"be sure to love the one whose eyes are full of you."
"be sure to love the one whose eyes are full of you."
The best relationship is to go both ways, and the best companionship is that the other person is there all the time.

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Cheng Yi

"will we still be together in the next life?"

"fool, you asked this question in your last life!"

when I was brushing Zhihu, I was inexplicably wet with tears by this short love sentence.

two days ago, I attended my friend's warm wedding.

finally understand the warmth that has always been known as a "good girl", why she insists on marrying Yichen despite the opposition of her family.

at the beginning of the wedding, Yichen had an affectionate confession in the face of the beautiful warmth.

in my opinion, it is best not to miss two things:

the last bus and someone who loves you deeply.

I have always felt that in a good relationship, what you have done is far more important than what you have said.

as a man of science and technology, I am really a little dull, and I have never said sweet words to warmth.

my dear warm, thank you.

Thank you for being my wife, daughter-in-law of my parents, and mother of my future children.

Today is our wedding. I'd like to borrow Mr. Yu Guangzhong's words to make an appointment with you: warm, your eyes are very beautiful.

because there are mountains and rivers, rain, flowers and birds in your eyes, but my eyes are more beautiful, because I see you.

for the rest of my life, do what I can, do what you can.

for the rest of your life, for the rest of my life. Deep words for the future, we speak softly.

it's a long way back, and we walk slowly. Until many years later, your hair turned white and your teeth fell out, it was still the treasure of my hand.

as the lyrics say: the most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you.

thunderous applause rang out from the audience, warm and desperately held back the tears that were about to burst into his eyes, took the microphone and said:

the best gift for a boy to the girl he likes is to call her by his surname.

Yichen, maybe I can't tell you what's good about you, but no one can replace you.

Mountains, rain, flowers and birds are less than 1/10000 of yours.

what I see, what my heart thinks, what my eyes see is you.

for the rest of my life, good morning and good night is you, three meals and four seasons are you, and I give you all my tenderness.

some people say that one of the luckiest things for a girl is to marry a boy whose eyes are full of her.

and you say, there is scenery in my eyes, only me in your eyes, but what you don't know is that I am willing to love the whole world for you.

Thank you for filling your eyes with me. Please give me some advice for the rest of my life.

NetEase Yun someone said:

Don't miss the man whose eyes are full of you. If you lose it, you can't get it back.

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have you ever met someone whose eyes are full of you?

he likes you like a fool.

he lets you know that it takes 30 seconds to eat and only two minutes to take a bath.

he lets you know that messages can be answered in seconds and that the phone is turned on 24 hours a day.

We are in a long-distance relationship, and his home is more than two thousand kilometers away from my house.

he traveled across mountains and rivers and bought large and small bags to see my parents.

he remembers that I love spicy food and never eat sweet;

he remembers all my hobbies and all our anniversaries.

he is really good at everything, but I treat myself well for him, and there is no reason to be capricious.

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what's it like to love someone?

probably the room is suddenly dark, you are not looking for the lamp, but to find him.

when I suddenly realized that I should cherish such a boy whose eyes were full of me, I found that we had broken up for three months.

We thought about where to buy the house, what name to give the child, and agreed on the date to get the license.

however, at last, I lost him at last.

Yes, one of the most regrettable things in life:

some things, miss is a lifetime;

some people turn around forever.

so! Don't wait for the hot love to go out, don't wait for your eyes to be cold.

if you can, I still hope that every relationship will have the best result.

even if not, I hope there must be another paragraph.

Ye wrote to me privately that the end of the year was approaching, and she was really worried that she would be urged to get married by seven aunts and eight aunts.

I asked her, are you sure you don't want to fall in love? It's over 30 years old.

it's not that I don't want to fall in love. I've experienced the failure of the last relationship. I just want to wait for a boy whose eyes are full of me.

I really don't want to have the courage to call him after getting drunk and say, I miss you so much; I don't want to peek at his moments, but I don't dare to like and leave a message.

do not want to stare at and his Wechat dialog box, deceive myself again and again from morning till night, he and I can still go on.

there will always be an uproar if you can't get it, and those who are favored always have nothing to fear.

I have never understood what is not good enough for him to cherish, and I do not know what is so good about him, which is worthy of my red eyes again and again.

I gave the leaf a spacious hug and said:

silly girl, this is a failureThe relationship is not your fault,

you just really gave it to the wrong person.

I also believe that the boy whose eyes are full of you must be on his way.

until then, take care of yourself.

he will also follow your every circle of friends, listen to your every little story, and realize your every little wish.

Let you rest assured to rely on, in his place, you just have to be yourself.

he will take you to dinner when you are hungry, transfer money to you when you have no money, and take you to the hospital when you are sick.

people who like you are free 24 hours a day, along the way, east, south, west, east, south, west, east, west, east, south, west, east, west,

the boy whose eyes are full of you, joy is you, love is you.

the best relationship is to go both ways, and the best companion is that the other person is always there.

, there is a vast sea of people, so cherish it when you meet the person whose eyes are full of you.