Can boast, is the top EQ.
Can boast, is the top EQ.
Learn to appreciate others, and others will appreciate you.

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Cai Kangyong said:

"when someone scolds you, you scold him back. It's called a fight." When someone praises you, you respond with a compliment, which is called socializing. "

everyone yearns for recognition and praise is to the heart what sunshine is to all things.

the best way to move people is to give well-intentioned approval.

can boast and is a person's top EQ.

it's a disease that can't see others well.

A few days ago, my friend Xiao Ai posted a circle of friends, posting photos of herself going hiking with her boyfriend at the weekend and putting on lipstick given to her by her boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

in the picture, she is beaming and smiling.

the comment area was all well received, with some praising her "looking good" and others praising them as "talented and beautiful".

Make people swoon over you in christian wedding dress! Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

but after a while, a mutual friend commented: "it's impossible for your boyfriend to give lipstick on Valentine's Day because he is so short."

this sentence stands out in the comments.

I'll look at it later. Xiao Ai has silently deleted that circle of friends as if nothing had happened.

later, when she mentioned this to Xiao Ai in private, she spread out her hands, saying that she was used to it.

this so-called mutual friend has always been mean. Because of this, everyone kept their distance from her.

you are what you say, that is who you are.

mocking the happiness of others will only show your own shallowness.

it is a disease to see that others are not well.

to seek inner balance in a moment of rapidity, which is harmful to others and not to self-interest;

by blindly satirizing others, but cutting off your own back, the loss outweighs the gain.

those evil words are like a sharp knife, either in others or in their own hearts.

people who really have a pattern know that "everyone is good is really good" and are used to cheering for others.

people who live a thorough life are pleasing to the eye;

selfish and narrow-minded people are always too picky.

what one sees is the projection of one's own heart.

pay more attention to people's strengths in order to get along comfortably

after graduating from college, my sister chose to share with her colleagues because she was short of money.

when she first moved in, she always complained to me about how weird her colleagues were. She either made a mess after cooking or rarely cleaned up after taking a shower.

but because everyone is in the same company, they don't look up and are embarrassed to tear their faces.

after listening to her once, I asked her, "doesn't this colleague have any advantages?"

my sister thought for a moment and said to me, "in fact, she is quite good. She suddenly tripped while boiling water last week. I don't know what to do, thanks to her timely repair."

after a while, she added, "another time, I forgot my key and she sent it to me specially from the company."

the same person, with different eyes, is instantly different.

most of the time, we find fault with the people around us.

but if you blindly focus on other people's shortcomings, life will naturally lead to chicken feathers.

only by seeing each other's strengths can we get along comfortably.

this is true between friends and lovers.

in the movie "Modi", Modi was born crippled. When she was with her husband, her husband disliked her for not working neatly and could not even clean up the table.

Modi was also dissatisfied with her husband's bad temper, and on one occasion she was so angry that she wanted to leave.

however, as they get along day and night, they gradually discover the bright spots in each other.

Modi's optimism and kindness infected her husband, and the husband also appreciated Modi's talent for painting, and the two hugged and danced in the cabin.

as written in the book "what happens with a few more compliments":

"praise your lover from the heart in order to touch the soul of love."

No one is perfect, no gold is perfect.

the better the person is, the easier it is to see the good of others.

praise its long, avoid its short, is the easiest way to win the hearts of the people.

for the rest of our lives, I hope we can all put aside our prejudices and learn to praise others sincerely.

it's instinct to be able to speak, and it's a skill to boast.

in the recent hit "creation Camp 2021", the judges' teachers changed their venomous tongue image and frequently used golden sentences.

qu Baiyu and Liu Cong were out of tune as soon as they opened their mouths.

when commenting on serenity, there is no rush to deny it, but to praise it first:

"they have a tacit understanding. Qu Baiyu's first sentence is out of tune, but Liu Cong's second sentence can be found again. As long as one person is not sure, the other person can sing correctly, which is really amazing. "

serenity should not only point out problems, but also be afraid of hurting students' self-esteem.

therefore, she adopted this euphemistic way of speaking, turning the corner to tell the students what was wrong, and was praised by netizens as high EQ.

A simple sentence of self-deprecation skillfully praised the students.

although there are inevitably some deficiencies in the students' performance, the pertinent evaluation of the judges, like the fire in the night, gives them motivation to move forward.

it is an instinct to be able to speak, and it is an ability to boast.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

the silent teachings of such moisturizing things are far better thanA sharp rebuke is more effective.

being kind to others is as warm as the scorching sun;

hurtful words are like thorns in the back.

say a word, but it will take a minute or two, but it will still affect each other many years later.

some netizens on Weibo shared their experiences, saying that they were so stressed at 03:00 that they collapsed at one point.

unexpectedly, a teacher praised himself as "very potential".

decades later, she still remembers the teacher.

however, some netizens complained: "before the whole tooth is told not to open your mouth to smile, so that now do not dare to smile in front of others."

the mouth can spit fragrance as well as Tribulus terrestris.

keeping virtue under the mouth is a kind of advanced kindness;

it is a rare wisdom to grasp the square inch.

can boast and is the top EQ

American psychologist William James said: "one of the deepest attempts of human nature is to expect to be praised, admired and respected."

people who boast know how to take care of others and take care of their feelings all the time.

they will not utter wild words to embarrass others, nor will they improperly belittle themselves or make others uncomfortable.

still water runs deep, and people are expensive and humble.

in every word, they will lower their posture and make others feel concerned and respected.

between people, there is but a heart-to-heart exchange.

learn to appreciate others and they will appreciate you.

can boast, and you don't need much superb speaking skills.

in interpersonal communication, be sincere and sincere, and you win.

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good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.