At the age of 60, he became an online celebrity by playing the piano, with 2.46 million fans! How cool is the old man on the watermelon?
At the age of 60, he became an online celebrity by playing the piano, with 2.46 million fans! How cool is the old man on the watermelon?
When you are not afraid of age, the door of the world will be open for you.

there must be a lot of people trapped by age around you.

it seems that at a certain age, he begins to grow old. I don't want to live, let alone dream.

however, it is never age that defines a person.

you see, even when you are in your prime, you can still have your own fancy style.

creator on watermelon video

@ sue me

, 60 years old.

but unlike many of his peers, he is a real "Internet celebrity".

Last November, his family took a video of him playing the piano for fun and uploaded it online.

they did not expect that overnight, with the old song "Night on the outskirts of Moscow", the old man, who was still glowing with gray temples,

gained more than 1 million views, and the number of account fans soared from 0 all the way to more than 30,000!

I was very excited when I first tasted the wonderful fruit that became popular.

because he never thought that when he played in the Grand Theater, even if the audience was full, the audience would only be 1000.

now, how can millions or tens of millions of people come to watch themselves play the piano?

tell me that the love of freshness and agitation is completely ignited by the hottest short video nowadays.

in order to find the answer behind, he downloaded APP himself,

with the encouragement and support of my family, I tried to upload many videos of playing the piano in watermelon.

as a result, he had 2.46 million followers in just one year.

on watermelon videos, the total number of broadcasts has even exceeded 100 million!

someone may ask:

just play the piano? Why are you suing me so hot?

but in fact, I believe that as long as you watch his video posted on watermelon, you will be impressed by his talent!

because he simply played the piano in a trick and out of the way.

under his dexterous fingertips, the traditional Chinese repertoire "Liangzhu" has the flavor of a western piano. Don't say it. It's really nice.

Shu Ye is not simply playing the piano, he is enjoying the music and creating notes.

nearly 50 years of playing experience made the piano a part of his body.

No matter how difficult the skill is, you can easily use it.

take the song Night on the outskirts of Moscow

, look at the way Shu Ye plays the fingers on the keys, it can be called a hand speed of 800 mph, no wonder countless people in front of the screen are impressed by it!

and the tipsy "Mojito",

even Jay Chou personally liked it and retweeted it on ins!

of course, just relying on superb piano skills is not enough to explain why Liao Ye is so popular.

when I played four hands with my sister, the two people, who were 100 years old together, played the Dance of Youth, still in a trance, the same teenager as they used to be.

and when playing with a friend's 5-year-old granddaughter, the scene was called a happy one.

No wonder a cat sometimes grows on the piano.

even Yoyo, his family dog, can't help moving his little paws and standing on the piano bench to play a song!

and his enthusiasm for dreams also moved many people in front of the screen.

in the comment area, many people envy his life and hope to live with vitality and elegance like him when he is old.

others say that every time they are in a bad mood, they will come and listen to him play the piano, so that the mood will calm down.

when watching the video, no matter how noisy and anxious it is, it will be swept away by the wonderful sound of the piano.

because it comes from the power of the precipitation of time.

Liao Ye once wrote an interesting self-introduction to himself--

"A young and old man born in the 1960s plays the piano and writes beautiful words."

"is also quiet and moving, elegant and vulgar, sometimes rivers, lakes and seas, and sometimes lonely smoke in the desert. I firmly believe that only a great hero can be true to himself, and it is a true genius who is flirtatious. "

between words and sentences, it is full of chic and unrestrained.

however, before reaching such a transparent state of life, he also experienced a period of unknown hardship.

tell me that my piano study started relatively late.

in many families, if you want your child to play a musical instrument, most of them start learning it at the age of five or six, while Shu doesn't really touch the piano until he is 11 years old.

moreover, at that time, the family was so poor that they could not even afford to buy a piano. Father drew a piano on the paper shell with a brush for him to practice.

A young man has to practice for more than ten hours a day, often poking his fingers.

until later, his mother found out that there was a piano in a primary school and tried to transfer him to another school.

as a result, none of the 88 keys on that piano is accurate.

in HalIn the winter of Binbin, Lianye practiced in an unheated auditorium. Every ten minutes he played, he had to get up and move his body, otherwise he would be too cold to stand.

his father came to bring him a meal and put the lunch box over his chest in order to preserve the temperature of a little food.

but despite such difficulties, Shu Ye persisted.

after tireless practice, he was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, became the first college student to resume the college entrance examination in an art university, and joined the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra after graduation.

however, the life of looking at the head at a glance makes my heart restless. At that time, there was often a voice in his heart asking:

"should my whole life be limited to 88 piano keys?"

he is not reconciled.

once, Shu Ye saw a story in a magazine.

it is said that when the United Nations recruits staff, it is required to have engaged in more than six different occupations.

I can't help but be fascinated by it. He thought, why not try other possibilities besides playing the piano?

from then on, suing Ye's life is almost like hanging up--

he changed his job to become editor-in-chief of the magazine and made the magazine run well.

also served as the general manager of advertising agencies and modeling agencies;

also beat all sides in the bowling alley, won the national bowling championship and kept the national record for 6 years.

and the first play in his life won the Xia Yan Cup;


in his opinion, life never starts too late, as long as it is what he wants to do, he will try his best to do it!

in the video released by watermelon, Lianye once said:

"I have always felt that there is nothing to dare or dare in life, but whether you dare to try or not. No matter others, anyway, I am a person, all my life, I will always be the leader of the trend. "

Yes, wrinkles grow on the face, not terrible, grow in the heart, is the most terrible.

it is precisely because he dares to think, dare to do, and dare to toss around that he can have such a rich life.

tell me that he is such a person, he never refuses to accept the old.

even if he enters the 60-year-old mark, he still wants to be a "white-headed boy" in his heart.

click on his watermelon video home page, and you can often see some very new and trendy songs.

there is the popular Divine Comedy "Youth" on Douyin;

there is also International Children's Day's special program-"Doraemon" theme song;

occasionally my sister will make a guest appearance and play a relaxed and cheerful "Happy fight against the landlord" to make people smile.

you see, there is no such thing as "doing the right thing at the right time" in the world.

when you are not afraid of age, the door of the world will be open for you.

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for Liao Ye, 60 doesn't mean anything. At this age, he still wants to try a lot of new things.

he likes to ride a motorcycle and gets the knowledge of the bike so easily that even the people in the car shop are willing to be outdone.

sometimes, he would drive a car in an empty place and live a valiant life.

the young people on the street who are keen on twisting eggs always arouse his curiosity to see what toys can be twisted out of them.

I drink with a cup of milk tea from time to time, and it is not too much to say that I am intoxicated.

although gray hair has appeared on the temples, it is difficult for you to see a trace of fatigue in him.

and Shu Yeh likes to deal with young fans very much.

someone once commented on his watermelon video home page: "Thank you, handsome!"

as he read the message carefully, he laughed heartily: "Why do you call me handsome?" Because I do look good. "

he calmly put down the shackles of age and seriously pursued what he wanted, which made the whole person look shiny.

and complaining about Ye Lotte's cheerful attitude towards life has also infected the 2.46 million fans who follow him on watermelons.

I practiced the piano for 3 hours every day for a whole year. I just hope that one day I can play as well as him.

my grandfather, who was in his twilight years, called himself "a rookie who began to play the piano at the age of 70." it was also under his influence that he finally began to learn the piano.

others asked him, "can you still learn after the age of 40?"