"cold treatment" in case of trouble is the highest wisdom!
"cold treatment" in case of trouble is the highest wisdom!
May we be less impulsive and more calm for the rest of our lives.


there is a plot in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, which impressed me deeply.

Guan Yu lost Maicheng and was later killed by Soochow.

when his good brother Liu Bei heard the news, he was carried away by hatred and vowed to avenge him.

under the persuasion of Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun, they still failed to stop him, resulting in a fiasco.

We often say that impulse is the devil, it makes people blind and stupid.

there are countless regrettable things in life, most of which are caused by impulse.

look before you leap, keep calm, and ponder over and over again is a person's highest wisdom.

looking at people calmly, you can understand human nature

there is a saying circulating on the Internet: "there are two things in the world that you can't look directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

the complexity of human nature is far from as simple as we think.

there are some people who greet you with a smile one second and may say bad words to you the next; if they make friends with you today, they may become ungrateful tomorrow.

have seen such a story:

A lawyer was invited to be a guest by a friend.

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the two were sitting in the living room drinking tea and chatting. During this period, the friend shuttled between the kitchen and the living room with a smile, bringing some fruit and refreshments to her enthusiastically from time to time.

"excuse me, I."

before she finished, her friend interrupted her with a smile:

"Oh, it's all right, don't move, don't hurt you, just let the babysitter clean it up."

at this time, she was completely unimaginable, and the next day she heard the friend's complaint about her being "impolite and clumsy".

she thinks that she is like Brotherhood, but she does not realize that the good name of being a guest is actually a friend who has been in a lawsuit recently and needs to ask her some questions.

such "multiple faces" people can be found everywhere.

to him, you are valuable, he is afraid of poor service; if you are worthless, he simply ignores you.

the so-called Brotherhood is nothing more than a game of interests.

the Analects of Confucius says:

"how can a man look at his reason, his reason, and his safety?"

means that if you know a person, look at the motivation of his words and deeds, observe the means he takes to achieve his ends, and examine what he does with peace of mind, that person cannot hide.

Life is like a play, some people treat each other honestly, some people have excellent acting skills, you never know whether he is true or for profit behind the mask.

Don't make friends with everyone. Learn to see through human nature and protect yourself with calm eyes.

be calm and obedient and be able to tell right from wrong

when people live in the world, they will inevitably hear the voices of others:

this hairstyle makes you 10 years older; this dress looks rustic; he is very resourceful.

if you have no independent opinions, but just follow others and follow others, you will eventually live in the answers set by others and be defined by others.

Stern once said:

"an ounce of one's own wisdom is worth a ton of other people's wisdom."

at that time, the young Galileo questioned Aristotle's view that "heavy objects fall faster than light objects" based on Aristotle's "confident intuition".

to convince everyone, he repeated the experiment again, and the result was still the same.

this experiment allowed Galileo to confirm his judgment and broke the "truth" that people heard from others.

as the saying goes, "seeing is believing, hearing is false."

people are doomed to suffer losses if they do not believe what others say, but they will undoubtedly harm themselves if they blindly listen to what others say.

when you are alive, you must not let the opinions of others influence you, try not to listen to what is right and wrong, and don't believe it if you don't believe it.

at any time, we should not lose the standard of self-judgment, use a pair of calm ears, distinguish right from wrong, and listen to ourselves.

do things calmly and avoid regrets

Shakespeare said:

"who is the real hero who can keep calm in the midst of consternation, keep stable in anger, and stay awake in anger?"

A young man whose wife died in childbirth left him a baby.

on weekdays, he has to work and look after the children, which is very difficult.

under the pressure of life, he can only feed the child before going to work, leaving the child and a dog that understands human nature at home.

one day, after work,I went to the next village to visit a friend. I suddenly encountered heavy snow on my way home, so I couldn't get home that night.

in the early morning of the next day, I finally rushed home, pushed the door and found blood all over the floor.

in a panic, he rushed into the bedroom and saw the dog lying on the edge of the bed shouting at him with blood, but there was no sign of the child who was supposed to be lying on the bed.

seeing this, he concluded that the dog had a wild attack, ate the child, and angrily swung the iron bar and beat the dog to death.

when his anger subsided, when he crouched by the bed and cried bitterly, he vaguely heard a faint cry under the bed. Following the sound, he saw the child curled up at the bottom of the bed.

after an examination, he found that although there was blood on the child, he was not hurt.

Roman Roland once said:

"A minute of silence is a dizzying symphony.


many times, because we get out of control, we make the wrong decision and push ourselves into endless remorse.

on the contrary, give yourself a time to calm down and you will find that everything is not as bad as you thought.

instead of exercising an impulse for a minute, it is too late to regret in the future; it is better to remain silent for a minute and do something sober now.

think calmly and see the essence clearly

crew research experts will review the distribution of bullet marks on the surviving aircraft.

all experts decide which part of the surviving aircraft has the most bullet marks, so they focus on strengthening this part, so that the rebuilt aircraft will have a stronger ability to cope with the enemy.

however, Ward, a statistician, argued that he should pay more attention to parts with fewer bullet marks.

at that time, his views made everyone unimaginable and were regarded as nonsense.

in the face of rebuttal, he asked:

"if the place with many bullet marks is the key to the plane and needs to be strengthened, why can the key be hit many times but still survive?"

then he explained to everyone:

even if the part with many bullet marks is damaged, it will not actually have much effect on the aircraft.

those parts with few bullet marks may be the crux of the plane, because it was not hit, so the plane survived.

it is because Ward sees through this that he puts forward such an absurd suggestion for those who do not see through the essence.

his point of view proved to be correct.

Schopenhauer said:

"A wise man is one who will not be deceived by appearances. He even foresees the direction in which things will change."

most of the time, we will be confused by the appearance, and then make a hasty choice, until we find that the mistake is still caused by something else, not because we don't think thoroughly enough.

in fact, the mistake is simply because we don't think clearly about the nature of the problem.

only when the mind calms down can the truth of the matter come to light.

as the proverb goes, "Don't look at the river as flat as a mirror, but look at the bottom of the water."

Don't be obsessed with appearances. When something happens, keep a cool head and have a stable mind, see through the truth behind it, and success will come as expected.

Bing Xin wrote in "starry Spring Water":

"A calm heart can build a deeper world in any environment."

I think so. Blindly passionate and impulsive does not lead to something.

on the contrary, being able to think calmly in an impetuous environment will solve many problems.

passionate and blind impulses leave behind regrets. A positive attitude and calm thinking go hand in hand, is the true wisdom of dealing with the world.

May we be less impulsive, more calm, less remorseful and more wise for the rest of our lives.

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