Cherish everything and be kind to everything for the rest of your life
Cherish everything and be kind to everything for the rest of your life
May we all take advantage of the present, cherish everything and be kind to everything.

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the illusion that people are most likely to have is that everything will last for a long time.

on the way of growing up, we always think that we are too young to waste our time unscrupulously.

always think that there are still many opportunities for something, and you can procrastinate willfully;

always think that everything is too late, because the future is still a long way off.

however, we ignore the ruthlessness of time.

in the twinkling of an eye, it will pass quietly, and if you are not careful, it will be endless, leaving only deep powerlessness and eternal regret.

faced with this short and irreversible life, all we can do is to cherish everything around us.

cherish parents

in the variety show "never forget the Restaurant", Huang Bo and Shu Qi talked about their father's Alzheimer's disease.

when Huang Bo came home that day, his father mistook him for an old comrade-in-arms. In the backlight, he found his father's white hair particularly dazzling, walking more and more faltering, and he saw an once strong father beginning to decadent.

his father's change deeply stabbed his heart, and he began to blame himself for not being able to cherish it. He missed the time when his father beat and scolded himself, because at least his father knew himself at that time.

Yes, the saddest thing about being a child is that you can't grow up as fast as your parents grow old.

time flies so fast that when I finally have the ability and conditions to make my parents live a better life, I find that my parents are already too old to accept.

it is often said that when parents are around, there is still a place in life; when parents go, life is only on the way back.

Don't spend too much time waiting and finally lose the chance to be with your parents.

in the new year, go home and get together more often and cherish every moment we spend with our parents.

cherish every mouthful of food cooked by our parents;

cherish every time they laugh and tell them not to regret it until they lose it.

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cherish your lover

We often say: love is originally two strangers; after ups and downs, they run in with each other and accept each other.

when two people have been together for a long time, sometimes the relationship will slowly become dull with time.

once the excitement has worn away, we have become no longer tolerant, picky, always because of some small things began to dislike, began to quarrel.

do not know that fate is hard-won, not all people can meet, two people together, is already rare luck, the next life is difficult to meet.

Life is so short, cherish the loved ones around you, be more tolerant and accommodating, and take it for granted. No matter how bitter and sweet life is, only each other can stay with you all the time.

cherish yourself

our life list is filled with too many goals we want to achieve, including:

A rich life, a warm family, perfect love, a prominent position.

these goals push us forward desperately, and we are too hard on ourselves along the way.

get up in the morning and dark every day, busy, struggle for life, for the future, day after day, year after year, we live like a machine, tired.

until one day, our steps are getting heavier and heavier, and our mood is getting worse and worse. only when the red light is on, do we realize that we have consumed our bodies excessively, and that we have never really cared about ourselves along the way.

always remember:

your life is not long. Don't always cherish it later. When you have time to see a doctor, your health can no longer afford to wait. When you have a chance to express your love, the person who loves you most is gone.

May we all seize the present, cherish everything and be kind to everything for the rest of our lives.



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