Don't compare yourself with others for the rest of your life.
Don't compare yourself with others for the rest of your life.
The rest of life is not long, to cultivate an ordinary heart is also a small perfection of life.

an uncle

are you a little tired after working so hard for so long?

shuttling through the busy city every day, from nine to six, repeating the same life day by day, have you ever doubted the meaning of life?

Life always seems to be the same, and the work results don't seem to be particularly outstanding.

how many times I wandered in the middle of the night, hating my helplessness and being unable to accept that failed self.

growing up, we are always told to succeed, but few people tell us how to accept the ordinary and how to find a beam of light in the dull days.

so, in today's

column, Uncle would like to share a song

"ordinary Road"


I hope that while listening, we can all understand from the song:

Happiness in life is not achieved in applause, vanity and desire, but in simplicity, peace and contentment.


born ordinary, don't be sorry

some time ago, I watched a documentary called "Seven years of Life", and I was very impressed.

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film, 13 children from different backgrounds are selected and interviewed every seven years to record their lives.

the children were only seven years old when they were first filmed.

but no matter how shining their dreams are, the reality is that most of them, like you and me, struggle in ordinary positions and worry about trifles in their ordinary lives.

and among all the children, there is a boy named Sanzhong, whose experience is the most distressing.

Triple's dream is to become a professional baseball player, and when other children's dreams change, his goal never changes.

he has good talent and 100% support from his parents.

at the age of 21, he is already a star pitcher on the school baseball team. He has not only made a lot of achievements, but also made the news.

however, this high-spirited spirit did not last forever. A few years later, he gave up his dream, quit the baseball team and worked in his father's printing factory.

when asked why, he only said faintly: some things are indefinite.

it's cruel, isn't it?

everyone has firmly believed in their own extraordinary, maybe some people have encountered an extraordinary moment, but very few people really bring the extraordinary to the end.

just like Pushu, who once sang "born as gorgeous as summer flowers", now he sings "I used to be like you, like the weeds and flowers, desperate and longing, crying and laughing ordinary."

ordinary appearance, ordinary qualifications, ordinary family circumstances, doing ordinary things in ordinary days.

maybe we are destined to be ordinary people all our lives, but who says ordinary is not great?

the poet Wang Guozhen wrote in "ordinary charm":

"I will not despise the ordinary, because I am one of the ordinary." My heart is printed with the wishes of ordinary people, my eyes are printed with the joys and sorrows of ordinary people, and what I am looking for is the answer that people are looking for. "


accept the ordinary and make peace with yourself

but unfortunately, not everyone can understand the value of the ordinary.

A good friend of writer Liang Xiaosheng once asked him curiously:

"recently, I feel more and more that everyone around me seems to be afraid of something. What is it?"

Liang Xiaosheng replied, "everyone is secretly afraid of an ordinary thing, which is the life of ordinary people."

Yes, we are all nameless, but we are often unwilling to be nameless and want to do something to prove our sense of existence.

the more you want to get rid of ordinary shackles, the more you fall into confusion and helplessness.

because we misunderstand the meaning of ordinary, thinking that the so-called extraordinary means having power, power and money.

there is a friend named Lao Mao who got excellent grades from an early age and sent him all the way to Fudan, a proper top student.

I thought life would go on like this, but I didn't expect what happened later, but it didn't develop in the direction he imagined.

after five or six years of hard work in Shanghai, he did not achieve anything, so he had to reluctantly return to his hometown and become a high school teacher.

then suddenly one day, he sent me a picture. I clicked on it and froze for a few seconds.

in my impression, Lao Mao doesn't seem to be satisfied with such an ordinary family life at all. I didn't expect him to have a child of his own so soon.

the photo shows him and his wife holding their newborn child together. The picture is very warm. The faces of the couple are brimming with happiness, which makes people feel warm as soon as they look at it.

although he does not have any remarkable achievements and does not have the same high income as in first-tier cities, every time I chat with Lao Mao, I can feel his satisfaction with his current life.

Lao Mao said that he thought that if he could not live in an ordinary life, he must be agitated. Now is to find happiness in ordinary life, and wife and children together is ordinary happiness, not have to go far away.

indeed, peopleBorn in the world, instead of looking at yourself from a utilitarian point of view and becoming self-pity, it is better to accept the ordinary and reconcile with yourself.

as sung in the ordinary Road:

"I have crossed mountains and seas, but also across a sea of people, everything I used to have has drifted away in the twinkling of an eye. I have been disappointed, lost all directions, until I see ordinary, is the only answer. "

No matter how vigorous life is, it will be dull in the end.

No matter how magnificent there are in life, what we are most infatuated with is always wrapped in the world of fireworks, ordinary trivial warmth and touching.


willing to be ordinary, but refusing to be mediocre

I remember that there was such a saying on the Internet: "I am most afraid of mediocrity in my life, but also say that mediocrity is commendable."

but what I want to say is that mediocrity is not equal to mediocrity, and an ordinary life is not equal to mediocrity. It takes a lot of effort to grasp and manage well.

have seen a video on Douyin:

the shooting background is in the waste recycling bin, an ordinary girl wearing dirty "overalls" and blackened cotton gloves, while skillfully disassembling waste household appliances and a simple way to identify the types of garbage.

the girl in the video is the blogger

@ Feng Yueyue

, 26, she has been engaged in waste acquisition with her parents for 10 years.

nowadays, Feng Yueyue can basically tell the material of garbage and the value of reuse at a glance.

she has hundreds of thousands of fans on the online platform because of recording garbage sorting tips into videos and posting them online.

she said with a smile: "A lot of people will ask me why I am in this industry. I feel that although I am a little dirty and tired, I think it is good and practical to make money with my own hands."

in the eyes of many people, she has made extraordinary achievements in an ordinary or even less decent job.

in this ordinary world, what we need most is not a very small number of heroes, but most people, like Feng Yueyue, who are willing to be ordinary, but not willing to be mediocre, see clearly the truth of life, and still love life.

you and I are both mortals, living in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and moving forward in the unknown.

accepting mediocrity is not mediocrity, but wisdom.

with an ordinary heart, in the face of thousands of things, let go of what can be put down, let go of what can be relieved, do not struggle with the loss, do not obsess about not getting it, cherish the happiness of the world, and enjoy the peace of mind.

the rest of life is not long, to cultivate an ordinary heart is also a small perfection of life.

an uncle

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