Contentment, lack of knowledge, not contentment.
Contentment, lack of knowledge, not contentment.
Only when we are not satisfied can we go one step further.



Confucian style


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in this life, facing the world, there are three kinds of mentality:

contentment, lack of knowledge, not contentment.

feel happiness in contentment, find direction in lack of knowledge, and gain motivation in discontent.

contented people are always happy

there is a short story in Zhuangzi:

A dog with one foot and an envy with many feet walks effortlessly;

A snake with many feet envies a snake without feet, but it can move forward without moving its feet.

Snakes without feet, envy the invisible wind, can come and go without a trace.

they are not satisfied, and they do not find that what they have is the envy of others.

Carnegie said in the weakness of Human Nature:

"many troubles in life come from blindly keeping up with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life."

how can you be happy without contentment?

do not envy those who are happier than themselves, do not envy those who are better than themselves, and know how to enjoy what they have.

only when one can be contented can one keep a happy mood.

in life, nine times out of ten things go wrong,

always be grateful for what you have.

Let us feel happy in contentment.

those who do not know enough know themselves

people will live a more thorough life if they know their own shortcomings.

Mr. Bing Xin's grandfather, Xie Zixiu, once wrote a couplet:

"there is a lack of contentment, and there is plenty to do."

A person must first put himself in the right position and calm his mind before he can figure out what can be done and what cannot be done.

Mencius has a saying: "if you can't do it, you can't do it for yourself."

people always put their mistakes on others and exaggerate their achievements.

if you think you are a little clever, you feel good about yourself.

such people are often not very promising.

there is an old Chinese saying: "when people are expensive, they know themselves."

there is a sky outside the sky, there are people outside the world, and no one is perfect.

everyone has shortcomings. If you are afraid of it and avoid it, it will always be your hard wound. Only by facing it squarely and overcoming it can you see the way forward.

Let's find a direction in our lack of knowledge.

those who are not satisfied forge ahead

the reason why most people are mediocre is that they are so easily satisfied that they don't want to make progress.

once you find a comfortable position, you begin to muddle along.

smoothed out the edges, lost the fighting spirit, no longer work hard, no longer serious life, leaving only to eat and wait to die.

Mr. Lu Xun said: "discontent is the wheel of upward."

it is only when people are not satisfied with slash-and-burn cultivation that they invent cattle ploughs and iron ploughs, and that they create eight major cuisines if they are not satisfied with the need to feed their hair and drink blood.

only if we are not satisfied can we go one step further.

Let's gain motivation from discontent.