Compare the heart to the heart in order to win the heart.
Compare the heart to the heart in order to win the heart.
The communication between people is actually the communication between heart and heart.


in a different situation, I can't empathize with myself

the video I saw on Weibo before, which lasted only ten seconds, was deeply touching.

an ordinary office worker in Japan is on the subway, nibbling at bread while holding back tears.

among the comforting comments below, there were some discordant voices: "can't you go home and cry?" It's just eye-catching. "

the world in the eyes of these people is limited to their own one-third mu of land, and they think that most of the world is like this.

with their superficial understanding, they point everywhere and show their wisdom.

because it is impossible to understand, there is always a sudden moment of collapse in life, so cynicism and watching the fire from the other side.

there is an old Chinese saying, "it doesn't hurt to speak standing up." there are some things you really don't understand if you don't experience it.

your happiness has not been tasted by others, it is difficult to feel the joy and joy; your suffering, others have not eaten, and it is difficult to take care of the grievances and sorrows.

the hardest thing to do in life is to empathize.

but even if you don't understand and don't like it, you should give each other due respect.

with more compassion, there can be less misunderstanding and embarrassment; with more understanding, there will be less sorrow and tears.

if you want others to understand, you must first understand others; if you want to reap love, you must first sow kindness.


the angle is different, so you can't generalize.

A blind man who touches ivory says that an elephant is a long, smooth radish;

the blind man who touches the elephant's ear says that the elephant is a big fan;

the blind man who touches the elephant leg says that the elephant is a big pillar;

and the blind man who touched the elephant tail said that the elephant was a straw rope.

the four blind men quarreled about this, saying that what they had touched was what the elephant really looked like.

the facts are obvious that they are all wrong.

just like a blind man touching an elephant, everyone sees things from a different point of view, and the answer is naturally different.

there are not so many right and wrong in the world. We think that we have made a fair judgment, but in fact, we often have our own subjective color.

therefore, don't jump to conclusions before you see the whole picture, let alone judge others by yourself.

Su Shi also has a poem: "across the side of the meandering mountains, there are steep peaks, but there are thousands of different ways from far to high and low." The reason why we can't know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains. "

seems to be talking about mountains, but it is actually talking about life.

the appearance of Lushan Mountain is varied, and the beautiful scenery is also different from different angles.

this is the case for enjoying the scenery, not to mention complicated people and things.

it is often easy to be blinded by the obstacles in front of us, thinking that what we see is the whole world, but what we see is only the tip of the iceberg.

if we can break away from the current environment and solve the problem from a new angle, it may be full of willows and flowers.


it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong in different positions

the estrangement and contradiction between people are often not all the problems of level and ability, but are mostly caused by different positions.

I have heard such a short story:

the rich man traveled to the seaside and rested on the beach chair. Unwittingly, I looked back and saw a fisherman lying next to him basking in the sun.

so the rich man asked the fisherman, "Why don't you go fishing?"

the fisherman replied, "I've already caught fish today. I can have a rest."

the rich man was puzzled and continued, "it's still early. You can catch more fish. Won't you be able to make more money?"

the fisherman also wondered, "Why do you need so much money?"

"earn more money so that you can walk and bask in the sun on this beautiful beach like me." The rich man said proudly.

"but I'm already basking in the sun on the beach!" Answered the fisherman.

the two men held their own opinions and quarreled into the evening, but neither of them persuaded the other to accept his own point of view, and finally broke up in discord.

the rich man and the fisherman are not in the same position, and they are destined to see different scenery.

you are a customer, you think the merchant is profiteering, you are a businessman, and you think the customer is picky;

when you drive, you want pedestrians to obey the traffic, and when you are pedestrians, you naturally want the owner to be courteous.

when you work, you think your boss is too strong and stingy, and when you become a boss, you think your employees are too irresponsible and incompetent.

in fact, we are all right, but we are standing in different positions.

but the most valuable thing about getting along with others is:

get out of your own limitations, think about problems from another angle, and understand other people's difficulties in order to live in harmony with the world.


compare the heart to the heart in order to win the heart

Zhang ailing said, "because you understand, you are merciful."

people who are considerate and empathetic always put themselves in the shoes of othersOthers think about it. This kind of heart-to-heart kindness exudes a kind of nobility from the inside to the outside.

the lady who once lived next to Qian Zhongshu and his wife recalled a past event.

the front window of her house is facing the back window of Qian Zhongshu's house. Because of the poor conditions at that time, there was no air-conditioning fan. Every hot summer, Qian Zhongshu's family would open the back window to ventilate and cool down.

this lady's younger brother is a mentally retarded patient who sings with his throat open from time to time, and her family can't stop him.

Qian Zhongshu and his wife are both intellectuals, especially in need of a quiet environment, so whenever the song sounded, Qian Zhongshu's window would be closed.

the lady felt that her brother's singing disturbed her neighbor's work and rest, so she wanted to apologize.

Qian Zhongshu seemed to see her mind, took the initiative to greet her, and said with a big smile, "your brother has a good singing voice!"

hearing this, the lady was surprised and moved, and she naturally had more respect for Qian Zhongshu and his wife from the bottom of her heart.

Communication between people is actually heart-to-heart communication.

compare hearts to hearts and treat each other with sincerity in order to win the hearts of the people.

there are others in my heart, so I can push myself and others to understand each other's difficulties, take the initiative to eliminate each other's embarrassment, and calmly understand and accept people who are different from themselves.

this is not only a kind of consideration that you don't want to do to others, but also a kind of high EQ to treat others with kindness.

in thousands of worlds, everyone has their own journey. When they are in a hurry, they can still see the difficulties of others and are willing to lend a hand. Isn't it a kind of life practice?

one more consideration, a little more temperature in life; one more hand to others, and life will give you one more surprise in return.

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good fortune comes when you have a good heart.

May everyone who is kind to others will be treated gently by the world.