Detour (depth good text)
Detour (depth good text)
There is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

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there is such a story.

the geography teacher hung a map of the distribution of the world's rivers on the blackboard and asked, "students, what are the characteristics of the rivers on this picture?"

"it's not straight, it's curved." The students answered.

"Why doesn't the river take a straight road, but take a detour?" The teacher continued to ask, and the students began to talk about it.

at this time, the teacher said:

"in fact, taking detours is a normal state in nature, while taking a straight road is an abnormal one."

because in the process of moving forward, the river will encounter all kinds of obstacles, some of which are insurmountable.

so it has to take a detour and make a detour, thus avoiding obstacles and finally reaching the distant sea. "

there is a saying: you can't take a single step in the detour you should take in life.

in fact, everyone has to take many detours in his life.

they can not be bypassed, can not be avoided, and even often need you to face setbacks and pain.

but it is these twists and turns that make us better ourselves.


the only way to success

in the program "I am an orator", the famous actor Zhang Tielin once asked a contestant, do you really want to be famous?

the contestant smiled and nodded in default.

Zhang Tielin said to him earnestly at this time:

"Young man, I tell you, there will be a lot of trouble when you become famous, everyone will know you, and you won't even have the freedom to go out."

but at this time, the host Chen Luyu said to Zhang Tielin:

"you say to a young man on the road to success that the troubles of fame are meaningless."

as a matter of fact, there are some detours that should be taken by yourself. no matter how many reminders others give, it is useless.

there is a fisherman who has first-class fishing skills, but his three sons are all mediocre.

so fishermen often tell people their troubles: "I have taught them fishing skills since they were sensible, starting with the most basic things."

tell them how to weave a net to catch the fish most easily, how to row the boat the least to disturb the fish, and how to get the fish into the urn most easily.

when they grow up, I teach them how to recognize the tide and distinguish the fish season.

all the experiences I have summed up through years of hard work,

I taught them unreservedly, but their fishing skills could not catch up with the son of fishermen who were worse than me!


after listening to his story, a passer-by asked, "have you been teaching them hand in hand?"

passers-by: "do they follow you all the time?"

"Yes, in order to keep them from taking detours, I always let them learn from me."

passers-by said, "in this way, your mistake is obvious." You only teach them skills, but you don't teach them a lesson. "

in life, many successful people always hope that through their own experience, young people will no longer take the detours they have taken.

but the most time-wasting thing in the world is to reason with young people.

if you say a thousand or ten thousand sentences, it will be more practical for them to stumble and fall.

sometimes if you don't face setbacks, you won't realize that success is hard-won.

sometimes you don't try to fail, and you don't feel the commendability of success.


sometimes it's another way out

do you have this experience:

We always try a lot of things we don't like before we find out what we really like.

We always do a lot of things we don't want to do so much before we find out what we really love.

even after a long detour, we can hear our inner voice and keep going the way we want to go.

sometimes, detours, just take you out of confusion and difficulties, let you find the direction and goal, another way out and shortcut.

Last year there was a piece of news that touched me a lot.

Zhang Yizhe, a 26-year-old master of chemistry from Zhejiang University, retook the college entrance examination and received an admission letter from Shandong University of traditional Chinese Medicine in order to realize his dream of studying medicine.

it turned out that Zhang Yizhe had always wanted to study medicine, but when he first applied for the examination, he chose to major in chemistry.

but it wasn't until he graduated from graduate school that he realized that chemistry and medicine were still too far apart, and he still couldn't make do with it, so he chose to do it again.

at that time, many netizens did not agree with his approach.

in my opinion, the "detour" of the past six years has not gone wrong or meaningless, and even this experience will become a valuable asset in his life.

if it hadn't been for this "wrong" experience, he would never have found out what he really wanted to do with his life.Regret for the rest of my life.

that's what life is sometimes like.

We are all eager to take fewer detours, make fewer mistakes and suffer less.

but then we realized that it was the useless attempts, and even the unnecessary price, that led us to find a way that was really suitable for us.

there is no road in vain in life

every step counts

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, once mentioned his success in a speech at Stanford University, thanks in large part to the "detours" he had taken.

for example, he once attended an expensive university and almost spent the life savings of his adoptive parents. At that time, he couldn't see what he was going to do in the future, so he decided to drop out.

since the day he dropped out of school, he stopped taking all the required courses that he was not interested in and began to sit in on those interesting ones.

he decided to take a calligraphy course, in which he learned serif and sans-serif fonts, how to change the spacing in different letter combinations, and how to write good words.

but ten years later,

he is designing the first macintosh

when using a computer, what you have learned in calligraphy is integrated into it, making it unique.

for example, he was fired by Apple, which he founded.

Pixar later became the most successful animation studio in the world, and then Apple acquired NeXT,

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he went back to Apple.

and it was the technology he developed at NeXT that brought about Apple's renaissance.

there is a saying: "there is no road in vain in life. Every step counts."

in fact, all the hardships you have suffered, the grievances you have suffered, and the pain you have experienced in your life are not meaningless or worthless.

whenever you don't give up on yourself, you are moving in a better direction, and you are constantly challenging and improving yourself.

even if you take a detour temporarily, please believe that the sweat and efforts you have made will be returned to yourself one day in the future.

people live in the world, in fact, there are many "detours" and have to go on their own.

but many times, outside the basic bottom line and principles:

there are some detours, which are the only way for you to grow up. If you go, you may hit a brick wall and stumble, but it is they that make you steel and iron and make you really mature.

some detours are another way out of life. If you haven't tried and identified them yourself, you'll never know which way you really want to take.

there are some detours, which are precipitation and accumulation on the road of life.

it is because of them that your future life is full of more possibilities and opportunities.

We encourage each other.