Character is always the first! (good text in depth)
Character is always the first! (good text in depth)
Character is a person's most precious wealth.

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I have read a story about a man named Ma San in ancient times, who was honest and honest and had a kind heart.

although the family is not rich, Ma San will take out food to help whenever he sees someone in distress.

after his father died, Ma San went to find Mr. fengshui to find a precious land for his old father.

when Ma San led Mr. fengshui to his field, he suddenly stopped and saw three people digging sweet potatoes in the field.

"they are digging, why don't you come forward and stop it?" Asked the old man.

"those three are poor families in the town. To tell you the truth, I used to help them before, but today they dig by themselves, which saves a lot of trouble."

"this place is full of fengshui. It seems that the old man's trip is in vain!"

Ma San was puzzled, and the old man made it clear:

"God will favor you if you are kind-hearted, and no matter how good the treasure is, if you are evil, you will not be blessed."

A person's greatest wealth is his moral character and upbringing.

character is something that cannot be seen or touched, but nothing can replace it.

very often, what determines how far a person can go and whether he can be achieved in the future is not how high his IQ is, but how deep he is in dealing with the world.

character is a person's most precious wealth. People with bad character can't move an inch.

character is the highest educational background

when chatting with my HR friends, I talked about a topic:

# is education more important or ability more important? #

A friend is thoughtful, but then shakes his head:

"over the past few years, the company has received a lot of applicants, including those with high academic qualifications and strong abilities, but those who can really stay must have a passable character.

you look like someone with a high education, who graduated from a famous university with high vision and low skill, and is unwilling to do hard work, thinking that work is for tea.

strong ability, it is good to bring benefits to the company, but often such people are easy to rely on the old and sell the old, and may fire the company if they are not satisfied at all. "

my friend is saying funny things, but the reason is not rough at all.

external conditions determine how fast a person can walk, while character determines how far he can go.

No matter how highly educated a person is, no matter how strong his ability is, if he does not know how to be a man, his character is very poor, even if he is going well at the moment, he is doomed not to last long.

having a good character is the basis of a person's ability.

Bai Yansong once heard a true story when interviewing Ji Xianlin.

one year when the school year of Peking University began, a student from out of town walked into the campus with a big bag and a small bag. He was so tired that he left his bag by the side of the road.

at this time, an old man came along, and the young student asked the old man to look at the bag for me, but I went through all kinds of formalities light, and the old man readily agreed.

an hour later, the students returned, and the old man was still guarding it dutifully. After thanking the old man, the two parted.

Bai Yansong sighed:

"I don't know how the student felt at that time, but after hearing this story, I felt strongly that character is the highest degree."

the ancients said, "if you want to do something, you should be holy first."

it is an immutable truth to be a man first, whether in life or in work.

whether a person is successful or not does not have much to do with education, occupation, or birth. The key lies in character.

once the character is damaged, no matter how hard the relationship is, no matter how the top configuration is, it is a pool of rotten mud that can never be supported on the wall.

as the host asked Guo Degang, "what are the criteria for recruiting disciples?"

Guo Degang replied:

"in the past, the recruitment of disciples mainly depended on talent and ability to see if they ate crosstalk.

now it mainly depends on character, because of the ability, I can cultivate him slowly, but the character is not good, what can I do? There's nothing I can do! "

I take it for granted!

people who are incompetent may not be top grade, but people with unqualified character will only be dangerous goods.

good character is not only a person's highest education, but also a stepping stone to work with others and achieve a career.

character determines wealth, and only by being a man can you make money

as the saying goes, it is a blessing to suffer losses, and peace leads to wealth.

how broad-minded a person is and how popular he is, his popularity will naturally come from his popularity.

there are two fruit stores in front of my house, and when they first opened, the two businesses were neck and neck.

sometimes when I am lazy, I choose the one closest to home to buy fruit.

once, after selecting the fruit, it was shown to be 50.4 yuan.

at that time, mobile phone payment was not as common as it is now, so I handed over 100 yuan and said to my boss, "forget it for 4 cents, just give me 50 yuan."

only see her eyebrowAs soon as he wrinkled his head, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed across his face: "No way, I can't make you a few cents in this small business."

I accosted Sran and had no choice but to leave with a pile of change she had found. I haven't been to this store since.

there is another fruit store a little far away from me, but after I have been there once, I have become a regular customer of his family.

in fact, the prices of the two stores are similar, but every time the cashier, whether it is 35 cents, the boss will remove the change, and will send you some other fruits for you to taste.

I once thought that the boss would lose money if he did so, but after a long time, I found that all the neighbors liked to come to his house to buy fruit.

later, the fruit store near the door closed as early as two years ago because there was no business.

the owner of the fruit store, whose business is becoming more and more prosperous, seems to have lost money, but in fact he is the biggest winner.

maybe he never thought that his way of doing business would bring him more profits, but there is no denying that his wealth depends on the accumulation of character.

We often say, "only when you have a house can you get something." only those who deal with things and suffer small losses can often win big profits.

since ancient times, those who have won the hearts of the people have won the world, and those who have gained popularity have gained wealth.

only when a person does a good job and protects the hearts of the people, can these good deeds bring you popularity, good luck, and wealth.

being a man, character is always the first

when she was young, my mother used to be very close to her neighbor's aunt. they often went shopping and bought vegetables together, but later, they slowly stopped seeing each other.

when she asked about this when she grew up, my mother only said two little things:

once my mother and aunt went shopping in the supermarket when they happened to have an activity of fruit, so they bought a big bag.

when her mother went to her house to pick up the fruit, she found that she had left all the fresh and big ones, only a few small and wrinkled ones for her mother. Mother looked at it and didn't say anything.

later, another shopping mall held an activity to give something, and my mother asked her aunt to lead her when she had something to do, only to find that one or two things were missing.

she thought her mother didn't care much, but her mother knew it and gradually broke it off.

interacting with people begins with empathy, falls into talent, and is loyal to character.

as Chekhov said:

"if there is no upbringing and wisdom in one's mind, no matter how good-looking he is, he is still worthless."

No matter how beautiful the appearance is, one day he will grow old; no matter how high the power is, there will be a sunset.

only good character is the greatest capital and honor for a person to live in the world and settle down.

when he is mentioned, he is full of praise for his high EQ and high IQ.

some people think that the reason why he is popular is that he can live with both sides of the world.

when the guests say the wrong things, he will quietly rescue and save the scene, so as not to embarrass his partners and guests.

he puts himself very low, takes care of everyone, and remembers the names of every staff member.

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the most reassuring thing is:

he will never let the thrown stem fall to the ground and will not embarrass others.

A person's conduct not only affects what others think of himself, but also determines his good fortune.

the ancients said: be virtuous and carry things.

if people want to be virtuous, there is nothing that cannot be carried. On the contrary, great things cannot be achieved without morality.

people live all their lives, it is easy to do things, but it is very difficult to be a man. Do not easily discard the card of character, and you can fight a beautiful turnaround at any time!