Be kind to yourself who is growing old (profound)
Be kind to yourself who is growing old (profound)
Just be yourself for the rest of your life.

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Uncle Wu Ming




how can time wait for no man?

suddenly one day, you look at yourself in the mirror and you are so strange.

when did the fine lines in the corner of the eye come? When did the gloom in your eyes change? When did you get the whiteness on your head?

all these years, we always go out in a hurry. After a busy day, we don't even have time to wash our faces when we get home. The family needs to take care of them, and we have to wash and change our clothes in the four seasons.

I have been in a trance for a few years, and I get old before I know it.

once upon a time, I always thought that time was very slow, but it seemed that it would never end. Now that 1/6 of the new year has passed, I find that the years are in such a hurry. How short is life?

getting older and older, the burden of life is not reduced, do not hope to go back to the past, just hope that we can all be nice to ourselves in the future.

other people's mouths, their own way

whatever other people's mouth says! I know best about my own heart.

along the way of life, each and every one of us will not live as everyone likes. Some people see you as "round", others see you as "flat", and different people have different views.

those who understand you know you are good, and those who don't love you don't care whether you are good or not, so why be unhappy about other people's mouths?

every mature person, who has not experienced the vicissitudes of life? Who is not over a thousand sails?

be calm, people who go the same way are friends, strangers don't ask, for the rest of their lives, go their own way, do their own things, and have a clear conscience.

Don't think too much, let nature take its course

try to do what you have to do and don't think too much about anything else.

the feelings around you are treated wholeheartedly, and those who want to leave will follow their fate.

finish the task at hand earnestly. If you have time, learn more and grow up.

when you are at home, spend time with your children and old people. Don't miss out on your children's childhood.

in fact, we may encounter all kinds of disputes and frustrations on our way forward. No one's life path is entirely satisfactory.

there are moments of tears, moments of sadness, moments of falls. But these, rely on our own, slowly can get through.

be the best of yourself, move forward optimistically, be worthy of every section of life, let nature take its course, and leave everything to providence.

please yourself for the rest of your life

Don't pile up if you don't like the hustle and bustle;

Don't be perfunctory if you don't like politeness;

if he didn't like the wine bureau, he calmly refused.

just be yourself for the rest of your life.

sleep when you are tired, cry when you are aggrieved, and eat whatever you want. Be kind to yourself, be nice to the people around you, and please yourself more is the happiest thing in life.

how much money is more? Comparable life will only add sorrow, when you through your own efforts, through your own strength, let your family live a happy and worry-free life, is the greatest achievement!

what is so successful? Rise head and shoulders above others? In fact, as long as our families are safe and healthy, it is the happiest thing.

for the rest of your life, be kind to yourself who is getting old. Don't be dominated by desires and wear yourself out.



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