"Dad, you don't love my mother for a long time," reveals the cruel truth of marriage.
"Dad, you don't love my mother for a long time," reveals the cruel truth of marriage.
In the marriage, a "match made in heaven", children are the eternal beneficiaries!

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"Dad, you don't love my mom anymore, do you?"

the happiness of a family requires both husband and wife to pay together and make efforts to maintain it, but it is often enough to destroy it.

think of a story once told by writer Liu Na:

she has an old friend who has known her for 20 years. One day after dinner, my old friend was lying on the sofa playing with his cell phone as usual, while his wife finished packing up the dishes and ready to wash clothes.

the daughter, who had finished her homework, suddenly came up, raised her mouth and said to him, "Dad, you didn't love your mother a long time ago, did you?"

my friend thought that the child knew nothing about love. He didn't even look up and replied perfunctorily, "how could I not love your mother?" She is my wife and the one who gave birth to you. "

but what his daughter said next made him uncomfortable:

"but I don't feel that you love your mother at all. Every time you come back, you either sleep or play with your cell phone. No matter how busy your mother is, you won't help her.

Last time she caught a cold and the food was a little salty, you not only didn't take your mother to the hospital, but also shouted that the salt was free.

I've never seen you buy clothes and bags for your mother, let alone roses and gifts for her.

also, you don't hold hands or hug when you walk. "

the daughter's mouth is like a machine gun, relentlessly launching an "attack" on her father.

my friend's face is a little restless, and he is about to explain: "We are an old husband and wife. Your mother won't care about this."

but I didn't want to look up, but I ran into my wife hiding in the corner, secretly wiping away tears.

come to think of it, isn't this the true situation of many couples' marriages?

after getting married and having children, the original sense of ritual and romance are slowly exhausted by the fuel and salt of life.

gradually, the wife's efforts are taken for granted, and "widowed parenting" can be seen everywhere.

and all this, it is often the children who have the greatest impact.

behind every child,

all have the shadow of native families

as the saying goes, "how can a virtuous wife worry that the family is not rich, and why the filial piety of the son needs the father to move forward!"

if men are the backbone of the family, then women are the weather vane of the family.

A loving couple will make the family warm and harmonious, without quarrels and contradictions, without beating, scolding and cold war, the children will grow up healthily.

and when a woman cannot feel valued and loved from her husband, the child becomes a tool to vent her anger and grievances.

in the online drama "the Hidden Corner", Zhu Chaoyang's mother, Zhou Chunhong, is a loved "abandoned" mother.

after her husband's affair and divorce, Zhou Chunhong lived a miserable life with her son, while the unfaithful ex-husband lived a rich life with his new wife, and their daughter was spoiled as a little princess.

she is extremely unbalanced and full of complaints about her ex-husband and her unhappy life.

only her son, with excellent grades, became her only capital worth showing off.

therefore, when the son did not listen to his own words, Zhou Chunhong's negative emotions accumulated to the breaking point, mad, out of control, and out of control.

Zhu Chaoyang's sensitivity, caution and introversion are the product of his father's lack of care and his mother's overindulgence.

just like Zhou Guoping said:

"if parents love each other and the family is harmonious, and the child spends his childhood in an atmosphere of love and happiness, his life will have a warm and bright background, which can ensure mental health and good EQ."

on the contrary, children who grow up in families that lack love are full of feelings of tear.

Education may not need to take great pains to preach the truth, and there is no need to ask around for superb skills. The best way of education is always for parents to fall in love.

see a moving picture on the Internet, warm and funny:

when Ying Tsai fell in love with Chen Xiaochun in front of Jasper, Jasper gave a big white eye, but then the smile almost overflowed the screen.

Chen Xiaochun is notoriously bad-tempered, but when he meets Ying Cai, who has the same true temperament, "confused son" has become a "strict wife."

the two have been in love for ten years and Jasper has grown into a loving child.

he and his parents make a video recording of his unborn brother:

after his younger brother was born, Jasper doted on his younger brother, feeding him food, helping him turn over, and always saying "I love you".

No wonder some people say, "the best education for children is the love of parents, and this love is the best gift for children."

Children are actually far more sensitive than we thought, and a harmonious and stable family is the mainstay of their sense of security.

A child who comes out of a happy family tends to have a more positive attitude towards life and has enough strength to enter society and face challenges in the future.

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your attitude towards your partner,

determines the temperature of the home

some time ago, I saw a hot search on the Internet:

A 56-year-old woman plans to "run away" from her family for a year and drive to travel alone.

some people envy her for escaping from the shackles of the roles of "wife, mother and daughter";

but there are also people who don't understand: at this age, it's still up.Isn't it a bit selfish and hasty to play "abandon your husband and abandon your daughter"?

after the in-depth interview, all the facts were made public.

it turns out that she and her husband have been married for 30 years and have always been AA financially. Even if she uses her husband's ETC to drive a car, her husband will ask her for money.

"I don't feel like a family. I spend most of my child's expenses. I live with him. I not only don't spend a penny on him, but also cook, wash and clean for him for free every day.

I usually want to watch a TV play, but I can't watch it until he leaves the living room.


two people don't look like husband and wife, but they seem to each take the two roommates they need, under the same roof, and they have nothing to say if they don't want to talk more.

her husband's ruthlessness and indifference accelerated her determination to "escape".

however, her life is not the epitome of many ordinary mothers, spending most of her life in a chain of "for husband, for livelihood, for children, for children".

in addition to being busy every day, I have to pick up the broom after leaving the mop and raise the child again after raising the child.

if this enthusiasm is seen in the eyes of some people, pain in the heart, it is also a kind of comfort, for fear that hard work is only taken for granted.

Leonidova said: "the foundation of marriage is love, attachment and respect."

Marriage is originally an oboe play, only when both parties cooperate properly, they will be in harmony, but when marriage becomes an one-man show, the end is doomed to be a tragedy.

people's hearts and feelings are all mutual, especially the relationship between husband and wife.

when the husband loves, respects and cherishes his wife, she gives back to the family with a smile in her eyes.

on the contrary, a man brings his wife apathy, complaints and accusations, and she can only put away her smile and keep a straight face. Not only is the house gloomy, but the children have no warmth to speak of.

A person's attitude towards his partner affects each other's mood and determines the happiness of a family.

Love is contagious, like a tree shaking another tree, a cloud pushing another cloud, one soul awakening another soul.

the impact of family atmosphere on children is self-evident.

A harmonious and loving family will let children see and feel love, and children will find their own fragrance with the love and encouragement of their parents.

what could be more worthwhile than loving husband and wife, happy children and happy family?

, please understand: in the marriage, the children are the eternal beneficiaries!