Be nice to those who love you for the rest of your life
Be nice to those who love you for the rest of your life
If you raise me, I will grow old with you.

to what extent can one person love another?

there is such a person in this world who is affected by your joys and sorrows.

she wants you to be happy, but also afraid that you will get carried away; that you will be frustrated early, but that you will not be able to afford it; that you will be noticed, but that you will be looked down upon; that you will be able to enjoy loneliness and that you will become depressed.

she is so considerate of you and cares about you all the time that every Mother's Day, "Mom" becomes the most tearful word, releasing all the feelings that we can't say and forget.

A woman is weak, but a mother is tough

there are countless mothers all over the world. They have different looks, different names and different occupations, but they all have one thing in common-they love their children deeply.

there is something they want to protect and cherish more than themselves, and that is you.

not long ago, my uncle asked for old photos related to my mother and received messages from many readers.

behind each photo, there is a touching story telling the extraordinary love of every ordinary mother.

@ Sunshine:

my mother is 81 years old, and she still makes a lot of zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival.

once, I was in a bad mood. Seeing that she was still sitting on a pony with dumplings bent over her waist, I couldn't help but lose my temper at her: "I told you not to work so hard, and you don't like it."

my mother was not angry when she heard this, but retorted me in a low voice: "but you like it. I don't want my own children. I watch others eat eagerly every time."

at that time, I burst into tears and regretted not having spoken to her in such a fierce tone.

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@ go back in time:

when I opened my phone, I found that it was full of pictures of my son, but I couldn't find a picture with my mother.

I finally found a picture of my mother when she was young.

looking at the picture of her vibrant, with a sweet smile on her face, and thinking about my mother's gray hair and wrinkled face, my heart, ah, can't stand it all of a sudden, and there's a kind of unspeakable sadness.

@ Qin:

this is a picture of me and my mother on my wedding day.

later, I heard my father say that my mother could no longer hold back on the stage. after stepping down, she was hiding in the corner crying, and no one could stop persuading me, saying that she was reluctant to give up me, for fear that I would be wronged if I married too far.

the photos are merged into touching stories that make people cry every time they think of it.

in fact, mothers' world is so small that it is only us, but our world is so big that we often ignore them.

think of a hot topic on Zhihu: "which moments make you think your mother loves you very much?"

in the message area, one netizen said: there is no doubt that every moment.

indeed, when you were young, she was the one who gave you all the fish and lied about her love of fish heads.

when you grow up, she is the one who carries over all serious and minor illnesses silently, and doesn't want to cause you any trouble.

if you want to go home, she prepares your favorite food several days in advance and cooks a table of good dishes before you enter the door.

she was about to leave home, and she was more reluctant to give up than anyone else. She couldn't see it on the surface, but she filled the whole suitcase with food and food.

these love, which we have ignored and forgotten, are hidden in the corner of our lives. When we look back inadvertently, we find that she loves me far more than we thought.

can do anything because of love

do you remember a classic line from "Please answer 1988"?

"I heard that God couldn't be everywhere, so he created a mother. Even when she is old enough, her mother is still her patron saint. The word mother, just a cry, also touched the heartstrings, still very powerful. "

Yes, when I was a child, the person who felt the most powerful was my mother, who was not afraid of the dark, knew everything, could cook delicious food, took good care of her life, and cried so much that she didn't know what to do.

but we all seem to forget that this dependent person is also the first time to be a mother. Once she was also a little girl, afraid of the dark love tears, clumsily stabbed her hand with a needle.

before, a short film about "Mom's Daily" went viral on moments. In the video, the mother has an upset stomach and wants to go to the bathroom with a child hanging from her body.

she wanted to sit down and have a quiet meal, but the sleeping child suddenly burst into tears, and she had to coax her and shove a few mouthfuls into her mouth.

when she didn't have time to clean herself up and push the stroller out, she found stains on her clothes and looked at the bright girls around her and bowed her head awkwardly.

when the child was ill and her father was socializing outside, she cried out in a panic, and finally went to the hospital with the baby in her arms.

the short film takes only 3 minutes and has no lines, but it pokes the tears of many people, especially mothers.

all year round, standing by, unpaid and disliked, no one remembers that she was a spoiled little girl before she became an invincible mother.

it is said that women are weak and strong when they are mothers. It is not until today that they know that the so-called omnipotence is not all because of love.

because she loves you, she can give up her self-esteem and protect you all her life; because she loves you, she is willing to give up her life and achieve your happiness.

Don't wait for everything, it's too late

Sometimes, we don't understand what our mother does, just because we can't see her giving. When we understand her love, we only feel guilty.

Takeshi Kitano, a Japanese writer, had a cold relationship with his mother when he was young.

in today's words, his mother is an out-and-out "tiger mother": children are not allowed to have hobbies, force them to study, and beat and scold their children if they do not get good grades.

but he didn't make a difference and couldn't even pay the rent, and his mother secretly helped him pay the rent for half a year.

years passed, and his work slowly got back on track, but his mother asked him for money, and as his fame grew, he asked for more and more money.

it turned out that his mother was worried that the artist would go downhill one day, and he didn't know how to save money, so she planned for him in this way.

this long-overdue letter untied his heart knot for many years, and he finally understood his mother's good intentions, but it was too late.

later, Takeshi Kitano wrote in tears in his memoirs: "I fought with my mother all my life and finally lost the whole game."

between the lines, it is full of thoughts, grief and release of my mother.

affection is a moment made up of countless "regrets".

A lot of things don't last for a long time, and many people always leave the field suddenly, and so does the one who loves you most.

I agree with a sentence in "the most Beautiful parting in the World":

"if your son wants to support but does not wait, how much love you have received, at least repay her 1/10000 of her love, and try your best to do whatever you can." You have to tell her that you have grown up so that you won't be able to leave at the last minute. "

Life doesn't always develop the way we want it to be. There are so many things that take us by surprise.

maybe we can't change the parting, but at least we can make every present regret a little less, a little less.

you raise me and I will grow old with you

some people say: "how a mother spends Mother's Day depends on what you do as a child in the other 364 days of the year except Mother's Day."

everyone may express their love for their mother in different ways, but our love should not stay in words.

True love is not in moments, nor only on Mother's Day, but in daily life, do sweet and warm little things for your mother.

go home when you can; don't avoid if you can chat with her; even if you're not around, don't forget to call home more often and listen to her talk about the past.

No matter what you did in the past, it's over. From this Mother's Day, love your moms a little more.

if you are a child, please hug your mother and say "Thank you" to her;

if you are a husband, please hug your wife and tell her "I love you and thank you";

if you are a mother, please hug yourself and remember to love yourself for the rest of your life.

you raise me to grow up, I accompany you to grow old, while time is still here, while we are not old, live a good life, cherish all.

finally, I wish all mothers in the world a happy holiday, and may you all be treated gently by the years.