Clean (deep good text)
Clean (deep good text)
Purity of heart is the best attitude to be a man.

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Gu Cheng said: a person should live himself and be clean.

when people live in the world, their eyes can be muddy and their hands can be rough, but their hearts must be clean.

cleanliness is not only a person's best self-cultivation, but also the most expensive spirit that a person is most likely to have.

people are pure and elegant.

people with clean appearance look best

We often say that the beauty of the soul is the true beauty.

but this does not mean that people can pay no attention to appearance at all.

in fact, appearance is a person's first business card.

Yang Lan said: "No one has an obligation to discover your excellence through a sloppy appearance that you don't even care about."

therefore, people still have to pay attention to external beauty.

the so-called external beauty is not necessarily wrapped in fancy clothes, jewelry, and heavy makeup, but it must be clean and refreshing.

Clean appearance is a distinct sign that distinguishes people from animals.

even Di Zi Gui requires: "the crown must be straight, the button must be knotted, and the socks and shoes are all tight."

means that the hat should be properly worn, the buttons should be properly buttoned, the socks and shoes should be worn neatly, and the shoelaces should be fastened so that the whole body looks neat.

it can be seen that in traditional culture, paying attention to appearance is the most basic etiquette of being a man.

the so-called "phase born from the heart", a person who is clean on the outside must be clear on the inside.

and clean appearance, can not only make yourself look pleasing to the eye, bring a sense of spring breeze to others, but also show the least respect for others.

therefore, people with clean appearance are the best-looking.

people with clean homes are the most advanced

the House Classic of the Yellow Emperor says: "people stand because of their houses, and they have to keep them because of them. People support each other and feel heaven and earth. "

means that people live in heaven and earth because of the existence of houses, and houses are built because of talents, and people and houses are mutually beneficial and coexist with each other.

as the saying goes, "people raise houses and homes support people". The environment of the home will affect people's luck and happiness.

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A clean home has the best feng shui.

as the ancients said, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

can keep your shelter clean at all times, which shows one's diligence and self-discipline.

only those who can always maintain diligence and self-discipline are those who have a large pattern and can have the power to "sweep the world".

therefore, tidying up the room is not just cleaning up the clutter of the environment, but actually removing inertia and practicing character.

"Zhu Zi Family precepts" begins by saying, "get up at dawn and sweep the court."

A few clear windows, snow bowl Bingou, such a clean home, just think about whether you already feel relaxed and happy?

therefore, sweeping the house to remove dust sweeps the dust, purifies the heart, and reflects one's attitude towards life.

A clean home can not only whitewash life, but also heal the soul and bring good luck.

only in this way can we say that those who have a clean home are the ones who live at the highest level.

people with clean circles are the wisest

Wang Tong of the Sui Dynasty has something to say in Zhong Shuo:

"benefit intersects, but when benefit is done, it spreads." If you intersect with your potential, if you lose, you will fall. The intersection of power, the loss of power will be abandoned. Get acquainted with each other with affection, but if you break it, it hurts. Only when you get to know each other with your heart can you be a long time away. "

means that friends who make friends in order to gain influence will break up when they have no power.

friends who make friends for the sake of profit will be separated when there is no profit.

friends who make friends for the sake of rights will be abandoned when they have no rights.

and friends who know each other with human feelings will be separated when there is no human relationship.

only a friend who contacts with his heart can be the oldest friend.

in one's life, we will always meet thousands and all kinds of people, but most of them just pass by, and there are very few people who can really accompany you through wind and rain.

therefore, instead of being meticulous and pandering everywhere, it is not better to tidy up your social circle and exchange your heart for your heart.

it is enough to have one or two bosom friends in life. Three or five good friends are better than thousands of casual acquaintances.

We are really inseparable from one kind of circle of life, circle of friends and circle of communication.

but to choose what kind of circle to be and do requires us to judge and choose with a clear head.

otherwise, if you make the wrong choice, you may make a mistake that will last forever.

the ancients said: "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the friendship between people with humble personality is as sweet as bitterness."

the communication between gentlemen is as indifferent as water, without any utilitarian heart, but can have a long history.

the communication between villains, like sweet, is easily cut off.


only when the circle is clean can life be at peace.

people in a clean circle are actually the ones who live the wisest.

the noblest are those who have a clean heart

some people say that I am greasy because the world is greasy.

but the truth is that people with a clean heart see a world that is incomparably pure.

A really clean person must have seen someone.The complexity and gloom of the world have also experienced secular disturbance and romance.

but he can run away for half his life and return is still a teenager.

the so-called "coming out of the mud without stain, Zhuo Qinglian but not demon".

in life, only a clean heart is the greatest respect for life!

being a clean man and doing things properly should be the bottom line.

with this bottom line, we can hold up more authenticity as a human being and stay away from more vanity.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the heart of a gentleman is the blue sky."

people with a clean heart will not be bound by desire or fame and fortune.

the ups and downs in the world and the purity of the heart is the best attitude to be a man.

those who have a clean heart are the noblest!

the past is gone, but the future is long.

from now on, may you and I all be clean and clean.

enjoy the sunny beauty of all things and live a clean and comfortable life.