Do not look back, do not entangle, do not make do with the rest of your life.
Do not look back, do not entangle, do not make do with the rest of your life.
May you put what you should put and forget what you should forget.

Night listening


recently, a couple who have been together for 20 years have maxed out the Internet after their divorce.

the two men burst into tears after they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the man said to the woman:

"I hope you take care of yourself in the future. This is the last thing I say that I love you and I let you go."

this sentence is regret, reluctance, blessing and farewell.

the stone tablet of a foreign temple is engraved with a sentence:

"it has become a reality, it can only be so."

simply explain that if this matter has become a reality and there is nothing we can do to make a change, the best way is to accept it as quickly as possible, rather than choose to escape and entangle it.


when love is a thing of the past, we should each rejoice

talk about a past story of Liu Ruoying.

many years ago, she said something at a concert:

"when I was young, I thought that as long as I put on the crown, I could save the world, but when I grew up, I realized that I couldn't even save myself, let alone save the world.

when the fate is over and we can't be together, we have to remember that we used to be together. "

plain and sad words are like persuading others and comforting yourself.

her fans all know this sentence, implying that the person in their heart-Chen Sheng.

Liu Ruoying once fell in love with Chen Sheng, but Chen Sheng rationally and soberly refused this love.

this love is not allowed, it is unwilling to be a friend, and it is difficult for many people to be in a relationship that lovers dare not.

in that young and crazy age, Liu Ruoying expressed her love through the lyrics:

"I want to ask you if you dare to be crazy about love like me."

being brave and fearless is distressing.

at a concert, Liu Ruoying said, "can you give me a hug?"

Chen Sheng patted her on the head, like his brother's doting on his sister, but that was enough.

Liu Ruoying burst into tears. She thoroughly woke up and chose to reconcile with herself. Because she understands that the fate of the two ends in a game between master and apprentice.

many years later, she sang "fulfillment" and "liberation" at the concert.

this is a kind of open-minded, free and easy, leisurely, not forced after doing one's best.

like the song "when Love is a thing of the past" sung by Li Zongsheng at the concert, he explained that he was choking, but everyone knew that Lin Yilian was in his heart.

I finally lost you, in the crowd. Don't talk about it, don't disturb it, and be happy for the rest of your life.

Zhang Xiaoxian said: "A person's biggest weakness is not selfish and affectionate, but paranoid love a person who does not love himself."

it's hard to get back together when you break the mirror, and don't insist on what doesn't belong to you. The troubles of life, but 12 words:

I can't get over it, see through, put it down, or forget it.

if you love someone deeply, you can't lose your dignity

in 1943, Hu Lancheng read Zhang ailing's blockade in a magazine and wanted to know this talented woman and asked someone for her address.

he found Zhang ailing's residence, but didn't see her, so he left a note.

the next day, Zhang ailing went to Hu Lancheng.

Hu Lancheng expressed her love, and Zhang ailing soon fell into a whirlpool of love.

24-year-old Zhang ailing decided to marry Hu Lancheng. The marriage letter reads: "Hu Lancheng and Zhang ailing signed for life and became husband and wife. May the years be quiet and stable in this world. "

Hu Lancheng said: "I may have to hide and hide in the future."

Zhang ailing replied, "I hold you at the ends of the earth."

but the good times don't last long, and dreams are fragile. Hu Lancheng, a naturally flirtatious genius, is flirting everywhere.

Zhang ailing questioned Hu Lancheng: "the marriage book says' this world is safe'. Will you give me stability?"

Hu Lancheng was submissive, and Zhang ailing left overnight.

later, Zhang ailing has been helping Hu Lancheng, sending him living expenses every month until Hu Lancheng got a job, she wrote a farewell letter:

"Don't come to me, even if you write, I won't read it."

letter contains 300000 yuan in living expenses, implying that there is no debt to each other.

Zhang ailing no longer begged, no longer wronged herself, because she understood:

Love humble to the dust is doomed not to produce a flower. If you love someone, you can't lose your dignity.

Love should be two-way goodness. When you know that loving each other is useless and only harmful, then your love must be restrained and should stop moving forward.

things are not forced, people are not forced to stay. Go with the circumstances, go with the fate. As Su Dongpo said: "Sheng Gu Xin ran, defeat is also gratifying."

it's done, it's worth rejoicing,

lost, magnanimous and fearless.

do your best, and then let nature take its course

read a story.

once upon a time there was a scholar who made an appointment with his fiancee to get married on a certain day in a certain year. On that day, the fiancee married someone else.

the scholar couldn't afford to be hit by this. At this time, he passed a monk and took out a mirror from his arms and asked the scholar to look at it.

the scholar saw the vast sea and a murdered woman was lying on the beach.

A man passed by, took a look, and left.

Another man passed by, took off his clothes, covered the woman, and left.

another person passed by, went to dig a hole, and carefully buried her.

the monk explained that the woman on the beach was your fiancee's previous life. You were the second passer-by who gave him a piece of clothes. She fell in love with you in this life just to repay you.

but in the end, the person who will repay her for the rest of her life is the last one who buried her, and that is her present husband.

Scholars are enlightened and cured of illness.

as the saying goes:

"everything depends on fate, which cannot be forced."

the origin and death of fate is in the blink of an eye.

the best mentality of love is to cherish fate rather than cling to it.

I love you is true, I am willing to pay, I do not talk about it, not to bind each other.

I would appreciate it if you would return the favor. If you ignore it, I won't be dejected.

when I no longer love you as much as I used to, we forget each other and are happy with each other.

the Book of yesterday says:

"you know that lovers can only accompany you halfway in these hundred years, and believe that good times can at best be wasted in this world."

some love is like flowers in full bloom, which bloom in the sun and wither in the night.

everyone yearns for love, but most of them are disappointed, bitter, heartbroken and helpless.

Love that does not belong to you will be lost in whatever way you get it.

there is a passage in the letter of leave of the prosperous Tang Dynasty:

"May my wife recomb her temples, sweep her moth eyebrows, show a slim and slim appearance, and choose the master of senior officials; resolve grievances, don't hate each other, and be happy when you say goodbye to each other."

this is what the husband wrote to his wife after the divorce, hoping that they could get together and break up and have a better home in the future.

I used to be in love, but I can only go so far. Just like Sanmao said:

"God didn't give it to me, no matter how much I linked my fingers, it still leaked. Give it to me, no matter how much I miss in the past, I will have it. "

everything in the world can be achieved by hard work, but not by affection.

No matter how hard it is to meet spring with dead wood, it is hard for rotten wood to become a forest.

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meet, love, live up to;

separate, do not love, do not entangle.

the stars are brilliant and everything is clear. To learn to let go is to be reborn.



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