as we walked, we all learned to keep a silence for ourselves.

stop crying to others about how unlucky and difficult you are, but slowly keep your mouth shut.

because only children complain when something happens to them, and adults carry it silently.

living in this world, everyone is busy taking care of himself. If you are lucky, when you are depressed, people who know you love you will hand over an umbrella, but they can only hand you an umbrella.

We must always learn to walk into the wind and rain alone and carry all the difficulties.

there are some things you can't say

it is better to be silent than to say something.

whether strangers, relatives and friends, get along with others, there are always some unpleasant things, and there are always some inevitable contradictions.

at this time, there is a rule to keep in mind:

what you can say, you must say clearly; what you cannot say, you should keep silent.

especially when angry, people will say a lot of angry words.

you may just want to vent your emotions, but if you say it, it will be in vain to regret it.

after all, real life is not a network, and there is no withdraw button for us to choose.

knife sores are easy to go, but evil words are hard to go away.

sometimes, it's not the knife that really hurts people, but the hurtful words.

the ups and downs of life, God knows how many words blurted out, has become a lifetime irreparable regret.

later, as we walked, we all learned to leave a silence for ourselves.

Don't say what you shouldn't say, don't ask what you shouldn't ask, even if you have to say it, think about it before you open your mouth.

remember that someone once said:

"shrews often talk eloquently, and people who go around to sell plasters are more eloquent, but we don't admit that they can talk."

because speech cannot be a struggle of spirit, but should be the result of careful consideration.

each of us should have the ability to take responsibility for what we have said. Before we say a word, we should think about our own.Can this sentence make the problem easier to solve?

if not, you might as well keep your mouth shut.

everyone can speak, but it is the responsibility of adults to be silent when it is time to be silent.

A journey in the mountains, a journey in the water, a stop-and-go journey, half of my life has passed.

along the way, I have suffered a lot of losses, suffered a lot of grievances, and made many mistakes.

then we walked, and we didn't want to say anything more.

but we choose to be silent, not because we have no choice, but because we have become mature.

for the rest of our lives, may we all be able to build an indifferent heart, neither anxious nor impatient, neither humble nor arrogant, and laugh at the ups and downs of life.