Being able to do this shows that you are still young!
Being able to do this shows that you are still young!
​ shares life, highlights, and curiosity about the world.

in Zhihu, someone once asked such a question: "when did you start to feel old?"

below is a highly liked answer--

"when I find myself no longer curious about new things."

I believe that many people have sorrows about this.

when we were young, we were full of curiosity about the world, how the clouds floated, how the river flowed, how the nectar condensed. But as we walk, the thing that everyone pays attention to becomes:

how to pass the exam;

how to complete the project;

how to raise wages.

We no longer ask why.

no longer look forward to the distant starry sky on the other side of the mountain.

because curiosity seems so useless in the face of complex and trivial reality.

but is this really the case?


Watermelon video

launched a

"what is curiosity"

, and invited five narrators who achieved themselves out of curiosity-

Ni Ping, Chen Luyu, Li Yinhe

, share their understanding of "curiosity" and the significance of "curiosity" in their lives.

"as long as you don't fall down yourself,

you can pass anything! "

only by holding this light, will we not give up searching for the answer and truth of life.

in 2006, Ni Ping was a guest of "Art Life". Under the stage sat Dong Qing, Wang Xiaoya and other younger generations. In the question session, Dong Qing, who was already showing off at that time, asked such a question:

"the public attention on the stage, the loneliness and helplessness of the stage. Once it was in its heyday, it will eventually come to an end. How can we balance and face it? "

after hearing the question, Ni Ping looked a little embarrassed and helpless. Because she doesn't know.

and similar "no answer" moments, Ni Ping has experienced many times in the long first half of life.

the first love ends because of parents' intervention; the first marriage is divorced because of a long distance; later, when the other person falls in love, the other person has an affair, and six years of efforts come to naught.

when she was 38 years old, Ni Ping got married again.

getting married at an old age and having children at the age of 40 is a valuable courage. I thought this fate would be better for her, but my four-month-old son was diagnosed with congenital cataract and was almost blind.

in order to see a doctor for her child, she quit her job at CCTV and went everywhere to make money by acting. Under the heavy pressure of life, Ni Ping has become bloated and old, and the "mockery" of the outside world is also everywhere.

when something bad happens, the incompetent person falls down at once.

but Ni Ping didn't.

the curiosity is hidden in my heart, and the exploration of life and fate is like hanging her in one breath and moving forward.

she looked out curiously, exploring the boundaries of life in her desperate life.

pick up the microphone, she is the trump card host who has never mispronounced the word; when she walks into the screen, she is an all-round actress who tries her best.

she wrote a book, the Quotations of Grandma, and won the Bing Xin Prose Award.

she paints without writing every year, and two paintings have even been auctioned for millions.

in her early years, most people's lives began to go downhill, but she created her own different legends.

some people say that curiosity is useless, it can neither be used to make money nor bring good luck.

but Ni Ping said:

"curiosity is light, beauty, and spiritual fire. It turns suffering into inspiration, mediocrity into beauty, and it makes me smile at everything in the past."

after half a lifetime, looking back on the past, you will find that Ni Ping now shines more brightly.

"luckily, I am sober"

the road of life is long and tortuous.

and those who can walk out of the vast world are all people who know how to use curiosity as a shield and constantly open up the boundaries of life.

curiosity is an indispensable footnote in Luyu's life.

in 1993, CCTV went to Communication University to pick the host. Because of his sharp questions and daring, Luyu won the favor of the interviewer at once. Later, he successfully joined CCTV and hosted the "Art Garden Landscape".

program is well done, and the audience likes it very much. if it were for someone else, they would definitely hold this iron rice bowl for the rest of their lives.

but Luyu did not.

at that time, Phoenix Satellite TV had just started. Luyu thought about it and resigned because she wanted to know what kind of flowers her energy would blossom there.

A date with Luyu was popular all over the country and was broadcast on major satellite TV stations, and Luyu once became the hot king of Phoenix Satellite TV.

however, this "one-on-one" interview and weekly workload do not satisfy Luyu's appetite.

she said:

"for me, the amount of program is too small, because the work is too simple and meaningless to me." I don't want to feel tired, but the job itself should be an interesting challenge. If the work is too easy to finish, it won't be very interesting for a long time. "

so the seemingly weak girl boldly in her heartA "change" is brewing:

change the form of weekly broadcast to daily broadcast;

Performing guests have expanded from celebrities to the general public;

not limited to the number of recording guests.

because of this innovation, the program "date with Luyu" is full of new vitality-it has interviewed tens of thousands of people, broadcast more than 3000 episodes, and has been rotated for nearly 20 years.


however, there has been a lot of controversy over Luyu's interview methods on the Internet, such as "chatting", "against guests" and so on. In this regard, Luyu appears to be very calm.

she said, "if no one will say what you did wrong. This is a bad state. You will easily feel that everything you do is good. Fortunately, I am sober. "

people know that there are deficiencies, so they will be curious and look at the world.

Luyu's curiosity is reflected not only in the pursuit of the truth of the news, but also in "how to be a journalist".

in his speech, Lu Yu asked this question:

what is curiosity?

can it make me more transparent?

looking for inner questioning and reflection, she found her own answer--

the world is never short of rusty and hostile, but curiosity keeps you listening and empathizing with each other.

because of curiosity, you are not afraid of getting hurt if you move forward.

because of curiosity, I am not afraid that questioning will be questioned.

"people can love again and again"

curiosity leads to understanding, respect, and powerful healing.

and the opposite is castration.

when talking about beautiful love, people always think of Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe. However, many people do not know that after Wang Xiaobo's death, Li Yinhe still fell in love with a man called "chivalrous".

once, Li Yinhe was invited to a party by a friend.

party, she didn't know anyone, so she stayed quietly in the corner. The hero saw Li Yinhe at first glance and was attracted by her unique temperament. At that time, he thought: if only I could live with her.

later, like the original Wang Xiaobo, he launched a passionate pursuit.

it is not a problem for two people to fall in love, the key is that the "hero" is transgender-the so-called "transgender", that is, the physical gender is female, the psychological gender is male, and later underwent transgender surgery.

because of this incident, Li Yinhe was "bombarded" by the media:

"Li Yinhe is gay. She is now with a middle-aged woman."

although Li Yinhe later solemnly explained that he was heterosexual and the other person was a man in her opinion, he still did not escape secular prejudice.

in addition, she is a sex researcher and has expressed a lot of avant-garde views, so for a time, her academic research and personal life were always singled out and attacked by dedicated people.

however, despite being slandered, Li Yinhe never gave up his speech.

for many years, she has been using her own written knowledge to eliminate prejudice and appeal to the whole society to give due understanding and respect to sexual minorities.

understand because of curiosity;

do not blindly follow the rules because of curiosity;

because of curiosity, I know how to cherish people's natural differences.

in this storm of public opinion, Li Yinhe is like a staunch soldier, erecting an umbrella for lonely and weak people.

most of the time, curiosity seems superfluous.

but it is this curiosity that enables Li Yinhe to remain brave in the face of "rumors, questions, and attacks", continue to expand his territory, and keep going firmly with his loved ones.

according to careful calculation, she and the hero have gone through the Spring and Autumn period for 23 years.

A happy day, a happy life.

as she said in her autobiography "Honey gathering on Earth":

Life is only a few decades, so enjoy your life. Be free and unrestrained and do whatever you want.

there are many seemingly useless things in life, which are often the most important.

for example, curiosity.

keep curiosity and you will be lucky.

keep curiosity, life will be progressive, rich and beautiful.

watch the lecture "what is curiosity"

however, curiosity is not exclusive to young people.


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you will see many adults and old people who are still lovely, optimistic and curious about everything, even though they are no longer young.

for example,

Grandpa Amu


A simple piece of wood and a piece of bamboo can make Luban stools, general cases, and even small toys for grandchildren, such as Peggy Pig and hand bubble machines.

for example, Lao Yuan, the main modeler of popular science up.

he can always be interesting and fun with the little knowledge in your popular science life that you have never thought about in a strange way.

look.The same life, with a little curiosity, is a different color.

this is also

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the original intention of founding and the idea that has been adhered to all the time

-I hope that after going through thousands of sails, we can still be sincere and look around forever in the face of life.

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