Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old
Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old
Cherish what you have, take care of what is in front of you, and don't think of anything else.

time goes by, age grows day by day, never nervous, and one day I will grow old.

until I looked a little haggard in the mirror, my white hair appeared, and my wrinkles deepened, I suddenly realized that time was so fair to everyone!

Youth is no longer young, youth has changed, enter middle age, and then grow old, this is life.

think about the hundred years of life, no matter how slow it is, there will be an end of the day. Flashy fame and wealth, life does not bring, death does not bring, money and wealth, how much is the past?

A person's life is a process.

in a short period of more than ten years, don't be too pessimistic. You should learn to be pessimistic in a hurry.

be kind to yourself, health is above all else

be kind to yourself, the body is fundamental, and health is everything.

when the body breaks down? What's the use of more money?

without life, how can you talk about feelings?

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what does it take to talk about responsibility?

how to talk about cherishing!

people tend to be like this, knowing how expensive health is, but they don't take it seriously! It was too late to repent until he was in pain.

I am so tired that I want to hold on for a while. Have you ever asked if your cervical vertebra agrees?

I am so annoyed that I don't want to have a bite of tea or rice. Have you ever asked whether your stomach agrees or not?

sit until you can't stand up, and you still don't want to rest. Have you ever asked if your waist agrees?

when I was young, I easily traded money for health, but when I got old, I found that no matter how much money I had, I couldn't get back to health. Such examples are common in real life.

money is gone, people can live, money can still be earned, life is gone, money is worthless, paper is not as good as paper!

take good care of your body for the rest of your life.

eat well, sleep well, exercise a lot, and remember, health is above all else!

be kind to yourself, don't let life be lost to the mood

Life is your own life, the mood of your own mood. Don't let your mood affect your life, and don't let people lose to your mood.

people in this life, everything is glamorous in the mirror. Instead of living uneasily, it is better to be happy.

you in other people's mouth are not really you. Why should you care too much about what other people think?

who doesn't talk about people? Who is not to be told? As long as you have a clear conscience, ignore the gossip, as long as you are open and open, don't care what he says.

Don't care what others think of you, learn to restrain yourself, and learn to let yourself go.

sometimes, instead of losing to others, it's the bad mood that affects us.

because I am not reconciled to the loss, because I am not happy about it.

do you care so much about others? Do people care about you?

to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes. Why mess with yourself?

Don't care about you, just leave, don't cherish you, don't please


if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come, and if you are wonderful, the sky will arrange itself.

Smart people will gradually give up superfluous social interaction, superfluous emotions, and superfluous worries.

Life is only a few decades. Whether you are happy or not, every day will pass. Learn to smile and encourage yourself.

the darkness of life is most afraid of sunshine. If you smile at the world, the world will be kind to you.

live only once in this life, not next time

We are not flowers, there is another spring,

We are not grass, there is still the next year.

A lifetime, is wonderful, is a pity, no one has a chance to start all over again.

A lifetime is perfect and missing, and no one has the right to go again.

so, live well, cherish the people around you who love us, and live every day of the rest of your life. Do what you should do as soon as possible, and hold on to what you should grasp.

more tolerance, less care, more gratitude, more complaining, your life will be better and better.

in the next life, we don't know each other, and it's hard for us to meet each other. If we can work hard in this life, don't scribble!

struggle for a lifetime, can not take away every plant, persistent life, can not take away a bit of vanity and love. Three thousand prosperous, flick the finger in an instant, a hundred years later, but a handful of yellow sand.

only live once in this life, not next time! Cherish what you have, take care of what is in front of you, and don't think of anything else.

treat people sincerely, work attentively, be worthy of anyone, be clean, simple, and feel at ease all your life!

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