At the end of the year, give it to the hard-working yourself!
At the end of the year, give it to the hard-working yourself!
The new year, nothing less hypocritical, free to make more money!






people, why do you care about money?

in a sense, money represents sense of security. If you have money, once your family needs it, you won't be empty-handed.

people, why do you strive to make money?

because making money can make our life better, our parents work hard to raise us, and everyone wants them to enjoy their twilight years.

if you have money, you can go wherever you want. You can read thousands of books or travel thousands of miles!

if you have money, you can do whatever you want, and the pursuit of food, clothing, housing and transportation depends on your own liking.

when you buy something, you don't have to compare the price over and over again. If you want to spend money, you don't have to worry about making ends meet.

in fact, most of us are greedy for money because money is a necessity of life.

these years, really tired, in order to make money, in the face of the difficulties of life, alone to swallow tears.

these years, it is really difficult. In order to make money, there is not even much free time, and even if you want to get together with friends, you have to be busy two or three days in advance.

these years, really useless, busy running, no time to exercise, life is always fast-paced, it is difficult to taste happiness. Give up on your interests and hobbies, and push on when your friends get together.

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if it were easier, who would be so tired? If you can be more comfortable, who wants to be so tired?

We are all carried forward by the pressure of life, and no one can make an exception.

grievances, swallow their own, difficulties, endure their own.

these years, people are very tired and upset. There is no empathy in this world, only I know myself best. In the most difficult time, I say it over and over again and repeat it to myself.

maybe some people will say, look at your beautiful appearance, it must be very easy!

No one else is you. I can't realize how hard and tired you are.

others can see your steps, but they can't feel the blood blisters on the soles of your feet; others can see the smile on your face, but they don't know how many tears you turn and shed.

when you reach middle age, you will understand that only your heart knows whether you are doing well or not.

but no matter how difficult the road of life is, I have never said to give up. Because I am really afraid that once I relax, the money is gone, I can't earn it, and when I need it, I will feel sad that I have no way to ask for help.

when you run out of money, relatives avoid you, friends stay away from you, and even lovers who share your bed with you will blame you.

the beginning and end of the year is another year. I hope the new year will have nothing to do with less hypocrisy and make more money when I have time!

I hope that every one of us who works hard for life can smile sweetly when accompanied, stick to it when no one is encouraged, never forget the original ideal and ambition, keep ambition, and live a brilliant life forever.


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