Breaking up is the highest level of self-discipline.
Breaking up is the highest level of self-discipline.
When you are simple, life will be simple for you.




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once heard a very interesting theory, called empty cup mentality.

there is an empty cup, and when you pour something into the empty cup, what the cup presents to you is.

our lives are actually like this empty cup. What kind of life will become if you treat life with a state of mind.

however, if you want to live a colorful life, you must first turn yourself into an "empty cup".

remove unnecessary things and empty yourself regularly in order to accept new things and make life in a different state.

as written in the book "break away": "break away, from a deep point of view, is a view of life arrangement that lives in the present."

learn to break up in order to make your heart easier;

learn to break up in order to make life easier;

learn to break up in order to make life wonderful.

learn to break up before you can return to simplicity

the older people are, the more they like to carry heavy "useless baggage", but even if it is heavy, people are still unwilling to throw it away.

do not realize that not willing to throw away useless things will only add more troubles and troubles to your life.

the son of a family, the business is not going very well, so he is always worried about it.

every day, he thinks and thinks, often frowning and talking to himself.

one day, when his father saw him worrying again with a vase in each hand, he said to him, "put it down."

on hearing this, the son put the vase he held in his left hand on the table.

the son had to put the vase in his right hand on the table again.

but his father continued to say to him, "put it down."

the son asked, "I've put down everything I can put down. I'm empty-handed now. What else do you want me to put down?"

Father replied, "it doesn't matter whether the vase is put down or not. the important thing is that I want you to let go of your upset heart."

Yes, people should never take anything too seriously.

put down what should be put down and clear what should be cleared in order to make your heart lighter.

there is a poem that goes like this:

"there are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world."

learn to break up, let everything back to simple, the heart will become simple.

always remember: when you are simple, life will be easy for you.

the best self-discipline is to break up

I have a friend who likes to tidy up his wardrobe regularly.

each time, she will put out all her clothes, sort out clothes that she does not wear very often, and donate them to institutions in need.

and some of the clothes donated are still brand new after being worn only a few times.

I asked, "is it necessary to donate so many beautiful clothes?" Even if you don't wear it very often now, you can keep it in the wardrobe. "

my friend replied faintly:

"if there are too many clothes, it will only fill the wardrobe, and it will be very difficult to find clothes.

instead of letting these clothes fill the wardrobe, donate unnecessary clothes to people in need.

in this way, the wardrobe becomes bigger, it is easier to find clothes, and it can help others. "

also because she has formed a good habit of tidying up her wardrobe regularly, she takes care of many details of her life in good order.

gradually, she also became a very self-disciplined person.

I like what the poet Tagore once said:

"one night, I burned all my memories, and from then on my dreams became transparent; one morning, I threw away all yesterday, and my steps have been light ever since."

people's life is not only a life of choice, but also a life of giving up.

there may be a lot of things you want, but there are things you can get and things you have to give up.

if you want to get too much, but not willing to give up, not willing to let go, then the more tired the heart will be, the more messy life will be.

only by regularly cleaning up your life's bags and seeing what should be thrown away, what should be kept, and what should be added, can you plan your life.

Zeng Guofan said: "do not love the past, do not welcome the future, the present is not miscellaneous."

A person's highest level of self-discipline is to learn to break up.

A really smart person is breaking up all his life

as the old saying goes: every obsession becomes a bondage.

indeed, if you have too many desires and cling too deeply, you will become a burden and bind you forward.

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the reason why many people are tired and miserable is that they want to have too much and refuse to let go.

and really smart people tend to be separated all their lives.

there is a successful person who has been busy with his life since he became famous, and people become more and more tired as a result.

so he went to ask a senior professor to see if he could find a way to solve the situation.

the professor asked him, "what are you doing every day?"

the man answered truthfully:

"I am busy with all kinds of social activities, sometimes dinners, sometimes speeches.

I should not only take the time to receive the people I work with, but also do my own job.Internal affairs. Alas, it is really useless to be separated! "

after hearing this, the professor took him to the cloakroom and said, "after you put all these clothes on you, you can find a solution."

"it's enough for me to wear the clothes I have, and it's no good to wear more. What's more, if you wear all these clothes, won't you walk very clumsily? "

the professor said:

"these clothes are like baggage on you. The more you wear them, they will only overwhelm you."

you should know that you are neither an orator nor a communicator, so why let yourself play so many roles and make yourself suffer? "

A word woke up the dreamer, and the man suddenly realized:

"Yes, if you know how to give up some unnecessary things and do what you can, you can return to your original intention and make yourself more comfortable and happy."

the journey of life is actually like a boat.

if you carry too much, the ship will not be able to bear too much weight and be damaged, thus affecting the navigation.

if you want to set sail, you must learn to unload a certain amount of weight regularly so that you can carry forward lightly.

know how to tidy up your heart at the right time, give up useless things and give up too many desires in order to really enjoy a good life.