Between people, it's just an exchange of hearts for hearts.
Between people, it's just an exchange of hearts for hearts.
If you love, love deeply, but if you don't love, go away.


what is the law of interchange?

is that achievements are achieved only after you pay, and fruits are not achieved until you work hard.

there is no free lunch in the world, and there is no benefit in the world for nothing.

Life is interchangeable, and you have to work hard for what kind of fruit you want.

feelings are interchangeable. If you want others to treat you, you must first learn how to treat others.

No matter how strong the feeling is, if you don't respond, you will be disappointed

do you have time to love someone? The answer is yes.

We love someone again, always pay for him, always work hard for him, but if he turns a blind eye to it again and again.

one or two years, we may still stick to it, but we may not be able to do so in seven or eight years.

it's not that our relationship is not deep enough to last a lifetime.

it's just that if you don't get cherished and rewarded, your heart will be cool sooner or later, and you'll leave sooner or later.

the love of one person, after all, is a lonely walk alone; only the love of two people can produce beautiful flowers.

this world, how much enthusiasm, slowly no longer enthusiastic? How much kindness, slowly took the edge?

if you are truly ignored, you will be discouraged; if you are deceived sincerely, you will learn to be on your guard.

at the beginning, we don't know how to protect ourselves, until after we are covered with bruises and bruises, we grow up, and this growth is our life experience.

No matter how true your heart is, being deceived will change

people are most afraid of deception.

when we are deceived, our trust will be lost.

We think that there is nothing, and we will forget it after a while, but the heart has already built a foundation called defense.

when something happens in life, we can't help but be suspicious.

it is easier to forgive than to trust again.

the relationship between two people is like a blank piece of paper, when there is a deception, the white paper will have a crease, even if it is smoothed, the crease will still exist.

especially the people we care about most, our loved ones and best friends, once they deceive us, they will be disappointed and there will be a distance.

sometimes, once cheating, it takes a long time to trust again.

sometimes it takes a long time to get out of the ordeal of being deceived.

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feelings are interchangeable. If you are not sincere, how can others trust you?

people who can't be changed should know how to turn around

if your efforts are ignored, don't continue to give foolishly.

if your sincerity is taken for granted, don't be stupid enough to believe it.

in fact, the most despised person in this world is such a person.

people treat you well, you accept, never know how to refuse, greedily enjoy the pay of others, but return to unscrupulous harm.

send a man as a servant and a servant girl.

if you love, love deeply, but if you don't, go away.

Don't disrespect others, accept what they give, and don't appreciate it.

it's not a matter of affection, it's a matter of character.

We need to open our eyes when we give to others, and don't think that all your unconditional giving will be cherished.

people who cannot be changed will not be changed.

Don't get the truth that you can't get.

some people are dissatisfied with their hearts and treat him so well that he doesn't cherish it. Instead, he takes it even harder. Remember, such a person will never be worthy of your kindness.