Don't believe that "it's the same to marry anyone." it's really different.
Don't believe that "it's the same to marry anyone." it's really different.
Marriage is an important practice in life.



different marital status will lead your life in different directions.

there was a popular saying on the Internet:

"there are three kinds of marriage, one is called torture, one is called making do, and the other is called the rest of life."

the second is the normality of marriage in the world, while the first and third are the misfortunes and blessings of life!

A few days ago, the news that my sister gave birth to a baby appeared in the family and received a unanimous blessing from her relatives.

looking at the picture of my sister holding the baby and my brother-in-law standing next to her gently putting his hand on her shoulder, I am happy for her from the bottom of my heart.

when I think of my sister's previous marriage, my ex-husband sees her as a tool for giving birth.

not only despised her, but also always belittled her with words, torturing her to exhaustion, until in the end, the divorce made a fuss.

my sister at that time was always haggard, with no brilliance in her eyes.

until she met her present husband on a trip, he would support his sister's work and appreciate her hobbies.

knowing that his sister likes to collect beautiful cutlery, he put several display cabinets in the kitchen for his sister and said that if it was not enough, he would put it again.

now they are very happy, have a baby and become a happy family of three. Every time they see their sister, they marvel at her smile and brilliance.

I can't help feeling that marriage is an important practice in life.

if you meet the right person, you will be happy for the rest of your life, but if you meet the wrong person, your whole life will be in a different situation.

because who you are with is really different!

with the wrong person, marriage is the grave of life

Zhihu wrote about "what kind of marriage makes people feel compelled to divorce?"

topic, there is a touching answer:

"when you open your eyes in the morning and sigh."

and in the comments on this answer, there is a more heartbreaking sentence:

"with a sigh, there is nothing to look forward to for a day, or even nothing to look forward to for a lifetime."

this is probably how many people in unhappy marriages feel. They once thought that they had found a safe haven in this life, but they did not know that they had gone to the grave of life.

do you still remember the incident that shocked the whole network last year when a 26-year-old female teacher jumped to her death?

the female teacher and her husband fall in love freely. She teaches in a primary school, while her husband is a middle school music teacher. Because she is excellent in her major, she often goes to her primary school as a substitute.

when they came and went, they fell in love and soon walked into the hall of marriage.

however, the dream of fairy tale life did not come because of marriage, but went to a more terrible hell.

after a year of marriage, the female teacher was subjected to domestic violence three times. Her teeth were knocked out, her ribs were broken, her thighs were bruised everywhere, and even her neck was covered with scratches. Her best friend said that she would often send voice complaints.

her father even said that his daughter was despised by her husband when she jumped from a building and heard him say, "you jump, I'll make a video for you."

it is really sad that such a young life will come to a sad end after stepping into this failed marriage.

Bi Shumin once said:

"Marriage is not just happiness, it's a holiday, it's love, it's life and death, it's test, it's suffering.

is the destruction of familiarity with life and the establishment of a brand-new model, which includes wisdom, courage, personality and will. "

what will happen to a bad marriage?

will turn a high-spirited young man into a frustrated and lonely loser, and a gentle woman full of love into a hysterical Xianglin sister-in-law.

A bad marriage is an unforgettable abyss and a grave on the road of life.

being with the right person makes you a better person

remember that Lin Yutang once said:

"in the battlefield of life, husband and wife are the best teammates and partners.

for the invasion of the stormy waves of life, rescuing each other is like a right hand. "

so sometimes I can't help thinking: what on earth can a good marriage bring to a person?

some time ago, photos of Zhang Jin getting up in the middle of the night to breast-feed his baby went viral on the Internet.

in this photo taken by Cai Shaofen, Zhang Jin's silhouette prints a gentle outline under the lamp, looking at the child with love, and the time above the photo clearly shows three o'clock in the middle of the night.

in the comments, netizens can feel the envious tone across the screen:

"Brother Jin, the nanny with full marks!"

"usually when a mother does this, only a good man loves his wife."

"Brother Jin is so gentle!"

the two of them can be called a "model couple" in the entertainment circle. For Cai Shaofen, Zhang Jin is always doting and tolerant.

after Cai Shaofen gave birth, Zhang Jin postponed all her work, took care of Cai Shaofen in her month, and took care of all the things to take care of the children.

but good marriages are never the only onesOne side's efforts can be achieved, but each other's two-way pay.

when Cai Shaofen married Zhang Jin, she was already a big star, while Zhang Jin was just a little-known stand-in, and the outside world did not seem to be optimistic about the marriage.

but Cai Shaofen believed him and accompanied him from obscurity all the way to the Best Actor Award.

Zhang Jin's touching confession at the award ceremony is still circulating:

"when I married her, someone said I depended on her. Yes, my happiness in my life depended on her."

more than ten years later, in the entertainment industry where love can not stand the test, the two are still so in love, and even Weibo records the strong love for each other.

every time I saw Cai Shaofen, he was always smiling and hopelessly happy, and Zhang Jin also started a new possibility of his career.

and every time he sends a new video, Cai Shaofen always retweets it, and the accompanying article is full of admiration for her husband.

from their marriage, it seems not difficult to understand the meaning of a good marriage to a person:

is not only the spiritual support in life, but also the solid support in career; it is not only the romance of youth, but also the soul match of long years.

A good marriage will make you a better person, let you see the different scenery of life, and realize different possibilities.

who to marry is really different

once read a letter from a mother to her daughter, in which there was a very moving passage:

"son, I prefer you to take your time rather than urge you to get married.

while making yourself a better person, slowly find that person, fall in love with someone, and then enter the marriage after you are sure that that person is the one you are looking for. "

there are many things in the world that need to be done right away, but there is no hurry to get married.

it's worse to marry the wrong person than to be criticized for not getting married.

if you don't get to know each other seriously, you'll probably spend the rest of your life in a junk marriage if you don't get to know each other. Not to mention wasting time, what's even more terrible is the consumption of life.

"Marriage is slow, divorce is quick"-slowly identify the person who has worked together for the rest of your life, leave the person who consumed your life, and don't turn your life upside down.

different marital status will lead your life in different directions.

as Zhang Xiaoxian once said, good love makes your world vast, like walking on an endless prairie.

Bad love makes your world narrower and narrower, leaving only an inch of land under the eaves to shelter from the rain.

so, when you meet that person, slow down, open your eyes and make sure TA is the one who can stay with you for the rest of your life.

if you have entered into marriage, please seriously manage this meaningful relationship. A good marriage is inseparable from the efforts of both parties, but also from each other's love and tolerance.

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, may everyone find someone who will accompany you all your life and give you happiness.